Measure G Hospital Myths Debunked

There's some myths being spread around by Measure G opponents, which are higly deceving, and compelling. I wanted to debunk those myths...

There's some myths being spread around by Measure G opponents, which are higly deceving, and compelling. I wanted to debunk those myths...

Myth #1 - If Measure G passes, the hospitals will become for-profit.

The truth is that the hospitals are already for-profit. Valley Health System is NOT a non-profit group. Rather, it's a government agency. It's supposed to earn profits to pay for its improvements. Problems arose because poor management caused it to lose money, and resorted to taxing its residents to pay for interest on bonds.

Myth #2 - Stop privatization

The facts are that privatization is what creates quality. When investors have earnings at stake, they compete against other hospitals for more business. That competition is what ushers in quality service and state of the art amenities.

The reason why VHS hospitals are so antiquated with its facilities, is because it's a governement agency, with no incentive for improvement. Publicly-owned institutions have no investors, and therefore, no incentive to provide quality.

If you believe that publicly owned institutions can provide quality service, go stand in line at the DMV.

Myth #3 - If Measure G passes, no other hospitals can be built for 20 years.

False. If Measure G passes, any other health care company, or physicians group, or individual is free to build new hospitals in Menifee, Hemet, Moreno Valley, or anywhere in between.

What opponents are referring to is a agreement by VHS not to build any new hospitals. But so what! Why would we want VHS to another hospital?

Myth #4 - If Measure G passes, it will create a monopoly.

Valley Health System effectively has a monopoly right now! Why aren't Measure G opponents saying something about that?

There are still plenty of hospitals throughout south west Riverside county to go to. In fact, many people prefer to go to Inland Valley instead of Menifee Valley. People in Hemet and San Jacinto often go to Beaumont. People in Moreno Valley frequently go to Loma Linda.

Myth #5 - If Measure G passes, people will be denied healthcare.

False. This is the biggest lie of them all.

Hospitals are prohibited from turning away emergency patients just because they don't have money or insurance. In fact, all physicians swear to an oath to treat anyone who needs medical attention.

As it stands now, people are already being denied healthcare because the three VHS hospitals are understaffed and poorly equipped. Anyone who has been to Menifee Valley Medical Center, and had to wait 8 hours to be attended to, knows what I'm talking about.

Myth #6 - We need to keep our hospitals publicly owned.

This is a big deception.

Under the terms of the agreement, if Measure G fails to pass, Select Healthcare is OBLIGATED to purchase Moreno Valley Medical Center. It has already paid $14 million to VHS as a deposit for Moreno Valley. No matter what happens, Moreno Valley will belong to Select Healthcare.

There are still other candidates that want to purchase Hemet Valley and Menifee Valley. Do the Measure G opponents think these buyers are going to go away?

Myth #7 - Bankruptcy protection can bring VHS back to solvency.

False. Bankruptcy will only waive VHS' debts, which are the same debts that VHS hasn't been paying anyways!

Bankruptcy won't bring in new money. Without new money, it's going to have to shut down services, and layoff workers.


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