School Lockdown Yesterday

Sheriff's SWAT Team was called into Menifee yesterday at the neighborhood near Meadow Run Place and La Piedra Dr around 12:30pm.

It seems there was a woman with a gun in her house, and that she would not go outside to meet the cops.

According to the Press Enterprise...

Deputies closed down all streets leading to the area but did not evacuate nearby homes.

School officials at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School and Bell Mountain Middle School learned about the stand off. Officials allowed students to go home if they were taking the bus or picked up by parents. Those who walked or rode bikes were kept at the school until someone could pick them up.
In another newspaper, The Californian, this woman apparently was trying to commit suicide.


  1. I wasn't there that day but I go to bell so I heard about it!

  2. I wasn't there and I ride my bike

  3. This is such a sad story, because this young 32yr old women has now died. Apparently she shot herself in the head as Police tried to stop her for several hours. This happened just 4 doors down from my house and it was so scary to not know what was going on that day with all the streets bloced off by the Police. Not a happy ending.
    I pray for her family during this difficult and sad time in their life. God bless them.