Newport Road Alignment Update

Originally we said that the realigned Newport Rd was to open around the end of August, and here we are in October and it still hasn't happened.

The delay is due to a utility pole sitting in the middle of the gutter. You can see this pole on the side where WalGreens is. They can't open up this road until they move the utility pole. I don't know when that's going to happen.

Meanwhile, the Friday Flyer reports today that the planned closure of Goetz Rd has been moved back until Spring of 2008. This closure was scheduled to construct a new bridge over Salt Creek, right where it spills into Canyon Lake...

The revised schedule will allow for the full opening of all lanes on realigned Newport Rd. prior to any work beginning on Goetz Rd. It is estimated that Goetz Rd. will be impacted for approximately one year while a bridge is constructed to help alleviate flooding. However with all lanes open on Newport Rd., the work will require only a detour and not a full closure, according to Dennis Chapman of Brookfield Homes, one of two developers for the Audie Murphy Ranch project.
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  1. This is a nice update. Thanks. But I still want to know WHEN?

  2. Am I blind or did they dig up the already paved road? What is going on???

  3. Well, it's the middle of 2008, and no Audie Murphy Ranch, just weeds and inactivity.
    What the heck is going on, or should I say not going on!
    Does anybody know out there?
    It's driving me crazy wondering if it has stopped altogether or what. Thanks for any update.

  4. It's a bad real estate market. Most home builders have stopped and are waiting out the market before resuming construction.

  5. June 29, 2008

    When will the construction on Newport begin again? Doesn't the state require the contractors to finish the streets even though they stop work on the houses?

  6. Woodside homes has abandoned the project for now. Won't start building the models for Audie Murphy unitl late 2009 depending on market conditions. The state doesn't require the builder to finish the street until the home are built. Who really knows when the reoad will be finished.