Menifee Real Estate Blog

In case you haven't noticed already, I've added a companion blog to Menifee 24/7 called "Menifee Homes", which you can find here...

It's also linked from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Menifee Homes is meant to provide news and analysis of the real estate market here in Menifee, and which many times reflects the market across California.

Menifee is one of those communities where real estate is always a topic of great interest. First, there's still a lot of people thinking of relocating to Menifee. Even though the market is down right now, I can see a lot of people hitting our website with search terms like "menifee homes for sale" or "new homes in menifee", as well as stuff like "menifee schools", "menifee shopping", or "menifee restaurants". It's evidence there are people out there curious about our town.

But second, even for those of us already living in Menifee, the declining property values and the rising foreclosures is something that's always on our minds.

I asked a few real estate professionals working the Menifee market to contribute to this new blog. Stefan West, Anna Hill, and Holly Kay are all seasoned real estate pros and know the Menifee Valley pretty well.

My goal with this new blog is two fold, one is to keep us all abreast of the real estate market here in Menifee, and two is to attract an audience of readers interested in moving to Menifee. Those prospective homebuyers are coming to Menifee whether we publish this new blog or not, so I'd love to get them into our community reading Menifee Homes.


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