Winco Foods Perris Opening

Winco Foods in the new Perris Crossings shopping center is scheduled to open in another week, on November 5, 2007. This is according to Cah...

Winco Foods in the new Perris Crossings shopping center is scheduled to open in another week, on November 5, 2007.

This is according to Cahan Properties, the builder of Perris Crossings.

Perris Crossings is located on the intersection of Ethanac Rd and I-215, near the border with Sun City / Menifee.

Bob Cahan, the president of Cahan Properties, went on to say that the Home Depot there will probably open February 1, 2008.

Overall, the entire shopping center should be built out and filled with retailers by late Spring 2008.

I asked Cahan about other stores that are signed and contracted to be there, and this is what he said...


Carl's Jr
Del Taco
Pollo Campero
Los Primos
Ono Hawaiian

Other Retailers

Day Spa
Gas Station
Dental Facilities
Bank of America

Cahan said the restaurants are all of the "eat-in-take-out" variety.

Perris Crossings Maps

Perris Crossings elevation
Click on the above images to see a larger image.


Perris-Crossings 1315509966915830730

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  1. This is so exciting. I have been driving to Temecula to save money at Winco and now it is so close. If you haven't shopped there. You NEED to.

  2. we went to Winco this week for the first time, and I am impressed...great prices and friendly employees...we went out to the car with our purchases and decided to go back again to stock up....really going to help our food budget with two teen boys to feed....

  3. I loved it too! The only thing that bother me were the cashiers, they have no interpersonal skills. They can do a better job in making all about us feel welcome and good about shopping there.

  4. Just called the Lake Elsinore Home Depot and they tell me Home Depot in Perris is scheduled to open some time in April.

  5. I admit Winco prices are dirt cheap but the produce is atrocious! It is completely sub par. I will stock up on canned goods but I can't bring myself to buy green oranges and banged up apples.

  6. I agree with the last comment. I too LOVE Winco but I REFUSE to buy milk, meat and produce there. I'll pay a little more at Albertsons thanks! Next time you go to Winco go to the deli area(across from where they cut lunch meat) in the case they have pre-made salads, orange chick that is heat and serve, tamales and all sorts of other stuff. That I can say I have tried and it was GREAT! And cheap too...only $2.98 per package!

  7. Does anyone have information on the Pollo Campero??? The best chicken I've ever had, I have to know if it's true?!?!?!

  8. Has any one heard when the Day Spa will open? I really look forward to having a place close to home.

  9. where is pollo campero???? thats good chicken. does anyone know about the real estate office opening there????

  10. Pollo Campero was a very good chicken, when I was little 25 years ago in my country Guatemala. I hope still good. It will be close to me now.

  11. Does anybody know any news about Winco foods opening near Costco in Lake Elsinore



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