Bill Gould on Menifee Cityhood and Unification

Bill Gould, a local businessman living in the Heritage Lake development, and who is also campaigning for a seat on the Romoland School Board...

Bill Gould, a local businessman living in the Heritage Lake development, and who is also campaigning for a seat on the Romoland School Board, writes today on his blog that he's in support of Menifee cityhood...
I am 100% for city hood. Incorporation of the area will give us control over future development, funding that the development brings, parks, police, fire, code enforcement, community services department and so much more. Take a drive around the city of Temecula one day, it is an excellent example (minus the traffic, I know) of a great city and I would love that for our community. Fortunately for us we already have a better road system than Temecula did when they incorporated!
Heritage Lake is included in the proposed borders of Menifee. Currently, it is part of Romoland.

I had hoped to hear from others who live in Romoland about their thoughts on becoming a part of Menifee. Please post a comment.

Interestingly, Gould also says he's in support of "Unification", but not with respect to Paloma High School, but rather, Heritage High School. That is, folks out there are apparently talking about moving the new Heritage High School into the Romoland School District.

If you consider the Unification issue with Paloma High School, proponents argued that because the high school is located in Menifee Valley, and serves primarily Menifee residents, it makes sense to "unify" it with Menifee Union School District.

So, can we say the same thing about Heritage High School? It is located within the proposed borders of Menifee. It's serving students in Menifee, as far south as Menifee Lakes. I don't have the statistics on this, but I'm wondering if most of its student population resides in the proposed borders of Menifee. I'm kinda thinking it should be in Menifee Union.

The problem with bringing it into Menifee Union is that Menifee Union's borders don't extend out to Heritage High. Even though the borders of the proposed city includes Heritage High, the school district itself doesn't reach that far. So, to move it into Menifee Union, LAFCO would have to approve a change of borders. That probably won't happen.


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  1. People keep screaming "Unify with Paloma" and/or "Unify with Heritage." I got news for you, Perris Union High School District is not about to just let its two newest schools (and 2/3 of its enrollment) go without a long legal fight.

    Face it, unification is dead until Perris builds another high school within the city limits of Perris.

  2. I think PUHSD is accpeting of the fact Paloma will make the move, but I have to agree with the above poster, there is no way they are going to let Heritage go. Too new, too nice and too much money that having (eventually) another 2,500-3,000 students in that district provides. I would believe that most families new to the Romoland area by the way of Heritage Lake or other new developments would support cityhood. I know of one Heritage Lake resident who actually called the post office to determine if they could put Sun City or Menifee on their address instead of Romoland.

  3. Please please please incorporate in Menifee. I am looking to buy in Heritage Lake, but one of the big negatives is that it is in Romoland. Resale values will jump the minute we are considered Menifee instead of Romoland, and that will encourage even more growth in the area as the markket improves. Please please please incorporate.

  4. YES INCORPORATE !!!!!!!!!! I currently live in Heritage Lake, and anytime I mention the name Romoland to anyone not in this area they ask, "where is that?" I am in agreement that it will help property values when the time comes for the market to turn around. I am also for anything that will bring better shopping to our area. How about a NEW reputable full service grocery store? I do not enjoy shopping in Sun City in the slightest. I have also been to the new WinCo a couple of times and I can say that I am NOT impressed.

  5. When will Heritage Lake become Menifee? What exactly is it going to do for us? Will it change our tax rate? How about help with the amount of mello roos we pay? I am tired of paying $600 a month in taxes! It is crazy!

  6. I agree, change the city name to Menifee or Menifee Valley...I hate telling my family I live in do we move this process along further?

    Can we put Menifee Valley on our mail? What did the post office say?

  7. We lived for 20 years in a part of north Sun City with no parks or anything else for our children.
    We now live in a new housing development in Romoland north of the 74 and east of Palomar. We love our house, but we are again in an area with no parks. We certainly hope our house is to be included in the new city, and that one of the first items on the city agenda will be new parks and recreation areas for our area.
    By the way, when people look up our street address or telephone number they are sometimes listed as being in Sun City.

  8. the ONLY thing wrong with living in romoland is you people and your housing tracts encroaching on our horse property.... HHS is a perris school and menifee didn't pay for it and as far as you who live in Heritage Lakes but don't like what romoland has to offer, WHAT are you doing to make it better??? we have had no little league no ayso soccer and the only place that has stepped up and allowed our kids in has been Nuevo, don't get so dependent on Menifee...

  9. LAFCO doesn't set school boundaries, school districts do.

  10. I am TAXED enough 48 percent of my pay annually along with the sales tax, then we are going to be paying overtime plus the annual salary of a sheriff or firefighter which is more than 75,000 yearly sometimes hitting 125,000. Where is the improvement to the 215 freeway for traffic? We are headed for gridlock on the roads and expensive city planners and supervisors for what? a name...

  11. Menifee? What an ugly name for a city.

  12. Cityhood is going to drive up taxes. We are already suffering with the current Gas Tax. Add 20 cents per gallon for the city. This is not good for the senior community!!
    James C

  13. We live in Romoland and have enjoyed the rural flavor, dirt roads, and peace and quiet. What an awful change to a city of "Many fees" just for the stinking name.

  14. Bill Gould does not support HIS community like Irene Harris and Gary Heller does theres (or there siblings). He should not be quoted as though he's some type of leader in THIS community. His comments on cityhood or education are as justified as mine.... and I am nobody!

  15. Just a clarification LAFCO has no say over school district boundaries. The county committee on school district reorganization is the proper authority.



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