Bradley Paseo Shopping Center

The empty corner lot you see on Bradley Rd & Newport Rd is going to become "Bradley Paseo Shopping Center". At 79,453 sq ft, ...

The empty corner lot you see on Bradley Rd & Newport Rd is going to become "Bradley Paseo Shopping Center".

At 79,453 sq ft, it's going to offer nine buildings of retail space, including two restaurant pads.

Mark Bishop, of Rancon Real Estate, who's representing the leasing, says they are still in the process of getting all the permits from the county. They don't have a definite date on when this shopping center will open, but he did give me some ballpark projections of beginning grading around 1st quarter of 2008, and getting occupancy by 1st quarter of 2009.

Bradley Paseo Shopping Center
The types of stores we can expect to see Bradley Paseo are those that will offer something unique to consumers in Menifee Valley, aside from "more of the same" that we see at other centers. Mark says they don't want to duplicate the same offerings going in at Countryside Marketplace, and they don't want to offer stuff like liquor stores or tire shops. I mentioned that Big-O Tire was right across street anyways, and he countered that a Goodyear Tire would love to get right on top of them.

He couldn't offer any brand names that they plan to seek out, but he said it would be a mix of national, regional, and local brands. Mark did go on to mention examples of niches they'd like to bring in, like a credit-union, an electronic store, a travel agency, a beauty supply. The two restaurant pads they have they'd like to fill with some kind of "family dining" instead of fast-food.

One of the buildings will be for medical, while another building will be for financial.

Bradley Paseo will also bring in some road improvements. They will add turn lanes at Newport Ave, and the intersection of Bradley and Park Ave will have turn signals. I didn't ask, but I'm sure they'll add sidewalks from Bradley to Park Ave.

Mark also added that the county is requiring them to utilize an "early settler" theme, similar to Countryside Marketplace.

Right now, Rancon Real Estate has an interest-list going for businesses wanting to move into Bradley Paseo. You can contact Mark Bishop at (951) 677-1800 x129, or e-mail at


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