Boulder Ridge Middle School Traffic

Last week I published an article about the traffic jams at our schools with so many parents wanting to chauffer their kids to class, and us...

Last week I published an article about the traffic jams at our schools with so many parents wanting to chauffer their kids to class, and used Boulder Ridge Middle School as an example.

Today, the Press Enterprise followed suit with an article of their own, also mentioning Boulder Ridge, and Romoland School District's inability to provide busing...
Located near McCall Boulevard and Menifee Road at the southern end of the district, Boulder Ridge Middle School has about 870 students. Parents worry about the safety of students walking or riding their bikes, especially over Highway 74, and the level of traffic at the middle school.
Not just student safety, but driver safety, as the traffic back up lies just beyond the crest of a hill, causing drivers to slam their brakes to avoid hitting the stopped cars.

The new Heritage Lake community has created a student surge at Boulder Ridge Middle School, since it's still the only middle school within the Romoland district. I'd like to see the HOA there step up and help out by providing some shuttles for students if parents don't want them walking. At least that will alleviate some of the traffic.

Romoland is supposed to build a permanent middle school within Heritage Lake. That will be nice for the families in Heritage Lake. But when Boulder Ridge is switched back to an elementary school, we're still going to have a traffic jam there.

Even though Boulder Ridge is inside the Romoland School District, it's located inside the proposed Menifee Valley city limits. Right now, we're at the mercy of Romoland School District to solve this traffic jam, and it doesn't sound like they plan to.


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  1. I am a concern parent with two children attending Boulder Ridge Middle School. My concern is of a lack of an emergency or evacuation plan. We need an evac plan during school hours. How fast would it take to get to our children out safely? There is only one pave road and main entrance to and from the school entrance. The children are the one's who get punished for not being on time. When being drop off in the morning the street is bottle necked. It takes about 15 minutes to the drop off area. Our children safety has been over look and I am assuming the reason is that there has not been event that has push the school district to have to take action and make changes.

  2. This is a horrible situation. I have suggested classes for each grade begin and end at 15 minute intervals. This will help somewhat, however, there is more to be done here because some of the parents believe they are the only ones frustrated and they get very pushy. Safety, of course, is a paramount concern to most adults but it is extremely unsafe the way some adults pull over and park where it is clearly posted "No Stopping".

  3. Hello everyone! My son is going to this school (Boulder Ridge MSchool) pretty soon as a transferee.My concern is that we live about 4 miles away from this school and I work 4am tues - friday. Is there anyone where my son can ride with? I am willing to pay the Gas money.



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