Ethanac Road Shut Down Today for Hazmat Incident

Around 4:10pm today, Riverside County Fire responded to a hazardous materials incident near the intersection of Ethanac Rd and Barnett Rd (by the Exxon gas station).

Fire units arrived to find a surveying instrument commonly used in the construction industry had been run over by a truck and broken open. The instrument contained a small amount of radio active material.

Nearby workers removed the instrument from the roadway and moved it to an adjacent field prior to fire department arrival. The workers in the area were immediately evaluated by the RVC Fire Hazmat Team and determined to have no exposure from the instrument.

The truck driver who ran over the instrument left before the fire department arrived and later sought evaluation at a local hospital. Corona Fire Hazmat responded to the hospital and in coordination with RVC fire determined that person to have no risk as well.

As a precaution Ethanac road was shut down between I-215 and Murrieta road while units from the RVC Fire Hazmat team made entry to determine the extent of the release. A very small amount of radiation was found in the area of the broken instrument.


  1. Steve,

    Thanks for your continued effort to give us relevant LOCAL news directly affecting Menifee and the surrounding area.

  2. Would like to know more of what was going on at Ethanac and Murrietta road later that Same evening. It was open around 7pm when my family left for dinner but closer with alot of activity later that evening of the same day.