Antelope Plaza Shopping Center

There's a new 84,000 sq ft shopping center under development on the corner of Antelope Rd and Scott Rd, across the street from the Alber...

There's a new 84,000 sq ft shopping center under development on the corner of Antelope Rd and Scott Rd, across the street from the Albertson's shopping center.

Technically, it's on Murrieta city limits. Construction crews are there right now building the pads.

Antelope Plaza Shopping Center
So far, Lee & Associates have signed up the following retailers...

  • Arco AM/PM

  • Walgreens

  • Jack In The Box

  • First Bank

They still have another 21 building spaces yet to fill.

Stores should start opening in Summer of 2008.


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  1. Just what we need... Another Jack In The Box.

  2. Nothing new or exciting in this shopping center. Three Walgreens in Menifee?

  3. hopefully more interesting stores will go in....the other posters are right....jack in the box and walgreens are not exciting in the least...

  4. What we need is more Circle K's :}

  5. YES! Jack in the Box! It's about time we got some quality dining in Menifee. Now I don't have to drive 1/2 mile to one of the other four.

  6. How come Walgreens and Jack are so so close to each other? Are there no other businesses interested in getting in on the developing areas around here? I would even welcome a Mcdonald's just to see something different. I suppose another Del Taco is in the works also.

  7. To top it off another submarina is in too, welcome to corporate america. Also another reason you see the repeats is becuase almost all franchise require the franchisee to open 3-6 units with in 5 years.

  8. This should serve to be a waste of land since we have our fair share of Jack's and oldgreens already throughout the community. I've never seen so many Jack in the cracks in such a condensed area before.

  9. Hello In/Out Burger, is there something wrong with Menifee?

  10. Last comments were left back in October 2007, any new news on whats going in and when it will be opening?

  11. Wish I knew, but at least they are working on it, almost 7 days a week.

  12. We need a Golden Spoon & Submarina!

  13. Does anyone know what fitness center is going in yet?

  14. Any updates on this?

  15. I've learned that the reason the center has'nt fully opened is because the county requires 2 points of ingress/eagress. The entry driveways along Antelope Rd. cannot be constructed due to a major league screw up by the engineer.
    The box culvert that cast in place with steel and concrete was set at an elevation which caused the driveway approach to be too steep.
    Antelope road would now have to be redesigned in a "super-elevated" configuration in order to bring the entry elevation to code.
    Its a real nightmare. Costly to fix. May be a year before we see the center fully open.
    Meanwhile, the only exit is "Right-out" on Scott road. Then into the J-Bar community or Little Reb street, then a U-turn, etc.
    J-bar doesnt deserve it. They are in Menifee, the problem is from our friendly neighbors in Murrieta.
    They had to annex the shopping center, and then mess it up. nice.



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