Elementary School in Quail Valley

Tucked away inside the Canyon Heights community of Quail Valley is an elementary school under construction.

Located on the corner of Canyon Heights Dr and Cheyenne Canyon Dr, the still-unnamed school is on its way to becoming the 8th elementary school in the Menifee Union School District.

Quail Valley Elementary School
I contacted Betti Cadmus, the district's public information officer, as well as Bruce Shaw, the director of facilities, to get some more information about the new school.

It's on track to open up in July 2008, and will hold a maximum of 875 students in 37 classrooms. The architectural design of the school is similar to those of Oak Meadows and Evans Ranch elementaries, but adding a couple of extra buildings to achieve the higher number of classrooms.

The new school, sitting on 12 acres of land, will relieve the population at Menifee Elementary School, which is where Quail Valley's kids are now going to. While it's possible that some kids currently attending Ridgemoor Elementary might transfer to the new school, it's not expected.

As for the name of the new school, the District will be forming a naming committee within the next couple of months. Betti Cadmus says that they've allocated a few seats for Quail Valley residents to help find a name that's associated with the community.


  1. Where is there a map of proposed boundaries for this school? There's a lot of talk going around, with no real information.

  2. Hello,

    Where can I get info regarding this new school? Will it open for schol year 2008?
    Any info would be be greatly appreciated.



  3. School starts July 7th. I'm concerned that there are no safe pathways or flashing lights of warning (school ahead) on Goetz Road. I've called everyone and don't see any action.

  4. Call Menifee Elementary School for info and registration