Little Opposition to Menifee Valley Cityhood..

A Sun City woman is the only resident so far to have voiced objections in writing to a commission considering a proposal that would combine ...

A Sun City woman is the only resident so far to have voiced objections in writing to a commission considering a proposal that would combine Sun City, Menifee, Quail Valley and parts of Romoland into a new city.Monday was the deadline for submitting public comments to the commission on a financial analysis of the proposed new city of Menifee Valley. However, comments received through Oct. 12 will be forwarded to the commission separate from the analysis. To read more on this go to


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  1. OK, so what are the boundries of the new city? If there are options, what are they? Who decides? The article said it will include part of Romoland ...what part?

  2. This Sun City woman doesn't like the cityhood plan because it won't benefit her, according to the article. If she doesn't support becoming part of Menifee Valley then I hope she likes the thought of becoming part of Perris. If I was in her shoes I would vote for Menifee Valley; no matter how bad it could be it would still be better than Perris.

    If this cityhood effort does not pass then I think it will be completely dead. Either the state laws will become prohibitive to becoming a city or else the area will be split between Murrieta, Canyon Lake, and Perris, with the Sun City core neighborhoods most likely becoming part of Perris.

    If this makes it to the ballot my vote is "Yes" for cityhood!

  3. Perris has been trying for over 15 to steal unincorporated areas (including Romoland) and have been unsuccessful in their attempts. If you lived in Menifee long enough, you would have known that. Therefore the “pick Menifee” because I’m the better of the two evils propaganda isn’t working. The only reason Menifee has a chance is because of unscrupulous tactics that allowed them to get this on the ballot. The impacted residents of Romoland, and Sun City were not properly notified of the incorporation attempt/ proposal as the law dictates. Technically, Menifee voters should not have a say in whether or not other areas can be incorporated with them, and they need the financial backing of our unincorporated areas to gain their city hood. If it doesn't pass (which I’m rallying with other Sun City, Romoland and Lake Elsinore residents to Vote NO on Measures F, G, and H) we will be safe. BTW- there would be no difference between being a part of Menifee vs. Perris. They would both be cities with higher taxes for us and reduced services for us (police, fire, etc) which means increased crime, etc…, and we do not want to live in a city! Their both the same! Neither are good choices, and either choice would be to Sun City, and Romoland’s residents detriment with gain only to Menifee. Clearly those of us that live in Romoland, and Sun City, know that otherwise we would be living currently in Perris or Menifee right now! I have nothing against you deciding to become a city. Just leave other unincorporated areas that do not share your values or lifestyle choices out of your city planning. It’s not our responsibility to support Menifee financially because they cannot gain their cityhood alone.