Winds Close Down Mt San Jacinto College Campus

Steven Iwig, who works in the Information Technology department at Mt San Jacinto College says their San Jacinto campus is closed for the next two days because of the recent winds...

Tree's are down some buildings are damaged and at 7:30AM this morning there was no power. We are trying to get a redirected web site to announce the situation. For now the campus is closed Monday and Tuesday. Ask people to check on the main web site through out the day as we are trying to get it up with information. Thanks


  1. Is this just San Jacinto campus? Not Menifee campus?

  2. I was only informed of the San Jacinto campus.

    Note that The Californian reports that classes at the Menifee campus were cancelled today. I don't know if that means the whole Menifee campus is closed.

  3. The San Jacinto and Menifee campus will be closed Tuesday. There is no phone service since the internet service to the main campus is down. I work in the Information Technology Department and I am on call until it's safe to go to the main campus.

    Steve Iwig
    Information Technology Department
    Mt San Jacinto College

  4. Thanks for this information. Where should we look for information on which campuses are closed Tomorrow. I teach at the Temecula Valley campus, but as the internet is down there is no email.....

  5. is MSJC menifee campus open tomorrow?..on 10/24/07?

  6. The menifee campus is open as of 10/23/07