Size of Menifee Square Miles

A commenter on my previous article, " Menifee Cityhood Vote Approved " claimed that after looking at the map of Menifee, it appear...

A commenter on my previous article, "Menifee Cityhood Vote Approved" claimed that after looking at the map of Menifee, it appeared to be a small city.

So, I did a look up of all incorporated cities in Riverside County, to find out where Menifee stands in comparison. Here you go (in square miles)...

  1. Palm Springs - 95.1

  2. Riverside - 78.4

  3. Moreno Valley - 51.6

  4. Menifee - 48.5

  5. Lake Elsinore - 38.8

  6. Corona - 35.2

  7. La Quinta - 32.2

  8. Perris - 31.5

  9. Murrieta - 28.4

  10. Beaumont - 27.2

  11. Indio - 26.7

  12. Temecula - 26.3

  13. Hemet - 25.6

  14. San Jacinto - 25.3

  15. Blythe - 25.0

  16. Rancho Mirage - 24.7

  17. Palm Desert - 24.6

  18. Desert Hot Springs - 23.3

  19. Banning - 23.1

  20. Coachella - 20.8

  21. Cathedral City - 19.5

  22. Calimesa - 15.6

  23. Norco - 14.4

  24. Indian Wells - 13.4

  25. Canyon Lake - 4.7

This info comes from Wikipedia.

The figures include bodies of water within city limits. That's why Lake Elsinore is currently the 4th largest city in the county.


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  1. Thank you very much Steve. This makes me feel more better. You are very cool to look this information up for us to read. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Thank you Steve! This is quite impressive! I certainly hope that as members of this community we don't allow such neighborhoods to rise as the other larger cities in Riverside County have. Riverside and Moreno Valley have some really unsafe, unpleasant, unappealing and simply low class neighborhoods that really make the cities look and feel quite disgusting. For the amount of money we pay here in Menifee for our homes and taxes, our city should look a great deal like Temecula and have a very similar upscale feel about it. I am firm believer for those of us who work hard for our homes and the lifestyle we live, that it should be protected somewhat. Several years ago the city of Temecula went through a lawsuit where they were sued for not having enough Section 8 housing. Temecula offered to pay the fines because their city management didn't feel Section was an option in Temecula. This is the kind of city I wish Menifee to be. Section 8 has is place, but if I am paying on a $600,000 mortgage and property taxes of over $7000 a year, I really don't want any slums in my community. As we become a city, these are the kinds of issues that need to be addressed to keep Menifee a beautiful community. I hope the support is here -- if not many of us will move!

  3. With these stats we should have our own fire department and police department. We should'nt have to contract out with RSO, and CDF