Elementary School in Quail Valley

Tucked away inside the Canyon Heights community of Quail Valley is an elementary school under construction.

Located on the corner of Canyon Heights Dr and Cheyenne Canyon Dr, the still-unnamed school is on its way to becoming the 8th elementary school in the Menifee Union School District.

Quail Valley Elementary School
I contacted Betti Cadmus, the district's public information officer, as well as Bruce Shaw, the director of facilities, to get some more information about the new school.

It's on track to open up in July 2008, and will hold a maximum of 875 students in 37 classrooms. The architectural design of the school is similar to those of Oak Meadows and Evans Ranch elementaries, but adding a couple of extra buildings to achieve the higher number of classrooms.

The new school, sitting on 12 acres of land, will relieve the population at Menifee Elementary School, which is where Quail Valley's kids are now going to. While it's possible that some kids currently attending Ridgemoor Elementary might transfer to the new school, it's not expected.

As for the name of the new school, the District will be forming a naming committee within the next couple of months. Betti Cadmus says that they've allocated a few seats for Quail Valley residents to help find a name that's associated with the community.

Graffiti in Menifee

Diana Lauzon, a new Menifee 24/7 reader, asks about graffiti that she's seeing around Menifee, and wants to know if this is a growing problem...
Hi Steve,

My family recently moved to Menifee, and have been enjoying the area. We are however concerned over the recent tagging/graffiti that is cropping up all over town. Do you have any news about that?
Thank you for Menifee 24/7 !!

Diana Lauzon
Riverside County Economic Development Agency has a hotline to report graffiti: (951) 955-3333 or (866) 732-1444 (toll free)

You can also visit their "Graffiti Busters" website at...

I've seen graffiti here in Menifee for as long as I've been here (since 2001). It's still a lot less than what I used to see in the neighborhoods of Santa Ana and San Diego, where I grew up.

Winco Foods Perris Opening

Winco Foods in the new Perris Crossings shopping center is scheduled to open in another week, on November 5, 2007.

This is according to Cahan Properties, the builder of Perris Crossings.

Perris Crossings is located on the intersection of Ethanac Rd and I-215, near the border with Sun City / Menifee.

Bob Cahan, the president of Cahan Properties, went on to say that the Home Depot there will probably open February 1, 2008.

Overall, the entire shopping center should be built out and filled with retailers by late Spring 2008.

I asked Cahan about other stores that are signed and contracted to be there, and this is what he said...


Carl's Jr
Del Taco
Pollo Campero
Los Primos
Ono Hawaiian

Other Retailers

Day Spa
Gas Station
Dental Facilities
Bank of America

Cahan said the restaurants are all of the "eat-in-take-out" variety.

Perris Crossings Maps

Perris Crossings elevation
Click on the above images to see a larger image.

Size of Menifee Square Miles

A commenter on my previous article, "Menifee Cityhood Vote Approved" claimed that after looking at the map of Menifee, it appeared to be a small city.

So, I did a look up of all incorporated cities in Riverside County, to find out where Menifee stands in comparison. Here you go (in square miles)...

  1. Palm Springs - 95.1

  2. Riverside - 78.4

  3. Moreno Valley - 51.6

  4. Menifee - 48.5

  5. Lake Elsinore - 38.8

  6. Corona - 35.2

  7. La Quinta - 32.2

  8. Perris - 31.5

  9. Murrieta - 28.4

  10. Beaumont - 27.2

  11. Indio - 26.7

  12. Temecula - 26.3

  13. Hemet - 25.6

  14. San Jacinto - 25.3

  15. Blythe - 25.0

  16. Rancho Mirage - 24.7

  17. Palm Desert - 24.6

  18. Desert Hot Springs - 23.3

  19. Banning - 23.1

  20. Coachella - 20.8

  21. Cathedral City - 19.5

  22. Calimesa - 15.6

  23. Norco - 14.4

  24. Indian Wells - 13.4

  25. Canyon Lake - 4.7

This info comes from Wikipedia.

The figures include bodies of water within city limits. That's why Lake Elsinore is currently the 4th largest city in the county.

Small Fire in Quail Valley

The Riverside County Fire Department reports that a small fire broke out in Quail Valley yesterday afternoon.

The fire was reported at 2:55pm and occurred near the intersection of Hampshire Dr and La Bertha Ln.

The blaze scorched two acres and was fully contained. Cause is under investigation.

quail valley fire

Fire Victims Charity Drive a Success

The Fire Victims Charity Drive that we announced earlier this week was a big success according to Jackie Dunagan, the gal who helped organize it.

She sent us the following message...

The Menifee Predators would like to thank everyone that was able to come out and help with the Fire Relief Drive ... it was a huge success!

Once all was said and done we filled up 20 pallets (3 boxes high) and donated a little over $700 in cash.

The Predators Thank everyone that donated clothes, food, toys and hygiene items!

For only two days notice and a two hour effort we really stepped up as a league and community to support our families and neighbors!

In particular we would like to make sure the Knott Family know the support their whole family provided with working at Ralphs, to providing use of their two trucks and trailers was huge in making this happen. We would not have been able to get everything delivered in the middle of the night without them...

Thank you to everyone who assisted, contributed, and supported us!
It was an amazing experience and I am personally proud now to live in MENIFEE.

thanks again!
Jackie Dunagan
Thanks to everyone who donated and especially to Jackie and the rest of the Predators team for making it happen.

Paloma Math Teacher Escapes Fire

Lisa James, a math teacher at Paloma Valley High School, writes on her blog about how she fled her home in Del Dios when the Witch Fire blazed through her neighborhood...
A police officer drove slowly up the street, yelling into a bullhorn: "You must evacuate immediately!" I woke up Craig and Wendy and in less than 30 minutes we had packed our treasures and necessities (including the Mac laptop and hard drive with Defying Gravity files), our 3 dogs and 1 cat, and thrown them into the little R.V. We headed to the coast and then started driving North. I wanted to get as far away from San Diego County as possible.
Luckily, her home survived the fire. But her neighbors' homes around her did not.

Read her full story here...

Menifee Cityhood Vote Approved

The Local Agency Formation Commission yesterday approved the vote for cityhood, likely placing the issue on the public ballot in June 2008.

LAFCO also approved a few minor changes to the borders of the future city. Below is a map of the new borders...

Map of Menifee CAClick on the map to see a larger image.

The changes are...

  • The southern rectangular section (in light orange), south of Keller Rd, will be ceded to Murrieta. This area is the hills of boulders, and there's hardly anyone living on it. The landowner and the City of Murrieta have been working on a project called, "Murrieta Hills", and the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee has agreed to cede this land to Murrieta.

  • At the western border, right where Lake Elsinore meets up with Menifee, there's a small sliver of land dubbed "Christensen" (not Christensen Ranch), that Elsinore wants to annex for a new community.

  • At the far northern end, there's chunk of land that's technically now Romoland, but has been within Perris' sphere of influence. This will be given to Menifee.

Some facts about the future city...

  • The name of the city will either be "Menifee" or "Menifee Valley". This will most likely be on the ballot.

  • The new city will begin on October 1, 2008.

  • The new city will have a "city manager" form of government, and five city council members elected at large. Once elected, the city council members can change their future elections by district, or keep them at large.

  • The population residing with the proposed borders of the new city is 60,467 as of July 1, 2006, of which 27,192 are registered voters.

  • The future city will comprise an area of 48.5 square miles.

CSAs 33, 43, 80, 84, 86, 138, 145 and 146 will be removed from Menifee and services will be provided by the new city.

All parks owned by the County will be ceded to the new city. Parks currently owned by Valley Wide will remain with Valley Wide. Other facilities now owned by the County will not be transferred to the new city, but may be transferred under negotiation.

Towne Centre - Perris

Towne Center is the name of a proposed commercial development, located on the northeast corner of I-215 and Hwy 74. If you were heading west on Hwy 74, you'd see this on your right-hand side, right where the I-215 on-ramp is.

While the marketing materials claim that Towne Centre is in Perris, it's technically in Romoland, but is within Perris' "sphere of influence". It sits on the border of Menifee Valley, based on the "Option 3" boundary (see proposed Menifee Valley map).

I contacted Walter Pagel of Grubb & Ellis, the company handling the ground leasing. Thus far, they haven't nailed down any leases, so I don't have any brand names to give you. Their initial projection for opening is 2009, but it might be moved further back.

It's going to host a four-story hotel, two fast-foods, a gas station, and one other pad.

Towne Centre PerrisTowne Centre sits just outside of the proposed border of Menifee Valley. Menifee Valley is on the other side of Hwy 74 and Trumble Rd.

Towne Centre Perris

Towne Centre Perris

MSJC Classes Cancelled This Week

A notice from Mt San Jacinto College regarding classes this week...
Classes are cancelled for the remainder of the week at all campus locations at Mt. San Jacinto College, including the San Jacinto, Menifee Valley campuses and all other off campus locations. The college is scheduled to reopen on Monday, Oct. 29.

Poor air quality and clean up following wind damage are the reasons for closing the college.

Harvest Fest 2007 at Wheatfield Park

This year Wheatfield Park will be having its Harvest Fest 2007 (Free Candy and Free Games for Menifee). This event is a blast for the entire family!

When: Wed. 10/31 from 5pm-9pm

Where: Wheat Field Park

Attractions: 40 Carnival Style Game Booths, Kid's Carnival Rides, Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Whip-O-Whirl, Merry-Go-Round and a whole lotta candy

Cost: FREE

Fire Victims Charity Drive - This Thursday

Jackie Dunagan, who works with Menifee Pop Warner Football, is announcing a charity drive to benefit people displaced by the fires in San Diego County.

Bring food, toiletry, clothing, and blankets.

Date: Thursday, October 25, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm.


  • Albertson's in Menifee (Newport Rd & Murrieta Rd)

  • Albertson's in Murrieta (Scott Rd & Antelope Rd)

  • Ralph's in Menifee (Newport Rd and Antelope Rd)

On Friday, Jackie and her volunteers will be trucking the donated goods to Ramona, where several families living along Hwy 78 have lost their homes. Any supplies left over, she'll be taking down to Qualcomm Stadium to give away.

For more information contact (951) 231-1611.

Mud in my Pool

Everytime the Santa Ana Winds blow, I have to clean up the front and backyards, which includes cleaning out my swimming pool.

Yesterday morning, I walked out to the pool to assess the situation, and I've never seen it so filthy. The winds blew more dust this time than I've ever witnessed before.

I suppose we can chalk it up to the unusually dry season. 2006 was the driest year on record in Riverside County, going back to 1883. No water means no plants to hold in the soil. I'm sure the construction work going on across the IE didn't help either.

I spent a few hours yesterday scrubbing the pool, cleaning out the skimmer basket and the pump basket. I brought out the net to scoop out the leaves and trash, only to find the webbing on the net was brittle and ripped under the weight of the debris. Now I have to buy a new net.

This morning, I walked out to the pool again, and it looked better. I mean, at least I can see the bottom of the pool now. But it's still dirty. I repeated the same steps all over again.

Our neighbor across the street came by yesterday asking for the name and phone number of the pool cleaning service that we use. Our neighbor maintains his own pool, but it was so gunky, that he needed to call in a hired hand. Our pool service comes in every Wednesday. But I'm not paying them to clean our pool, only to maintain it. At times like these, I have to do the dirty work.

The front yard looked worse, with about a 1/8 inch thick layer of dust on the porch. My driveway kinda resembles the beach, with patterns of sand descending down to the street. My rose bushes and flower beds are all coated with this dark-gray powder.

And of course, I'm getting snotted up from all of this and am on allergy meds. My beagle isn't fairing any better, she's pretty sensitive to allergens also. In fact, she kept coughing all day yesterday, so much so, that I took her into the vet, and now she's on meds too.

In fact, the vet's office is apparently up to their eyeballs in animals right now, because of people in the Rainbow and

What we need now is a few days of steady rain to wash this all away, and help put out those fires.

Apartment Fire in Sun City

Yesterday, fire crews responded to a fire in the attic of an apartment building in Sun City.

The fire was reported at 3:49pm.

The apartment building is located at 27171 Sun City Bl near the corner with Cherry Hills Bl.

Thus far, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Winds Close Down Mt San Jacinto College Campus

Steven Iwig, who works in the Information Technology department at Mt San Jacinto College says their San Jacinto campus is closed for the next two days because of the recent winds...
Tree's are down some buildings are damaged and at 7:30AM this morning there was no power. We are trying to get a redirected web site to announce the situation. For now the campus is closed Monday and Tuesday. Ask people to check on the main web site through out the day as we are trying to get it up with information. Thanks

Measure G Online Poll

I started an online poll to see what people's opinions are about Measure G, the approval to sell Valley Health System hospitals to Select Healthcare.

You can take part in the poll here...

Please vote only once, so that we can get a good sense of what we might expect when the real voting starts.

I just launched the poll last night, and thus far 8 people have taken part, with 50% saying "I don't know". That just goes to show that this thing can go either way.

Menifee Daycare Shortage

With many moms and dads commuting long distances to work, daycare has become a hot commodity in Menifee.

The Press Enterprise reports today that families here are struggling to find available daycare, with every facility carrying long waiting lists.

Inland Empire Craigslist is packed with ads from childcare providers, and families searching for childcare providers.

Last week, The Californian reported that a non-denominational church in Sun City is seeking to open up a child care center. However, residents there are fighting it, claiming that Sun City is a bad place for a child care center.

I don't understand why the public school system can't offer after-school care (or before school care), on a paid basis. That is, Menifee Union School District could offer a childcare program that families would pay for, and charge high enough to earn a substantial profit. That profit could offset the school district's expenses.

Measure G Hospital Myths Debunked

There's some myths being spread around by Measure G opponents, which are higly deceving, and compelling. I wanted to debunk those myths...

Myth #1 - If Measure G passes, the hospitals will become for-profit.

The truth is that the hospitals are already for-profit. Valley Health System is NOT a non-profit group. Rather, it's a government agency. It's supposed to earn profits to pay for its improvements. Problems arose because poor management caused it to lose money, and resorted to taxing its residents to pay for interest on bonds.

Myth #2 - Stop privatization

The facts are that privatization is what creates quality. When investors have earnings at stake, they compete against other hospitals for more business. That competition is what ushers in quality service and state of the art amenities.

The reason why VHS hospitals are so antiquated with its facilities, is because it's a governement agency, with no incentive for improvement. Publicly-owned institutions have no investors, and therefore, no incentive to provide quality.

If you believe that publicly owned institutions can provide quality service, go stand in line at the DMV.

Myth #3 - If Measure G passes, no other hospitals can be built for 20 years.

False. If Measure G passes, any other health care company, or physicians group, or individual is free to build new hospitals in Menifee, Hemet, Moreno Valley, or anywhere in between.

What opponents are referring to is a agreement by VHS not to build any new hospitals. But so what! Why would we want VHS to another hospital?

Myth #4 - If Measure G passes, it will create a monopoly.

Valley Health System effectively has a monopoly right now! Why aren't Measure G opponents saying something about that?

There are still plenty of hospitals throughout south west Riverside county to go to. In fact, many people prefer to go to Inland Valley instead of Menifee Valley. People in Hemet and San Jacinto often go to Beaumont. People in Moreno Valley frequently go to Loma Linda.

Myth #5 - If Measure G passes, people will be denied healthcare.

False. This is the biggest lie of them all.

Hospitals are prohibited from turning away emergency patients just because they don't have money or insurance. In fact, all physicians swear to an oath to treat anyone who needs medical attention.

As it stands now, people are already being denied healthcare because the three VHS hospitals are understaffed and poorly equipped. Anyone who has been to Menifee Valley Medical Center, and had to wait 8 hours to be attended to, knows what I'm talking about.

Myth #6 - We need to keep our hospitals publicly owned.

This is a big deception.

Under the terms of the agreement, if Measure G fails to pass, Select Healthcare is OBLIGATED to purchase Moreno Valley Medical Center. It has already paid $14 million to VHS as a deposit for Moreno Valley. No matter what happens, Moreno Valley will belong to Select Healthcare.

There are still other candidates that want to purchase Hemet Valley and Menifee Valley. Do the Measure G opponents think these buyers are going to go away?

Myth #7 - Bankruptcy protection can bring VHS back to solvency.

False. Bankruptcy will only waive VHS' debts, which are the same debts that VHS hasn't been paying anyways!

Bankruptcy won't bring in new money. Without new money, it's going to have to shut down services, and layoff workers.

The Loft Scrapbooks Canned Food Drive

If you enjoy scrapbooking, then you'll be interested to know that The Loft Scrapbooks in Menifee is offering discounts on its supplies in cooperation with the Menifee Community Cupboard.

The Menfiee Community Cupboard is a non-profit charity that provides food to hungry folks in the Menifee Valley. By donating some non-perishable food items, you can redeem them for discounts on scrapbooking supplies.

For each single non-perishable food item you donate, you earn a 1% discount towards purchases at The Lofts Scrapbooks. So, if you bring in 20 food items, you get 20% off. There's a maximum discount of 25% off, however, if you can bring in 40 or more food items, you'll get 40% off of one scrapbooking item, and 25% off the others.

The offer is good every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It started running on October 1, and is good until November 29.

Donate your food items at The Loft Scrapbooks store in Menifee, 29683 New Hub Drive Suite C. Call them at: 951-639-3609. Visit their website at: http://www.theloftscrapbooks.com

Freedom Crest Elementary Fall Festival

Freedom Crest Elementary School is hosting its annual Fall Festival this Saturday, October 20.

The Fall Festival gives teachers an opportunity to raise money for their classrooms.

Money is raised by selling tickets to various carnival booths. Each booth is staffed by a teacher, and offers classic carnival style games.

There will also be food and beverage for sale. In previous years, Chick-Fil-A had catered the event, but not this year. Apparently, previous year's events didn't provide enough customers.

The Fall Festival runs from 10:00am to 2:00pm, and is a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids. The event is open to everyone.

Freedom Crest Elementary School is located at the corner of Menifee Rd and Aldergate Rd. 29282 Menifee Rd.

Free Clothes for the Needy - This Saturday

This Saturday, October 20, free clothes will be donated out to anyone who needs them on a first-come, first-serve basis at Evan's Ranch Elementary School.

The clothes were donated by families around the Menifee Valley, and collected by students in Noreen McBride's 3rd grade class. Two other schools, Callie Kirkpatrick and Freedom Crest, also helped out.

The free clothing handout will run from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Evans Ranch Elementary School is located at 30465 Evans Road.

EMWD Calls for 10% Water Reduction

The Eastern Municipal Water District today announced that it's calling on residents and businesses to cut back their water usage by 10%, or 20 gallons per person per day.

The district cites continued drought and regulatory cutbacks on imported supplies from Northern California as contributing to the need to take proactive measures.

EMWD is targeting landscape as the place where people should cut back on their water, providing the following tips...

  1. Do not hose down driveways or any other hard surfaces except for health or sanitary reasons. Use a broom or blower instead. (Saves 8 - 18 gallons per minute)

  2. Irrigate lawns and landscape only between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (unless hand watering). Adjust automatic timer clocks accordingly. (Saves 20 - 25 gallons per day)

  3. Adjust and operate all landscape irrigation systems in a manner that will maximize irrigation efficiency and avoid over watering or watering of hardscape and the resulting runoff. (Saves 15 – 25 gallons for each minute; up to 250 gallons per cycle)

  4. Refrain from using decorative fountains unless they are equipped with a recycling system.

  5. Where possible, install pool and spa covers to minimize water loss due to evaporation. (Saves 30 gallons per day)

  6. Do not allow hoses to run while washing vehicles. Use a bucket or a hose with an automatic shutoff valve. (Saves 8 - 18 gallons per minute)

The water district warns that if the situation doesn't improve, they'll be forced to implement "Stage 2", which ushers in mandatory restrictions and potential penalties.

Probably the easiest way to comply is to adjust your lawn sprinkler timers down, now that the Summer is over.

How Ethanac Got its Name

You have to wonder how a name like "Ethanac" comes along.

A couple of history books I've across gives some explanation.

"History of Riverside County, California", written by Elmer Wallace Holmes, originally published in 1912, by the Historic Record Company, gives the following passage...
The Temescal Water Co. has its station at Ethanac, on the Santa Fe, a few miles southeast of Perris. Ethanac was named in honor of Ethan Allen Chase of Riverside, and is a pretty little town, the inhabitants being chiefly the employes of the Temescal Water Co.
"Building the Future: The Story of the Eastern Municipal Water District", published by the EMWD in 2000, gives the following passage...
In 1900, a town called Ethanac was laid out along the San Jacinto Valley Railway tracks by Riverside nurseryman Ethan Allen Chase, who named the tract after himself. A few settlers came, but the town never really developed.
And there you have it.

Nagging Carpet Cleaning Salesmen

It seems like once a week someone knocks at my door wanting to clean my carpets. I usually tell them, "thanks for the brochure, I'll call you when I need you".

But that usually isn't good enough. I don't like to shut the door on them, I like to be polite about it, and wish they would be respectful of my answer. But more often than not I have to say "no thanks" a few times, and then am asked to explain why I don't want clean carpets. About that time, I close the door.

Then one day this teen-aged looking girl knocked on my door, wanting to clean my carpet for free. I knew this was a gimmick, I mean who wants to clean my carpet for free? But after several times telling her "no thanks", she demanded to know why I didn't want a free carpet cleaning. I closed the door on her, and she kept knocking on the door. I finally had to yell at her, and which she argued back, "you don't have to yell at me, I just want to know why you don't want a free carpet cleaning".

Well, then today I read this message posted on a web forum, about a girl going around wanting to offer a free carpet cleaning...
Ok, so now it makes sense. What they want is for you to invite them into your house. Once they get that, they begin the hard sell on an overpriced vacuum cleaner, and refuse to leave.

If you've been hammered by these "free carpet cleaning" girls, click on "Post a Comment" below, and tell us all about it.

Mayor's Monster Bash

On Saturday October 27, 2007, local real estate agents Cynthia Aina and Larry Nemelka, also known as "Team Dad & Daughters", will be hosting a fundraising event for this year's Honorary Mayor election at their home office. The event runs from 7:00pm to Midnight.

The Honorary Mayor is actually a fundraising effort of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce, and actually many chambers throughout the United States do it as well. It allows local business people to compete for promotion throughout the community. In past years, the Honorary Mayor would get their name and photo posted on Chambers materials, and take part in public events as a keynote person.

The Mayor's Monster Bash that the Team Dad & Daughters is hosting will give the candidates for Honorary Mayor a chance to raise money for their campaigns.

Voting for the honorary mayor is open to the public and is done "Chicago Style" by donating money in the name of your favorite candidate. All proceeds from the Honorary Mayor campaign are donated to the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce.

This year, the three candidates are..

  • John Denver - John Denver Realty

  • Paul Wilkinson - Farmer's Insurance

  • Brian Walker - Century 21 Executive Properties

As hosts of the of Mayor's Monster Bash, the Team Dad & Daughters will be providing dancing, karaoke, food, games, and raffle prizes.

See the official flyer at...

29063 Blue Moon Dr., Menifee
Saturday, October 27th
7:00 pm to Midnight

Parking at Freedom Crest Elementary School

(From 215 fwy, exit Newport, (go towards Menifee Lakes), left on Menifee Rd., right on Aldergate, left on Silver Star, right on Blue Moon)

For More Information Call: (951) 672-6262

Tickets: $5.00 pre-sale/$10 at the door

Tickets available now at Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Menifee Real Estate Blog

In case you haven't noticed already, I've added a companion blog to Menifee 24/7 called "Menifee Homes", which you can find here...


It's also linked from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Menifee Homes is meant to provide news and analysis of the real estate market here in Menifee, and which many times reflects the market across California.

Menifee is one of those communities where real estate is always a topic of great interest. First, there's still a lot of people thinking of relocating to Menifee. Even though the market is down right now, I can see a lot of people hitting our website with search terms like "menifee homes for sale" or "new homes in menifee", as well as stuff like "menifee schools", "menifee shopping", or "menifee restaurants". It's evidence there are people out there curious about our town.

But second, even for those of us already living in Menifee, the declining property values and the rising foreclosures is something that's always on our minds.

I asked a few real estate professionals working the Menifee market to contribute to this new blog. Stefan West, Anna Hill, and Holly Kay are all seasoned real estate pros and know the Menifee Valley pretty well.

My goal with this new blog is two fold, one is to keep us all abreast of the real estate market here in Menifee, and two is to attract an audience of readers interested in moving to Menifee. Those prospective homebuyers are coming to Menifee whether we publish this new blog or not, so I'd love to get them into our community reading Menifee Homes.

Bradley Paseo Shopping Center

The empty corner lot you see on Bradley Rd & Newport Rd is going to become "Bradley Paseo Shopping Center".

At 79,453 sq ft, it's going to offer nine buildings of retail space, including two restaurant pads.

Mark Bishop, of Rancon Real Estate, who's representing the leasing, says they are still in the process of getting all the permits from the county. They don't have a definite date on when this shopping center will open, but he did give me some ballpark projections of beginning grading around 1st quarter of 2008, and getting occupancy by 1st quarter of 2009.

Bradley Paseo Shopping Center
The types of stores we can expect to see Bradley Paseo are those that will offer something unique to consumers in Menifee Valley, aside from "more of the same" that we see at other centers. Mark says they don't want to duplicate the same offerings going in at Countryside Marketplace, and they don't want to offer stuff like liquor stores or tire shops. I mentioned that Big-O Tire was right across street anyways, and he countered that a Goodyear Tire would love to get right on top of them.

He couldn't offer any brand names that they plan to seek out, but he said it would be a mix of national, regional, and local brands. Mark did go on to mention examples of niches they'd like to bring in, like a credit-union, an electronic store, a travel agency, a beauty supply. The two restaurant pads they have they'd like to fill with some kind of "family dining" instead of fast-food.

One of the buildings will be for medical, while another building will be for financial.

Bradley Paseo will also bring in some road improvements. They will add turn lanes at Newport Ave, and the intersection of Bradley and Park Ave will have turn signals. I didn't ask, but I'm sure they'll add sidewalks from Bradley to Park Ave.

Mark also added that the county is requiring them to utilize an "early settler" theme, similar to Countryside Marketplace.

Right now, Rancon Real Estate has an interest-list going for businesses wanting to move into Bradley Paseo. You can contact Mark Bishop at (951) 677-1800 x129, or e-mail at mbishop@rancon.com.


Cantalena Community - Scott & Antelope

Cantalena Menifee MapThat vast expanse of land along Antelope Rd, with Scott Rd at the south, and Garbani Rd at the north, will one day host a housing community called "Cantalena".

The proposed project is part of Specific Plan No. 334, which proposes the development of 158.7-acres into 10 planning areas for residential and non-residential uses.

The builder is Bluestone Communities, who developed the Mapleton community south of Scott Rd, in Murrieta.

Cantalena is not actually on Antelope Rd, but about 1,000 feet east of it.

The plans calls for a mixture of medium density units (single family homes), and high-density units (condos or apartments), similar to how Mapleton is currently developed.

It's also going to create a new 12 acre elementary school. It's going to create a 14.6 acre park, which should become Menifee's second largest.

The park will include a 20,000 sq ft "community center", which will include an 8,000 sq ft gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, parties, and community events, four to five meeting rooms ranging from 1,000-1,500 sq ft with modern audio/visual capabilities, a commercial kitchen for event catering, a satellite management office, storage space for recreational and maintenance equipment, a snack bar, restrooms and shaded outdoor seating.

As far as when it's going to begin development, not for awhile. Bentley Kerr of Bluestone Communities tells us that residential construction is on hold until the market conditions improve. Even though grading could theoretically start as early as mid-2008, it's unlikely.

But, that's what's in store for that parcel of land.

Menifee Parks Directory

Heritage Park MenifeeI added a new feature to Menifee 24/7, a directory of parks in and around the Menifee Valley...


I found 20 parks in all, 19 of which are public parks, and one other park in the Sun Ranch community, which I believe is a private park, but is totally accessible to the public. There's actually a 21st park, located inside the Canyon Heights community in Quail Valley, but it's fenced and gated, appears to require a key to get in. I didn't include it.

I visited each park and took photographs, and noted their significant features. I've noted the name of the administrative body that manages each park and provided a phone number, in case you want to a reserve a gazebo, or a baseball diamond, or just need to speak your mind.

Some of these parks are teenie-weenie, and it's hard to even think of them as public parks, but they are indeed managed and administered as public parks. Perhaps the one park that you would never think of as a "public park" is Pepita Square Park, which looks like a green strip, kinda like how some center dividers are greened over with grass and shrubs.

My personal favorite in terms of the most scenic of parks is Mira Park, in the southern area, near the area of Scott Rd and Linderberger Rd. It offers great views of the Menifee Valley, has a basebase diamond, and lots of flowering shrubs. La Ladera Park is perhaps my second favorite in terms of scenery with its red bougainvilleas and purple sage.

Wheatfield Park is hands down the largest park, and offers the most amenities, but it's largely a sports park, with six baseball diamonds, two of which are lighted. There's tennis courts, a handball court, a basketball court, volleyball court, and a horseshoe pit. It's partly funded by the Menifee Lakes Master Assocation, and hence, some of it is in their control, or, their residents have priority on reservations.

Aldergate Park offers the valley's only off-leash dog park. Technically, it's not really a dog park, but it's completely fenced, has a doggie poop bag dispenser, and Valley Wide doesn't mind people using it as such.

A couple of parks could qualify as "secret parks" because they are totally hidden from public view, being tucked behind housing tracts, and well away from major roads. McCall Canyon Park and Hidden Meadows Park are those two.

If you want to ride your horse, that's what Kabian Park is primarily for. It has 640 acres of equestrian trails throughout the hills north of Quail Valley. It's also a wildlife viewing area.

Valley Wide Recreation and Parks administers most of the parks; their district boundaries are limited to the east of I-215. On the west side, the parks are administered by Riverside County Economic Development Agency, County Service Area #145. There's also Kabian Park (Roy W. Kabian Memorial Park), administered by Riverside County Regional Parks District.

There are several more parks currently in the planning stages; I'll be adding those parks to this directory as they reach completion.

There are a couple of parks in this directory that are technically outside the proposed boundaries of Menifee Valley, as defined by LAFCO. One is Kabian Park, which sits on the border, just outside of Quail Valley. The other is Woodbine Park, just beyond the southern border, east of J-Bar Ranch, and within the Berkshire community. I included them here because they primarily serve Menifee Valley residents.

The information in this directory was compiled by myself from visiting each park, as well as information provided to me by Valley Wide Recreation & Parks and the Riverside County EDA (CSA 145), as well as documents published by Riverside County LAFCO.

If you know of any parks that should be included in the Menifee Parks Directory, click on "Post a Comment" below, tell me about it, and I'll give it a consideration. Or, let me know if there is any information that needs to be corrected.

Menifee Sunrise

fisheye sunrise, originally uploaded by kettner3000.

Here's an interesting photo taken somewhere in Menifee, using a fisheye lens.

Antelope Plaza Shopping Center

There's a new 84,000 sq ft shopping center under development on the corner of Antelope Rd and Scott Rd, across the street from the Albertson's shopping center.

Technically, it's on Murrieta city limits. Construction crews are there right now building the pads.

Antelope Plaza Shopping Center
So far, Lee & Associates have signed up the following retailers...

  • Arco AM/PM

  • Walgreens

  • Jack In The Box

  • First Bank

They still have another 21 building spaces yet to fill.

Stores should start opening in Summer of 2008.

Earthquake Felt in Menifee

If you thought you felt an earthquake this afternoon in Menifee, you were right.

A series of three small tremors were centered south-east of Valle Vista. Valle Vista is located east of Hemet.

  • Magnitude 1.9, 1:55pm, 6 mi SE of Valle Vista, CA

  • Magnitude 2.8, 2:30pm, 5 mi SE of Valle Vista, CA

  • Magnitude 3.1, 2:34pm, 4 mi SE of Valle Vista, CA

Nursing Shortage

The Mount San Jacinto School of Nursing is proud to boast two Laerdal Simulation Mannequins. The nursing program uses the two $50,000 mannequins to simulate real life nursing scenarios. Nurses deal with life and death situations on a daily basis. The goal of the simulation is to evoke real life crisis and emotion that happen in the hospital acute care setting with the hopes of preparing the nursing student for "the real thing". The two mannequins have different types of heart beats, a variety of lung sounds, and abdominal sounds. The mannequin has the capability of vomiting, urinating, coughing, bleeding, and talking. The college was able to purchase the two SIM Men through grant funding.

It is an exciting time for the nursing profession. There is a nation wide nursing shortage. Nurses can obtain jobs anywhere in the United States. Starting salary ranges from $35,000-$50,000 for the new graduate nurse. The federal and state government have also taken notice of the nursing shortage and have allocated millions of dollars to expand and develop nursing education.

A few of the exciting positions in nursing are: cruise ship nursing, Disneyland Park nursing, Mercy Air helicopter critical transport nursing, psychiatric and drug rehabilitation nursing, medical research nursing, occupational health nursing, school nursing, dialysis nursing, operating room nursing, organ transplant coordinator nursing. These are just a few of the various types of careers in nursing. There is a wide latitude of careers in nursing. Nursing is a noble and well respected profession.

Boulder Ridge Middle School Traffic

Last week I published an article about the traffic jams at our schools with so many parents wanting to chauffer their kids to class, and used Boulder Ridge Middle School as an example.

Today, the Press Enterprise followed suit with an article of their own, also mentioning Boulder Ridge, and Romoland School District's inability to provide busing...
Located near McCall Boulevard and Menifee Road at the southern end of the district, Boulder Ridge Middle School has about 870 students. Parents worry about the safety of students walking or riding their bikes, especially over Highway 74, and the level of traffic at the middle school.
Not just student safety, but driver safety, as the traffic back up lies just beyond the crest of a hill, causing drivers to slam their brakes to avoid hitting the stopped cars.

The new Heritage Lake community has created a student surge at Boulder Ridge Middle School, since it's still the only middle school within the Romoland district. I'd like to see the HOA there step up and help out by providing some shuttles for students if parents don't want them walking. At least that will alleviate some of the traffic.

Romoland is supposed to build a permanent middle school within Heritage Lake. That will be nice for the families in Heritage Lake. But when Boulder Ridge is switched back to an elementary school, we're still going to have a traffic jam there.

Even though Boulder Ridge is inside the Romoland School District, it's located inside the proposed Menifee Valley city limits. Right now, we're at the mercy of Romoland School District to solve this traffic jam, and it doesn't sound like they plan to.

Applebees Hosts "Tip-a-Cop" Next Thursday

On Thursday, October 18, 2007, Applebee's restaurants will be sponsoring a "Tip-A-Cop" fund raising event to benefit Special Olympic Athletes. "Tip-A-Cop" is an event where Riverside County Sheriff's Department personnel and other law enforcement officers are "celebrity waiters" at the restaurant.

The "celebrity waiters" assist the regular servers with serving food and drinks. At the completion of their meals, they ask the patrons to support the "Special Olympics". 100% of these donations go directly to the athletes for equipment, uniforms or transportation to their year-round competitions.

There are nine Applebee's restaurants in our service area that are participating in this event. These restaurants are located in the cities of Corona, Riverside, Hemet, Murrieta, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Temecula and the community of Mira Loma. This event is from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Menifee Valley Sex Offenders

As of this writing, the California State Attorney General says there are 99 registered sex offenders living in the greater Menifee Valley area.

You can review the full list of these sex offenders, and get their names, alias names, photographs, their street address, and their convictions, for free.

To review the list by zip code, click one of the links below...

Note that some of these sex offenders are listed as being in violation of their registration requirements.

Also, not all convicted sex offenders are on this list. Some are not required to register themselves, while others have failed to register themselves.

Can You Identify This Park?

I was hoping that someone reading this might be able to give me some information about the park in Sun Ranch, in the north Sun City area.

Sun Ranch is the tract of homes built by Lennar (U.S. Homes), along Murrieta Rd, between Rouse Rd and Thornton Ave. This would be on the west side of Murrieta Rd, caddy-corner from the cemetery.

The park is located inside the tract. It's location is on the intersection of Geary St and Turfwood St. The park has no sign indicating its name, or who administers it. All it has is a tot lot. There are also two flood-control basins next to the park, with a jogging path that encircles the basins.

I'm guessing this park is administered by the homeowners association. I say this because I already contacted the Riverside County EDA (CSA 145), and they've never heard of this park. I called Valley Wide Recreation, and they've never heard of it either. I also called Riverside County Flood Control, and said they don't own those flood control basins.

What I would like to know is: one, the name of the park, and two, which administrative body is in charge of the park, and, three a phone number for the administrative body. This information will be compiled into a directory of parks in Menifee Valley.

Please click on "Post a Comment" at the bottom of this article if you know something.

Below is map of its location...

MSJC Police arrest the “Beast”

This was sent to me from a Menifee 24/7 reader. Apparently the following press release was distributed to the staff and faculty of Mt San Jacinto College, concerning a former student...
On October 5, 2007, a former student of the Mt. San Jacinto Community College District was arrested in Hemet on multiple felony charges (see bottom) after posting a threat to kill preschool children as revenge for alleged acts of the District's employees. The college began receiving phone calls from concerned citizens across the country shortly after 50 year old Edmond Frank MacGillivray, Jr., posted the threatening message on abcnews.com.

MacGillivray, who uses more than 60 variations of his assumed name, "Beast" aka "Sssotlohiefmjn Iamthebeast," was expelled by the college in June 2007 for numerous violations of the Student Code of Conduct, including making threats against the school in which he specifically referenced the Virginia Tech and Columbine campus massacres. Since that time the college has taken action to assure the safety and well being of students and personnel on its campuses.

MacGillivray is well known to the FBI and Homeland Security. He advocates terrorist activities, claims to be an Al-Qaeda leader, and supports Al-Qaeda ideology. He recently offered a reward online for the assassination of government officials, including the President, police officers and judges.

The arrest by Mt. San Jacinto College Police Department came as a result of the heightened security concerns at the college. At the time of MacGillivray's arrest, a neighborhood acquaintance expressed relief, saying "Beast is a very dangerous person and he is going to really hurt someone soon."

Charges are: Cultivation of Marijuana, Criminal Threats, Threatening Public Officials, Stalking/Harassing, Harassing Communications, Threat to Deprive Civil Liberties.

Power Lines Falls on School Bus

This morning, I reported that a school bus collided into a utility pole, causing the pole to fall across Murrieta Rd. I have some corrected information from Menifee Union School District...

Around 8:10am this morning, a construction vehicle struck a power line on Murrieta Rd, just south of Newport Rd, causing a nearby power pole to fall. As the power pole fell, a school bus was travelling down Murrieta Rd. While the pole did not strike the bus, the lines did.

The bus was already carrying 8 students from Menifee Valley Middle School, and was on its way to pick up some more. When lines hit the bus, the bus driver stopped immediately. No one in the bus was hurt. The students were evacuated from the bus, and were taken to school in other vehicles.

Cityhood Meeting This Friday

The Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee has scheduled a presentation and discussion on the proposed cityhood effort, for this Friday, October 12, at 6:30pm.

As reported in The Californian, the meeting will discuss the benefits of cityhood, how to become involved, and how it will impact our quality of life.

Interestingly, The Californian says...
"Wednesday's discussion will be at the rural center at Hahn and Garbani roads."
But I'm thinking they meant to say, "Friday".

The rural center is this house situated on Haun Rd, directly across from the Marsden home development. The rural center has no sign marking it, it's a dirty white in color, and looks almost abandoned. It's on the east side of Haun Rd.

Traffic at Menifee Schools

Yesterday, around 2:10pm while driving down McCall Blvd, going downhill approaching Menifee Rd, I hit a traffic jam. Parents were lined up in their cars, trying to pick up their kids from Boulder Ridge Middle School.

It was rather dangerous, because as you get up the hill, going past Menifee Valley Medical Center, you and the rest of the cars are driving around 50-55mph. And as soon as you get over the hill, you hit upon the traffic jam, and you have to hit your brakes hard to avoid hitting stopped cars.

The same thing is true at each school. It doesn't matter if its an elementary school, middle school, or even high school. In fact, today, the Press Enterprise reports of the traffic jams at Paloma Valley High, due to parents trying to pick up and drop off their kids.

I guess it boggles my mind why parents need to drive their teenagers to school.

I attended Santa Ana Valley High during 1980-1984, which had the reputation that time as being the roughest high school in all of Orange County. And I lived in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Santa Ana.

And I walked to school everyday, about 3 miles each way. In fact, I also walked to middle school (or intermediate school as they call it there), even further, about 5 miles each way, going through gang-infested neighborhoods, like F-Troop and Dogtown, and East Side. Yes, there's actually a gang called "F-Troop"!

The fact is that back then most of us kids did this, and we braved worse situations than kids today.

Neighborhoods today, especially here in Menifee are 10 times more safe than the neighborhoods I had to walk through. And yet, parents are clogging up the roads trying to pick up their kids. These are the same parents that walked to school themselves.

I've heard it said that there are more sex offenders now than there was when I was a kid. WRONG! They were just as many sex offenders back then. I remember in elementary school being told time and time again, not to talk to strangers. If anything has changed, we've become more tough against sex offenders. Like I said, neighborhoods in Menifee are 10 times more safe then when I was a kid.

And yeah, even in elementary school, I walked to school.

Valley Health System Caregivers Endorse Measure G

Valley Health System (VHS) caregivers, who are members of SEIU United Healthcare Workers - West (UHW), announced they voted overwhelmingly last week to endorse Measure G on the November 6th ballot.

A formal announcement of their support is scheduled for Thursday, October 11th, 12:00pm, at the steps of City of Hemet's Public Library, 300 E. Latham Avenue.

UHW is the largest union of VHS employees, representing more than 1,000 members at Hemet Valley Medical Center, Menifee Valley Medical Center and Moreno Valley Community Hospital.

This endorsement of Measure G by the UHW is probably without surprise. If Measure G were to fail, there would be no money to pay these workers.

Heritage Lakes Chili Cook Off

Heritage Lakes Chili Cook OffIf you're into sampling homemade chili, be sure to attend the 1st Annual Heritage lake Chili Cook Off, at the Heritage Lakes community center, this Saturday, October 13, 2007, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.

The Chili Cook Off is no longer accepting contestants; I checked with the Heritage Lakes Master Association this afternoon, and they currently have all the chili that they can handle.

If you want to sample the chili, it'll cost you $1.00 for four tastings. The money raised will benefit the Heritage Lake Social Committee to organize more events throughout the year.

In addition to chili, there will also be soda, bottled water, Sno-Cones, and popcorn.

There's also going to be a raffle, with over 30 prizes to award, at $1.00 per ticket, or $5.00 for six tickets.

Plus lots of vendor booths to visit.

And especially for the kids, there's going to be a "bouncing room", and special guests, Spiderman, Cinderella, The Power Rangers, and Sleeping Beauty.

Heritage Lakes MapThe Heritage Lakes community center is located off of McCall Blvd and Heritage Lakes Drive, inside the Heritage Lakes community, along Menifee Rd.

List of Vendors

Ahern Hardware
All About Entertainment
Aqua Tech Irrigation & Landscaping
Blue Lily Photography
Boston Billies
Bouncers 2 U
Couture Kidz
Creative Memories
Fusion Sign & Design
Gem Style
Grandma's Tea Party Box
In Balance Gymnastics
It's a Grind
Itsy Bitsy Photography
Juice It Up
La Bella Bags
Lia Sophia
Mary Kay
Menifee Valley Athletic Club
Mona Vie
My Gym Murrieta
Noah's Ark
Northern Lights, Uppercase Living
Oh My Mommy Clementine
Pampered Chef
Pet Pals Pet Boutique
Princess House
Southern Living at Home
Taste of Home, Homemade Gourmet
Tsunami Pools Inc.
Wall Accents by Marlene
Wine Diva Online
Yamashita Karate

Menifee Youth Fair - 4th Annual

Menifee Youth FairThe Riverside County Economic Development Agency will be hosting its 4th Annual "Menifee Youth Fair" on Saturday, October 20, 2007, at Lazy Creek Park in Menifee.

Menifee Youth Fair offers live stage entertainment, and over 30 vendor booths, with a focus on youth activities. It's designed to showcase the many youth programs, both public and private, available in Menifee.

Submarina and Giovanni's of Sun City will be on hand to provide food.

Lazy Creek Park is located 26480 Lazy Creek Road, off the corner of Lazy Creek Road and Evans Rd. Click here for a map. For more information, call the RCEDA at (951) 679-8092.

On Stage Entertainment

10:15am - U.S. Institute of Martial Arts
10:45am - Ballet Forklorico
11:15am - Murrieta Academy of Music
11:45am - Broadway High Children's Theater
12:15pm - Menifee Valley TaeKwonDo
12:45pm - Diana's Dance
1:15pm - The Riding Academy

Vendor Booths

American Cancer Society
American Hearth and Stroke
Angels Foster Family Network
Ballet Folklorico
Broadway High Children's Theater
Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire
California Conservation Corp.
California Telephone Access
Diana's Dance
Entertainment Roundup
Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio
Gymboree Play & Music
Hillcrest Academy
Indian Child/Family Services
Inland Empire Health Plan
Let the Learning Begin Tutor
Menifee Valley Little League
Menifee Valley TaeKwonDo
Mom's Club
Murrieta Academy of Music
Murrieta Valley Jr. Golf
My Gym Murrieta
Riverside County Mobile Activities Recreations Services
Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Riverside County Sheriff
Riverside Office of Education
Riverside Rape Crisis
Sky High Party Zone
Stampin' Up
The Little Gym
The Loft Scrapbooks
The Riding Academy
Tutoring Club
U.S. Institute of Martial Arts

Menifee School District Unification

Now that Menifee Union School District has moved closer towards finally gaining control of Paloma Valley High School, the question comes up, "What About Heritage High School"?

And what about other high schools that Perris Union decides to build close to, or inside of, Menifee?

According to the Press Enterprise yesterday, Perris Union School District apparently is planning to build another high school inside of Menifee...
The $2.5 million set aside for another high school in Menifee from bond Measure Z will still be reserved for that purpose. Perris Union High School District officials have said they are still negotiating for a 60-acre site in Menifee.
As for Heritage High School, it actually sits within the proposed borders of Menifee Valley, should Menifee Valley become a city. And right now, teenagers living in Menifee, on the east side of I-215, are within its service area.

Not only does Menifee Union have to buy the physical assets of Paloma Valley High School, but also compensate Perris Union for future financial losses associated with losing so many students.

What makes Heritage High School unique from Paloma Valley High School is that its students are not just from Menifee, but also Romoland, Homeland, and Winchester.

School Lockdown Yesterday

Sheriff's SWAT Team was called into Menifee yesterday at the neighborhood near Meadow Run Place and La Piedra Dr around 12:30pm.

It seems there was a woman with a gun in her house, and that she would not go outside to meet the cops.

According to the Press Enterprise...
Deputies closed down all streets leading to the area but did not evacuate nearby homes.

School officials at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School and Bell Mountain Middle School learned about the stand off. Officials allowed students to go home if they were taking the bus or picked up by parents. Those who walked or rode bikes were kept at the school until someone could pick them up.
In another newspaper, The Californian, this woman apparently was trying to commit suicide.

Ethanac Road Shut Down Today for Hazmat Incident

Around 4:10pm today, Riverside County Fire responded to a hazardous materials incident near the intersection of Ethanac Rd and Barnett Rd (by the Exxon gas station).

Fire units arrived to find a surveying instrument commonly used in the construction industry had been run over by a truck and broken open. The instrument contained a small amount of radio active material.

Nearby workers removed the instrument from the roadway and moved it to an adjacent field prior to fire department arrival. The workers in the area were immediately evaluated by the RVC Fire Hazmat Team and determined to have no exposure from the instrument.

The truck driver who ran over the instrument left before the fire department arrived and later sought evaluation at a local hospital. Corona Fire Hazmat responded to the hospital and in coordination with RVC fire determined that person to have no risk as well.

As a precaution Ethanac road was shut down between I-215 and Murrieta road while units from the RVC Fire Hazmat team made entry to determine the extent of the release. A very small amount of radiation was found in the area of the broken instrument.

Menifee Valley Map Boundaries

Below is a map showing what the proposed City of Menifee Valley might look like.

Menifee Valley Map Boundaries
There's basically three proposals...

  1. Study Area 1 (in orange) are the original proposed boundaries

  2. Include both Study Area 1 and Study Area 2 (in yellow)

  3. Include both Study Area 1, 2, and 3 (in magenta)

From what I've read, the most financially feasible is the 3rd proposal, and will most likely be what the new city will look like, assuming it passes public vote. This includes the Heritage Lakes development, the Heritage High School, Richardson's RV, the SoCal Edison Power Station, and parts of Romoland including Romola Farms.

Residents living in that part of Romoland will be included in the general vote for cityhood. There is a small effort in that part of Romoland to resist Menifee cityhood, and instead create a new future city called "Harvest Valley", but I don't think there's enough opponents there to make a significant impact on the outcome.

Little Opposition to Menifee Valley Cityhood..

A Sun City woman is the only resident so far to have voiced objections in writing to a commission considering a proposal that would combine Sun City, Menifee, Quail Valley and parts of Romoland into a new city.Monday was the deadline for submitting public comments to the commission on a financial analysis of the proposed new city of Menifee Valley. However, comments received through Oct. 12 will be forwarded to the commission separate from the analysis. To read more on this go to http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2007/10/07/news/californian/menifee/20_09_0310_6_07.txt

Menifee Fire at Bundy Canyon

A brush fire ignited yesterday by Bundy Canyon Rd and Wright Rd, about a couple of blocks west of Murrieta Rd.

The fire had been reported to the Riverside County Fire Department at 3:52pm.

By 8:00pm it was 100% contained, having burned 35 acres.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Revival Christian Fellowship Among Top 100 Fastest Growing

Revival Christian Fellowship, the large Prostestant church on Scott Rd, was named by Outreach Magazine as one of the top 100 fastest growing churches in the United States, ranking #34 on its list.

The church grew its congregation by about 1,000 persons, or a 20% growth rate, according to the publication. I presume those numbers are in comparison to last year. Therefore, you're looking at a membership of about 6,000 persons.

According to the magazine, their list of the top 100 fastest growing churches includes only the "Mega Churches" which it defines as being those with congregations of 2,000 members or more.

Is that a reflection of the success of pastor Gary Galbraith, or a reflection of the fast growing community of Menifee?

Here's a link to the Top 100 Churches (PDF file)...

Here's a link to the article about the Top 100 Churches...

Lost your home? You may owe IRS

Even if you received no money from a foreclosure sale, you may have to pay capital-gains taxes on the phantom income. And that's not all.By Kay Bell, Bankrate.com
More from Bankrate.com
If you thought a foreclosure ended the financial miseries associated with your former home, think again. You soon could be hearing from the IRS about taxes due in connection with the residence you no longer own.
"You can walk away from the big house payment, but not from the potential tax implications," says John W. Roth, senior tax analyst at CCH in Riverwoods, Ill. "And if you couldn't afford the mortgage, you probably can't afford the taxes."
As the lending crisis continues to shake out, more homeowners, particularly those who used creative mortgages to buy their houses, could be in this predicament. Even longtime homeowners who refinanced their properties based on increased value when the real-estate market was hot could find themselves in tax trouble if they lose their properties to the bank.
Forgiven but not forgotten.
Read more of this article at http://realestate.msn.com/selling/Article_bankrate.aspx?cp-documentid=5427263

How bad will the 2007 housing market be?

Economists predict that next year will be tough, but say some metro areas will hold up nicely and the future may not be as gloomy as some fear.By BusinessWeek.com
Americans are increasingly nervous about the real estate market in 2007. They have good reason to be. But the news isn't all bad: Interest rates will remain at historically low levels, homebuyers will see more opportunities, and, best of all, for those planning for the long term, 2009 could be primed for a comeback. Read more of this article at http://realestate.msn.com/Buying/Article_busweek.aspx?cp-documentid=1699105

Newport Road Alignment Update

Originally we said that the realigned Newport Rd was to open around the end of August, and here we are in October and it still hasn't happened.

The delay is due to a utility pole sitting in the middle of the gutter. You can see this pole on the side where WalGreens is. They can't open up this road until they move the utility pole. I don't know when that's going to happen.

Meanwhile, the Friday Flyer reports today that the planned closure of Goetz Rd has been moved back until Spring of 2008. This closure was scheduled to construct a new bridge over Salt Creek, right where it spills into Canyon Lake...
The revised schedule will allow for the full opening of all lanes on realigned Newport Rd. prior to any work beginning on Goetz Rd. It is estimated that Goetz Rd. will be impacted for approximately one year while a bridge is constructed to help alleviate flooding. However with all lanes open on Newport Rd., the work will require only a detour and not a full closure, according to Dennis Chapman of Brookfield Homes, one of two developers for the Audie Murphy Ranch project.
Read the full article...

Parenting Classes to Help Spanish-Speaking Parents

Parenting classes help Spanish speakers By: LORELL FLEMING - Staff Writer
MENIFEE ---- Spanish-speaking parents with children in Menifee schools are getting free lessons in various topics as part of a program designed to help them with the basics of managing their homes and caring for their families.Dolores Marquez, a Sun City mother of three, said the classes help her do all she can for her family.
"I'm learning about things like how to buy healthier food by looking at labels for calories and salt content," said Marquez, one of the few parents in the class who is fluent in English. "You want to do things like buying food that's healthy for your family. You want to give your family the best."
Marquez said she has been to all of this year's series of parenting classes offered by the Menifee Union School District. Topics include money management, nutrition for families, and computer use and the Internet. The program, paid for with federal funds, is in its fourth year.Each two-hour long lesson is held at 8:30 a.m. every Thursday at Menifee Valley Middle School's English Language Department office, Room 105. English learners are not charged for the lessons.For information about the parenting classes, or English language classes, call (951) 244-6872. Contact staff writer Lorell Fleming at (951) 676-4315, Ext. 2621, or at lfleming@californian.com. To finish reading this story go to www.nctimes.com/articles/2007/09/21/news/californian/25_14_099_21_07.txt

Free Preschool at MSJC

Students of Mt San Jacinto College are eligible to take advantage of free preschool for their kids if they meet low income qualifications. The offer is also open to parents who are not students as well.

As reported today in The Californian...
To qualify for free preschool, a family of three would have to have a gross monthly income of less than $3,628. A family of four is eligible with a gross monthly income of less than $4,031. A family of five qualifies if the gross monthly income in that household is less than $4,676. The rest of the financial standards are available at the center.
There's only room for 36 families.

Read the rest of the article...

Menifee Super Target

The new Super Target is going to be located at Haun and Newport Roads. It will be a typical Target with a Garden Center and also a Full Service Grocery Department. Construction should begin in December 2007 and be completed in October 2008.

Four-Way Stop Signs in Quail Valley

I was driving through Quail Valley to the little post office there, and noticed that stop signs were put in on Goetz Rd and Palm Dr.

Quail Valley Goetz Road
I took this photo with my cell phone. Yeah, I'm one of those guys that drives and uses my cell phone at the same time, but I do it to bring you the news!

Sounds like the influx of new homes built there in Quail Valley, as well as those in Perris, are causing a lot of traffic along Goetz Rd.

Paloma High School

PERRIS -- The Menifee school system came a step closer to its decade-long goal of gaining control of Paloma Valley High School on Wednesday night when board members of the district that now operates the school signed off on an agreement to hand it over -- along with outstanding debt from its construction.The Perris Union High School District board voted 5-0 to approve the agreement and 5-0 to move forward with the lengthy process required before Menifee Union School District can take on the high school. The Menifee Union School District board is expected to vote on the deal at its Oct. 9 meeting.
The decision on whether to shift Paloma Valley High will ultimately be made by voters in the Menifee district after county and state officials weigh in on the change. The move could take as long as five years to come to fruition, officials said. Read More of this article atwww.nctimes.com/articles/2007/09/20/news/californian/menifee/20_01_179_19_07.txt