Revival Christian Fellowship Among Top 100 Fastest Growing

Revival Christian Fellowship, the large Prostestant church on Scott Rd, was named by Outreach Magazine as one of the top 100 fastest growing churches in the United States, ranking #34 on its list.

The church grew its congregation by about 1,000 persons, or a 20% growth rate, according to the publication. I presume those numbers are in comparison to last year. Therefore, you're looking at a membership of about 6,000 persons.

According to the magazine, their list of the top 100 fastest growing churches includes only the "Mega Churches" which it defines as being those with congregations of 2,000 members or more.

Is that a reflection of the success of pastor Gary Galbraith, or a reflection of the fast growing community of Menifee?

Here's a link to the Top 100 Churches (PDF file)...

Here's a link to the article about the Top 100 Churches...


  1. Revival is a Calvary Chapel and its Pastor Gary Galbraith is a wonderful pastor. However it is the entire church that keeps it going and growing!!

  2. Attending a few services at Revival gave me the impression that it is a "seeker sensitive" church. By being "seeker sensitive" Revival is able to reach a broader spectrum of people, catering to the "needs" of the community rather than preaching a theological/fundamental message.

  3. Unfortunately, Outreach magazine published the wrong rankings.

    Read more here:

  4. I go to that church, it's the best in the west! You should seriously visit if your in the area. You won't regret it.

  5. Revival is what it is because their Executive Pastor Ted Levenworth built a strong team

  6. Revival has changed my life,Pastor Gary Galbraith is great.

  7. Hey, everyone: Many of you are praising the faithful pastors (I like Pastor Gary also, listen to him at 5:00am on KWVE) but the glory for the success of the ministry and any growth belongs to God. The leadership will tell you that if you ask them. :)

    BTW - I haven't visited the church myself, (I go to Calvary Lake Elsinore - awesome church also!) but I don't think you can categorize Revival as 'seeker friendly' at all based on what I've heard on the radio ministry. Blessings to you all...