Power Lines Falls on School Bus

This morning, I reported that a school bus collided into a utility pole, causing the pole to fall across Murrieta Rd. I have some corrected information from Menifee Union School District...

Around 8:10am this morning, a construction vehicle struck a power line on Murrieta Rd, just south of Newport Rd, causing a nearby power pole to fall. As the power pole fell, a school bus was travelling down Murrieta Rd. While the pole did not strike the bus, the lines did.

The bus was already carrying 8 students from Menifee Valley Middle School, and was on its way to pick up some more. When lines hit the bus, the bus driver stopped immediately. No one in the bus was hurt. The students were evacuated from the bus, and were taken to school in other vehicles.


  1. Steve,
    Thank you for correcting your error regarding the utility pole. Next time you should probably get all the facts before printing them. Then maybe a correction would not be needed.

  2. Lisa, if you read my original article, I said I called the Riverside County Fire, and confirmed it with them. I asked them to confirm that a bus hit a utility pole, and they said "yes".

  3. My Child was on that bus that morning and he had told me that the poll fell on the bus, the bus did NOT hit the poll, the poll hit the bus alone with the power lines.The kids were scared but they were all fine and the school did contact the parents of all the students that were on the bus that morning.