ULTA Beauty Retailer Opens Friday; Grand Opening Aug. 29

ULTA Beauty will open its Menifee store this Friday, Aug. 22, and has planned its grand opening for Aug. 29 in Countryside Marketplace.

According to a news release, the new location will feature 20,000 beauty products, 4,000 testers and more than 1,000 scents. ULTA Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in the United States and offers one-stop shopping with a full-service salon. Nationwide, the company operates 696 retail stores across 46 states.

In celebration of its grand opening, the first 100 guests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 29-31, will receive gift certificates from $5 to $100. The first 100 guests will also receive a gift certificate for a free service at The Salon, ULTA Beauty’s full-service salon. ULTA Beauty will offer free makeovers and consultations all weekend with makeup and skin experts and stylists from The Salon. One customer will have the chance to win a Pamper Me Pink box filled with ULTA products.

ULTA Beauty is located at Countryside Marketplace, 30050 Haun Road in Menifee. Doors open at 10 a.m. Friday.

Menifee Word Hunter 29: Win a Gift Card to The Beer Hunter

Here’s the next letter in Menifee Word Hunter 29, a Menifee 24/7 game sponsored by The Beer Hunter sports pub, located in the Countryside Marketplace.

By guessing the correct letters to fill in the blanks, you will reveal a phrase or proper noun that has something to do with Menifee. If you are the first to email us with the correct guess, you win a $30 gift card to The Beer Hunter – which offers great food, a variety of beverages, and all the big sports events on big screen TVs.

Remember, this game is not Hangman or Wheel of Fortune. You don’t guess the letters. We reveal them to you – usually one letter a day, sometimes more – until someone guesses correctly. There may be duplicates of a revealed letter that are not yet revealed; just because we’ve shown you one letter S doesn’t mean there couldn’t be more.

Submit your guess in an email to menifee247info@gmail.com. Put “word hunter” in the subject line. The first person to correctly guess the phrase will receive a Beer Hunter gift card. Only one guess per day per email address.

Each day, the updated game will be posted simultaneously on our website and our Facebook page. But keep in mind, guesses posted as comments on our Facebook posts do not count as official guesses. Your guess must be sent in email form to menifee247info@gmail.com.

Good luck!

Fall Festival and Boutique to be Held on Oct. 18

Menifee Maze 62: We Reveal the Sixth Piece of the Puzzle

Here’s the sixth piece of the puzzle in Menifee Maze 62, sponsored by Texas Roadhouse. The scene pictured is a specific location in Menifee. Every day, we will reveal another piece of the puzzle until someone can name the exact location.

Submit your guess in an email to menifee247info@gmail.com. The first person to correctly guess the location pictured will receive a “dinner for two” gift card at Texas Roadhouse, where the Great Steak of Texas is served just the way you like it. Only one guess per day per email address.

Each day, the updated "maze" will be posted simultaneously on our website and our Facebook page. But keep in mind, guesses posted as comments on our Facebook posts do not count as official guesses. Your guess must be sent in email form to menifee247info@gmail.com.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill with Horizon Solar Power

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Menifee 24/7 Classified Ads Listings

Looking for servers.
Please apply in person at 26900 Newport Rd., #117 Menifee, CA

Looking for an experienced line cook, dishwasher and a bartender.
Come in and apply. Provecho!
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Now you can be in control of your family's health. DoTerra -- naturally safe, purely effective essential oils. Please join our informational class this Thursday evening. All attendees will get a free sample. Contact Megan at 951-301-5284 for more information.

Babysitting services offered in Menifee. I am 15 years old and have lots of experience and references. I will babysit any children 6 months and up. I have my own transportation. Call 760-898-4318.

Menifee 24/7 classifieds work! For just $15 a week, your ad will be seen by thousands of local residents. Classifieds will be posted on our main news feed and Facebook page once a day and are easily found by clicking on the classifieds tab at the top of the home page. To submit your ad, email menifee247info@gmail.com and include your phone number.

Lakeside Pest Control Has More Than 30 Years Experience

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Lakeside Pest Control is a family-owned and operated company that has more than 30 years experience in reliable, non-termite pest control for commercial and residential properties.

Quality technicians use a variety of respected products that are highly effective in ridding your home or business of pests. Lakeside uses green products that are all natural and great for vegetable gardens.

Licensed and bonded technicians have cutting-edge experience for residential and commercial extermination. Lakeside Pest Control professionals enjoy their job and it is evident in their promptness, cleanliness and attention to detail.

Each technician takes time to assess each property and communicate a plan of action most effective. Each treatment comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to be bug free for up to 60 days. Free assessments and inspections are available six days a week. During the assessment a technician can assist in finding out what pest problems you have and how they can best serve you.

Lakeside Pest Control:

PO Box 1278
Lake Elsinore, CA 92531

Website: lakesidepest.com

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Commentary: Be Straight With Us and Don't Play Games

And politicians wonder why we don't always trust or appreciate them.

Hey, I'm all for the people's right to choose and I respect our obligation to abide by those elected by majority rule. The people in political office should be supported by the populace. But c'mon, elected officials, you gotta work with us.

We can't support you if we can't understand what the heck you're saying. Most of us are not a fan of grandstanding from behind the dais. State your position, briefly and clearly, and move on. Tell the truth, don't contradict yourself, and be efficient in the way you help other politicians do business.

Wednesday night's Menifee City Council meeting was another example of how convoluted arguments and wasted breath fuel the flames of negative public opinion about those who are elected to serve.

First, we have to back up a couple months, to the city council meeting of May 21. At the end of the evening, when suggestions for future agenda items were being considered, Deputy Mayor Wallace Edgerton (above) asked for a future agenda item be brought forth on the subject of minimum lot sizes in Menifee. The motion was seconded by council member Tom Fuhrman. According to the minutes of that meeting, "It was agreed the item would be added in July or August and to return as a discussion item only, with no staff report."

Fast forward to the city council meeting of Aug. 6, when the item was placed on the agenda by staff as directed. As listed on that agenda, the item was to be a "discussion of minimum lot sizes for the city -- deputy mayor request for discussion only."

It was no surprise that Edgerton would want to discuss minimum lot sizes. With support from fellow council member Greg August (left), Edgerton was successful in getting developers from Brookfield Homes to adjust the plot plan for the newest planned phase of Audie Murphy Ranch, allowing for more lots of 5,000 square feet or more. Edgerton has been outspoken in his concern about high-density housing in the city.

What was surprising was the fact that Edgerton came to the Aug. 6 meeting prepared from the get-go to not only discuss minimum lot sizes, but to make a motion to establish a minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet for future developments in the city. Not 5,000, not 10,000, but 15,000. After taking several minutes to read a four-page prepared statement, Edgerton turned a discussion item into an action item by making a motion to place for a vote on the next meeting agenda the following proposals:

-- All future housing developments must have a minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet.

-- A moratorium on any further development of apartments shall take effect immediately.

Gaining the support of August and Fuhrman, Edgerton managed to get the proposal placed on the Aug. 20 agenda -- with Mayor Scott Mann and council member John Denver voting no, protesting both the idea and claiming that an item listed "for discussion only" was unfairly accelerated. There was also a heated discussion about an email Edgerton sent out to selected individuals days before the meeting, urging them to come speak in support of his planned motion. You can read about that here.

City staff did as directed, placing on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting two items:

-- Discussion and consideration of apartment structure uses in the city -- adoption of urgency ordinance No. 2014-157U imposing a 45-day moratorium.

-- Discussion and consideration of lot size minimum in the city -- adoption of urgency ordinance No. 2014-156U, imposing a 45-day moratorium on applications for residential lot sizes smaller than 15,000 square feet and 1 acre in rural residential.

Seeing that on the agenda, several people in attendance lined up to speak during the public comments section on that item. Understandably, some represented developers and the building industry (right) as well as apartment associations. But before they had a chance to argue against the proposals, Edgerton asked once again to make a comment.

That comment, stated in the form of a motion, went on for 17 minutes. It was read from another prepared statement, this one eight pages long. Try reading that motion back before calling the question, madam clerk.

Basically, the motion was a rambling diatribe of the city's recently adopted general plan -- a document required by the state and for which Edgerton voted approval. In his statement, Edgerton said an additional study should be conducted to determine whether the regulations on land development in the general plan would sufficiently protect property values of residents "10 years down the road."

In proposing this alternative to the items stated on the agenda, Edgerton said, "I was surprised to see two moratoriums on the agenda. My previous motion did not request moratoriums. That was staff's decision in presenting the items."

A ploy to make himself look like the good guy, the peacemaker? Perhaps. At any rate, his statement wasn't true. The previous motion did indeed request moratoriums on minimum lot size and apartments in the city. In fact, the title of the four-page statement Edgerton read the night of Aug. 6 -- a copy of which he provided to Menifee 24/7 -- was titled "Moratoriums on apartments and establish a minimum lot size."

Confused yet? There's more.

In Wednesday night's record-setting speech/motion, Edgerton (left, with mayor Scott Mann in a previous meeting) said the additional study was needed because the city's general plan -- five years in the making -- was approved under pressure as the state deadline for approval was approaching.

"The original Menifee administration and city council lacked both sufficient academic training and hands-on experience to lead a new city," Edgerton said in his comments before finalizing the motion. "While one council person did have experience, the political dynamic was such that the elected official who was informally in charge had some administrative experience but no academic achievements beyond high school."

The council person with experience? Edgerton. A veteran of 17 years on the Long Beach City Council before coming to Menifee, the 80-year-old Edgerton served on Menifee's first city council. In fact, he was appointed the city's first mayor by virtue of receiving the most votes (the mayor's seat is now an at-large position).

So who is Edgerton criticizing -- everyone but himself? And why take pot shots at an unnamed elected official for an apparent lack of experience?

Seconds later, his voice rising for dramatic effect, Edgerton said the following:

"It was perhaps this lack of experience on the city council's part that led to the hiring of a city manager who had also never been a city manager."

Wait minute. Whose fault is that, really? Here's some information from the May 20, 2009 Menifee 24/7 news article covering one of the early city council meetings:

The Menifee City Council voted Tuesday to appoint George Wentz as the City's first permanent City Manager. Mr. Wentz has served as Menifee's interim City Manager since the City's incorporation in 2008.

Mayor Wallace Edgerton said the City of Menifee is pleased to have a City Manager of such caliber.

"We are fortunate to be able to retain the services of an experienced Manager such as Mr. Wentz who already has served the community and Council well," Mayor Edgerton said. "We look forward to his stellar management and service to the people of Menifee in the years to come as our new City grows."

It sure doesn't sound like Edgerton was against the hiring of Wentz. In fact, he was among the group who negotiated Wentz's contract, then joined the vote approving him.

Moreover, who's the city manager now? Rob Johnson, who had never served previously as a city manager either. Edgerton voted to approve his hiring -- as well as bring in as consultant a former city manager, Shawn Nelson, to be paid $126,000 on a limited contract to serve as mentor to Johnson.

As it turned out, it appears Johnson needed no mentor. He has performed well in his duties. As for Edgerton ... well, you'll excuse me if I'm just a bit confused.

Just give it to us straight, Wally. We don't need 17-minute speeches and statements that contradict one another. The voters don't need theatrics to help them make up their mind on issues. Neither do the other council members.

My hope is that in the future, our politicians will say what they mean -- briefly -- and explain the real reasons why.

Bottom line: With the moratoriums off the table, the council voted unanimously in asking staff to solicit proposals for the format and cost of a study on the effects of Menifee's housing element on the long-term tax base. If the study suggests that amendments be made to a general plan that was approved just eight months ago, those changes would be considered at a later date.

Sorry this commentary ran so long. I hope it didn't take you 17 minutes to read it. But as Edgerton would say, I needed to make a comment.

Menifee Mothers Unite Through Moms Club International

The Menifee Mom's club stayed inside today because of bad weather, but club members have many outings to the park and for other activities.
Menifee mothers unite through Moms Club International, a world-wide organization that aims to bring support to stay-at-home mothers.

The organization’s Menifee chapter offers daily activities for moms and their young children during the summer and monthly mother's night out dinners for moms. It provides a variety of activities, including play dates and field trips for moms and their children and other free activities around Menifee.

According to Menifee club member Christi Salyer, the club not only provides moms with socialization time, it provides a support system for moms to share child care tips, recipes and other family necessities.

"We have about nine or 10 moms currently in the club," said Salyer. "We're trying to recruit more moms, but for now it's nice to have a smaller group that keeps things intimate."

Yesenia Maples, president of Menifee's chapter, said the group has a great bunch of women who help and support each other. Maples, a member for several years and mother of three, said she found the organization online after her son's doctor recommended her son socialize with kids his own age to help with a speech impediment.

The club she said, provides moms and their children various amenities and opportunities to make friends and stay active.

"Mom's Club as a whole is amazing," said Menifee Moms Club member Erica Winn. "The support you get worldwide is great."

Winn, originally from Orange County, moved to Menifee a few years ago and said that she was happy to join Menifee's chapter. Kim Lee, another club member, said she had a similar experience as well after she and her family moved from Japan to Menifee.

"My husband is in the military and we move a lot,” said Lee. “I heard about it from someone else and I’ve met some really nice ladies here. It's been good to meet other moms and have the kids make friends. It's good for both the kids and moms."

Winn said the international organization is great because stay-at-home moms can find a chapter almost anywhere. Both Winn and Salyer noted how great it is to have an organization that is prominent throughout the United States and to have a support system even if they move out of town.

Moms Club International believes in the importance of social interaction and community bonding for stay-at-home moms and their young children, and the organization's Menifee chapter has done just that by making a close-knit group many members describe as a second family.

“I'm really appreciative of these moms in this group," said Winn. "They welcomed me with open arms."

Menifee Moms Club encourages any stay-at-home mom to contact the group and join in. To contact Menifee Moms Club for more information, email the group at momsclubme@yahoo.com.

EMWD Tightens Water Restrictions With Move into Stage 3a

Menifee got more than its share of rain the last several hours, but that isn't nearly enough to help the overall water supply. Following is a news release issued today by Eastern Municipal Water District, which serves customers in this area:

PERRIS -- Eastern Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors today officially moved the District into Stage 3a of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

This marks the first time EMWD – which serves Menifee and surrounding areas – has moved to Stage 3. The move comes as California is in the midst of a historic drought that has depleted reservoirs, groundwater basins and resulted in record-low allocations from the State Water Project.

"This decision is not easy, but it is necessary," EMWD President Phil Paule said. "Our customers must view this as a call to action and take the necessary steps to reduce water consumption."

Stage 3a of EMWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan eliminates variances to fill swimming pools and establish new landscaping. It also eliminates variances for leaks that are not repaired within 48 hours.

EMWD has previously granted variances for establishing landscaping or filling swimming pools by offering a temporary increase in the customer’s Tier 2 allocation in EMWD’s allocation-based rate stricture. Under the new regulations, customers can still use the necessary water but will likely go over their water budget, resulting in a higher price point.

California Gov. Jerry Brown issued a drought declaration on Jan. 17 following several years of record-low rain and snow. EMWD moved into Stage 2 of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan in April, asking customers for a voluntary 20 percent reduction in usage, including reducing outdoor irrigation by one day per week.

To comply with the State Water Resources Control Board’s recent call to action, EMWD is asking its customers to reduce their outdoor irrigation. EMWD’s Water Use Regulations also require customers to water during nighttime hours and eliminate runoff.

EMWD has also increased its efforts in partnering with customers to eliminate water waste from runoff, the hosing down of driveways or from washing cars. Those regulations are in sync with the recently-adopted state regulations.

Customers who are identified as having wasted water will receive a warning letter from EMWD. Following one warning letter, fines will be instituted, starting at $25 for residential customers and $100 for commercial customers.

EMWD staff must witness the second violation for a fine to be issued. The District is adding temporary staff to help customers curtail water waste.

To report suspected water waste, customers are asked to contact EMWD’s Conservation Department’s Water Waste Hotline at 951-928-3777, ext. 3306.

Information about EMWD’s conservation programs and rebates can be found online at www.emwd.org.

Get a Fresh Look from Chelsea at Dimensions Salon

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Mixing the latest techniques of hair and beauty care with the warm environment of a personalized salon, Hair by Chelsea provides Murrieta area residents with a fashionable and affordable option.

Chelsea Meeks is a board certified hair stylist and beautician who offers virtually every kind of hair treatment for men, women and children. By appointment, she offers her clients a wide range of options in the friendly atmosphere of Dimensions Salon in Temecula.

From the simplest haircut to the most extravagant style, Chelsea works with her clients to give a fresh look that is comfortable for them. The options include coloring, highlights, oil treatments, hair extensions -- all the ingredients for a total makeover when desired.

All the while, clients relax among others who identify with the caring and professional atmosphere of Dimensions Salon.

"It's a very close-knit group," Chelsea said about the staff at Dimensions Salon. "It's a very welcoming and warm feeling. The service is not so overdone that customers don't feel comfortable coming there. We work with our customers to give them what they want."

Chelsea can take problem hair and resolve any issues to revitalize one's look. She specializes in color correction, scalp treatments and all methods necessary to ensure that one's hair doesn't become dry and brittle.

Calling upon her background and training, Chelsea teaches state board prep classes for others studying hair styling. She educates students about the importance of sanitation and all aspects of client protection.

Hair by Chelsea
Call for an appointment

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Congratulations to Our Winner in the 'Back to School' Contest

Congratulations to Lisa Avila Cameron, whose name was selected in a random drawing from more than 160 readers who posted "Back to School" photos on the Menifee 24/7 Facebook page. Lisa wins a gift bucket from Texas Roadhouse: A bucket of peanuts, bottle of steak sauce, seasoning, and a gift card for a free entree.

Thanks to everyone who shared the photos of that special day for their children. Menifee certainly has some fine looking students!

Tickets Still Available for Woman's Club Extravaganza

There are only 73 tickets left for the Extravaganza 2 fundraiser for the GFWC Menifee/Sun City Woman's Club.

The event will take place Sunday, Sept. 21 at North Town Hall at the Sun City Civic Center from 1-4 p.m. Tickets are only $15, which includes entertainment and desserts.

The location can hold only 200 people and remaining tickets are going fast. There will be no tickets for sale at the door because the event is expected to be sold out.

Call Robbie Motter, chair of the event, at 951-255-9200 to order tickets. You can also mail a check made payable to GFWC Menifee/Sun City Woman's Club to Robbie Motter, 27701 Murrieta Road #30, Menifee, CA 92586.

This event is open to both men and women, and you do not need to be a member of the Woman's Club to attend.

Menifee 24/7 Candidates Forum Scheduled for Oct. 9

Menifee residents will have the opportunity to hear from the candidates running for mayor and two other city council seats during the Menifee 24/7 Candidates Forum, scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 9.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. in the campus theater at Paloma Valley High School. It is free and open to the public.

Each candidate will make opening and closing statements and will have an equal opportunity to answer questions from the moderator. Residents will be able to send in questions in advance to pose to the candidates.

All candidates have been invited:

Mayoral candidates:

Scott Mann
Paul Wiggins

District 2 candidates:

John Baker
Tom Fuhrman
Sue Kristjansson
Matt Liesemeyer

District 4 candidates:
John Denver
Gloria Sanchez

Mark your calendars for this event, which will help Menifee residents become more informed about the key issues and candidates heading into the Nov. 4 election.

Menifee Fit Body Boot Camp Now Open

For more information visit their website here or Facebook page here.