Parenting Classes to Help Spanish-Speaking Parents

Parenting classes help Spanish speakers By: LORELL FLEMING - Staff Writer MENIFEE ---- Spanish-speaking parents with children in Menifee sch...

Parenting classes help Spanish speakers By: LORELL FLEMING - Staff Writer
MENIFEE ---- Spanish-speaking parents with children in Menifee schools are getting free lessons in various topics as part of a program designed to help them with the basics of managing their homes and caring for their families.Dolores Marquez, a Sun City mother of three, said the classes help her do all she can for her family.
"I'm learning about things like how to buy healthier food by looking at labels for calories and salt content," said Marquez, one of the few parents in the class who is fluent in English. "You want to do things like buying food that's healthy for your family. You want to give your family the best."
Marquez said she has been to all of this year's series of parenting classes offered by the Menifee Union School District. Topics include money management, nutrition for families, and computer use and the Internet. The program, paid for with federal funds, is in its fourth year.Each two-hour long lesson is held at 8:30 a.m. every Thursday at Menifee Valley Middle School's English Language Department office, Room 105. English learners are not charged for the lessons.For information about the parenting classes, or English language classes, call (951) 244-6872. Contact staff writer Lorell Fleming at (951) 676-4315, Ext. 2621, or at To finish reading this story go to


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  1. OH MY GOD....
    Not another FREE offer to a NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING person!!!
    How about those English speaking parents who need this kind of help but can't afford it. Forget lose out.
    Federal Funds?? This is outrageous and another reason why our government is in debt.

  2. If you read it carefully, English speaking parents are not charged...

  3. The main reason our country is debt is the "out of control" spending by the "rubber stamp" republican congress we had for six years. Absolutely Shameful. Neither fiscal responsibility nor moral high ground. These guys were fooling all you "raw raw" conservatives.

  4. I guess we are still not as dumb as "you" Democrats. Clinton was busy having "relations" in the ovel office, instead of doing something with Bin Laden. Hmmmm preventing 9~11 or doing Monica again???????
    Of course with a bag like Billary, I would have done Monica too.

  5. Before you can pick apart my spelling....I meant to spell oval not ovel.

  6. Actually, here's a little lesson....
    Republicans believe in less government spending, not more. Republicans believe in self reliance not handouts.

    Democrats believe in doing interns while giving out free cheese.

    Is that more clear to the person whom wrote about the "out of control" spending??

    Or did you really mean "out of control" spending on the war? Your profound lack of patriotism is shining through.

  7. Actually it says "English Learners" are not charged, it does not say English Speaking Parents!!!

  8. Your definition of "Republicans" is acurate in the traditional sense. This administration is not truly republican having the largests (and most out of balance)budget in history.

    Your difinition of "democrats" shows the ignorance of most "Republicans".

    The rest of this blog is just for fun:

    I'll call Republicans...let's see..."Bible banging greedy racists that only care about oil and their Chevy Suburbans with Jesus bumber stickers." Oh yeah, "They're also the reason for global warming."

    I'm a Republican that is embarrassed by most of those who claim to be the same.

    Your profound lack of critical independent thinking is shining through. Now go watch the news and drink your kool-aid.

  9. First you complain because people "dont want to learn English", then you complain when they do??? Also, why not complain about Coke advertising in Spanish or NBC merging with Telemundo? Should you not go after corporations who leave little reason to learn English! and this Repub vs. Democrat thing? come on! Left vs. right and repub vs. democrat is a false construct to keep USA divided.

    Clinton prevent 9/11? Bin Ladin was a CIA op. 911 was clearly an inside job ( and building 7, the 3rd building to fall on 9/11, was demolished. The only thing holding repubs together is pro-life and anti-gay (which bush has not done a thing to overturn) and if Guiliani wins (He won't Clinton will), the repubs wont even have that!..... anyways, check out, wake up America! the 'North American Union' is in our future.... google it if you dont believe me...

  10. Oh my !! If Bin Laden was working for the government, than that means my taxes went to his salary. I hope I did not pay for his health beneifts too ????



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