Menifee Cityhood Vote Approved

The Local Agency Formation Commission yesterday approved the vote for cityhood, likely placing the i...

The Local Agency Formation Commission yesterday approved the vote for cityhood, likely placing the issue on the public ballot in June 2008.

LAFCO also approved a few minor changes to the borders of the future city. Below is a map of the new borders...

Map of Menifee CAClick on the map to see a larger image.

The changes are...

  • The southern rectangular section (in light orange), south of Keller Rd, will be ceded to Murrieta. This area is the hills of boulders, and there's hardly anyone living on it. The landowner and the City of Murrieta have been working on a project called, "Murrieta Hills", and the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee has agreed to cede this land to Murrieta.

  • At the western border, right where Lake Elsinore meets up with Menifee, there's a small sliver of land dubbed "Christensen" (not Christensen Ranch), that Elsinore wants to annex for a new community.

  • At the far northern end, there's chunk of land that's technically now Romoland, but has been within Perris' sphere of influence. This will be given to Menifee.

Some facts about the future city...

  • The name of the city will either be "Menifee" or "Menifee Valley". This will most likely be on the ballot.

  • The new city will begin on October 1, 2008.

  • The new city will have a "city manager" form of government, and five city council members elected at large. Once elected, the city council members can change their future elections by district, or keep them at large.

  • The population residing with the proposed borders of the new city is 60,467 as of July 1, 2006, of which 27,192 are registered voters.

  • The future city will comprise an area of 48.5 square miles.

CSAs 33, 43, 80, 84, 86, 138, 145 and 146 will be removed from Menifee and services will be provided by the new city.

All parks owned by the County will be ceded to the new city. Parks currently owned by Valley Wide will remain with Valley Wide. Other facilities now owned by the County will not be transferred to the new city, but may be transferred under negotiation.


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