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PERRIS -- The Menifee school system came a step closer to its decade-long goal of gaining control of Paloma Valley High School on Wednesday ...

PERRIS -- The Menifee school system came a step closer to its decade-long goal of gaining control of Paloma Valley High School on Wednesday night when board members of the district that now operates the school signed off on an agreement to hand it over -- along with outstanding debt from its construction.The Perris Union High School District board voted 5-0 to approve the agreement and 5-0 to move forward with the lengthy process required before Menifee Union School District can take on the high school. The Menifee Union School District board is expected to vote on the deal at its Oct. 9 meeting.
The decision on whether to shift Paloma Valley High will ultimately be made by voters in the Menifee district after county and state officials weigh in on the change. The move could take as long as five years to come to fruition, officials said. Read More of this article


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  1. I just don't get it. How can Menifee Union and Paloma Valley High incorporate now? Every single kid that lives in Menifee east of the 215 is in Heritage's zone and there is no way that Menifee is going to unify and leave half of their residents still in the old district. There is no way Perris Union is going to let the Menifee kids get out of going to Heritage (enrollment would freefall) Face it, the opening of Heritage signaled the death of unification.

  2. I agree. The board members that were elected on the platform of unification dragged their feet too long. The Perris Union board can vote 5-0 until they are blue in the face, it won't matter. Unification is done.

  3. From what I understand, the area feeding into Heritage will change if the unification goes through. There is also talk of a fourth high school off of scott road, that would dip into both Paloma and Heritage.

  4. Say good bye to the traditional school year calendar at the high school. It's tracks A,B,C,& D once this goes through. That's how it will be done.

  5. What I've heard from personnel is that the school district will become modified. Everybody will be on one track.

  6. I am very happy with this. Although other things in the school district need to change as well. We sent our 6th grader to school in Temecula and she will stay there til high school because the schools after elem are terrible I hope this brings a change for the better.

  7. At comment #4: What? I don't want to go through tracks again. I hated it in middle school, and for sure, I will hate it in high school.

  8. People thought tracks were the way of the future but in actuality they are destined to be left behind. They call the traditional calendar that for a reason. No need to fix a schedule that has been the norm for generations.

  9. Paloma Valley High School should belong to Menifee Union and it should have been that way long ago. What a mess the Perris district has cause. Menifee Valley - Down with tracks A,B,C,& D! I hate it!!!!!

  10. Menifee Valley High school should be the new name of Paloma Valley High School once the school gets transfered over to the Menifee School District.



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