Cityhood Effort Faces Lawsuit

A Wildomar resident, Gerard Ste. Marie, has filed a lawsuit against the County of Riverside, to block the transfer of county funds to help Menifee and Wildomar cityhood efforts succeed.

When the fiscal analysis showed that a future City of Menifee could not generate enough tax revenues to pay for more fire stations, Supervisor Jeff Stone proposed a plan to donate additional funds to help pay for the fire stations. These funds would come from the result of cost savings when Menifee and Wildomar incorporate.

You can read more about this lawsuit in The Californian...

I haven't followed the Wildomar incorporation effort too much, but I've seen Gerard Ste. Marie's name mentioned in some articles, describing him as someone who's been against Wildomar cityhood.


  1. City of Menifee sounds nice but with the economy Menifee should think smaller than 48 miles of city Sun City should be left alone and Romoland and Area near Perris should also be left alone Murrieta is 28 sq big and that perfect but is growing The City has little traffic issues except for the freeway and Clinton Kieth but there workin on that Moreno Valley is BIG way BIG but its ugly If menifee thinks small they can grow big