How Ethanac Got its Name

You have to wonder how a name like "Ethanac" comes along.

A couple of history books I've across gives some explanation.

"History of Riverside County, California", written by Elmer Wallace Holmes, originally published in 1912, by the Historic Record Company, gives the following passage...

The Temescal Water Co. has its station at Ethanac, on the Santa Fe, a few miles southeast of Perris. Ethanac was named in honor of Ethan Allen Chase of Riverside, and is a pretty little town, the inhabitants being chiefly the employes of the Temescal Water Co.
"Building the Future: The Story of the Eastern Municipal Water District", published by the EMWD in 2000, gives the following passage...
In 1900, a town called Ethanac was laid out along the San Jacinto Valley Railway tracks by Riverside nurseryman Ethan Allen Chase, who named the tract after himself. A few settlers came, but the town never really developed.
And there you have it.


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