MSJC Police arrest the “Beast”

This was sent to me from a Menifee 24/7 reader. Apparently the following press release was distributed to the staff and faculty of Mt San J...

This was sent to me from a Menifee 24/7 reader. Apparently the following press release was distributed to the staff and faculty of Mt San Jacinto College, concerning a former student...
On October 5, 2007, a former student of the Mt. San Jacinto Community College District was arrested in Hemet on multiple felony charges (see bottom) after posting a threat to kill preschool children as revenge for alleged acts of the District's employees. The college began receiving phone calls from concerned citizens across the country shortly after 50 year old Edmond Frank MacGillivray, Jr., posted the threatening message on

MacGillivray, who uses more than 60 variations of his assumed name, "Beast" aka "Sssotlohiefmjn Iamthebeast," was expelled by the college in June 2007 for numerous violations of the Student Code of Conduct, including making threats against the school in which he specifically referenced the Virginia Tech and Columbine campus massacres. Since that time the college has taken action to assure the safety and well being of students and personnel on its campuses.

MacGillivray is well known to the FBI and Homeland Security. He advocates terrorist activities, claims to be an Al-Qaeda leader, and supports Al-Qaeda ideology. He recently offered a reward online for the assassination of government officials, including the President, police officers and judges.

The arrest by Mt. San Jacinto College Police Department came as a result of the heightened security concerns at the college. At the time of MacGillivray's arrest, a neighborhood acquaintance expressed relief, saying "Beast is a very dangerous person and he is going to really hurt someone soon."

Charges are: Cultivation of Marijuana, Criminal Threats, Threatening Public Officials, Stalking/Harassing, Harassing Communications, Threat to Deprive Civil Liberties.


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  1. Can you please post a follow up to this case? My child attends the preschool there and I want to know when this nut case is released. He won't be held long for making threats. Also, do you have any photos of this guy to post?

  2. The Valley Chronicle published an update to this story yesterday, saying that "The Beast" was transferred to the Southwest Detention Center....

  3. He is being held without bail. You can check the status on the Riverside County court system web site and the Riverside County Sheriff Web site.

  4. Looks like he is scheduled for trial today.

    Jury Trial Trailing
    08/11/2008 AT 8:30 AM DEPT. 63B

  5. Appears he has a history of instability - check this out:

    I am the Beast Six Six Six, etc., v. Michigan State Police, et al.
    Unreported, File No. 5-89-92, U.S. Dist. Ct. W. Dist. Mich.; U.S. Dist. LEXIS 8792 (1990)

    Beast of Burden. The Plaintiff filed his complaint, in pro per, alleging over sixty (60) civil rights violations that he endured in a series of incidents arising out of a peaceful demonstration and seeks damages in the amount of $1,998,000,000. Plaintiff alleges that he began a peaceful demonstration on the steps of the State of Michigan's capitol; and that he was approached several times by the Michigan Capitol Post Police who inquired about Plaintiff's purpose for being on the capitol steps and his identity. Plaintiff explained that he had renounced his given name of Edmond Frank MacGillivray Jr. in exchange for "I AM THE BEAST SIX SIX SIX OF THE LORD OF HOSTS IN EDMOND FRANK MacGILLIVRAY, JR. NOW. I AM THE BEAST SIX SIX SIX OF THE LORD OF HOSTS IEFMJN. I AM THE BEAST SIX SIX SIX OF THE LORD OF HOSTS. I AM THE BEAST SIX SIX SIX OTLOHIEFMJN. I AM THE BEAST SSSOTLOHIEFMJN. I AM THE BEAST SIX SIX SIX. BEAST SIX SIX SIX LORD." Plaintiff was taken into custody that evening for trespassing by capitol police and turned over to the Lansing Police Department. From there Plaintiff was brought before a District Court judge. The judge told plaintiff that he was charged with trespassing, and asked for his plea of innocent or guilty. A discussion about Plaintiff's name and mental status ensued and Plaintiff was eventually taken from the courtroom at the judge's direction. He was placed in an observation cell where he began to chant and pounded his head on the door and walls. Plaintiff attempted suicide by slitting his wrists and was transported to a medical facility where he was diagnosed as having a brief reactive psychosis. The Plaintiff recovered. This lawsuit followed from his cell in the Ingham County Jail in Michigan.

    Defendants' motion to dismiss the action was granted by the court.



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