New Home Construction to Drop in Riverside County

The latest word from the California Building Industry Association is that home builders will plan to build about 30-40% fewer homes than initially expected in Riverside County.

Their explanation is that the high price of gasoline is keeping home buyers away from the IE. People don't want to move here and then spend so much money commuting to SD and OC...
Nevin said that the rise in gas prices makes homes in the two counties less attractive to buyers who had previously been willing to trade off a long work commute for less expensive housing. He noted that many homeowners commute 1 1/2 to two hours daily, and in some households, there are two working members who both make long commutes.
Read the full article on The Californian...

I tend to disagree with this. I'm no socio-economist, but if people don't move to Riverside county for cheaper homes and cheaper rent, then what are they going to do instead? Stay in San Diego and Orange County and pay double the amount for housing?

The reasons why people are buying fewer homes could be anyone's guess. I don't think it's because of higher gas prices. I moved here from Orange County and continued to commute there. But I had the expectation of finding work here, which I eventually did, starting my own business. I don't think fuel expense is going to stop anyone from realizing cheaper real estate, and a better quality of living. It has to be something else.

Meanwhile, people from all over the United States and Mexico keep pouring into California in search of jobs. These people have to have rooves over their heads. Something's gonna give.

Menifee Notary Arrested for Forgery

Brenda Cortez, a 34 year old Menifee-based commissioned notary public, was arrested last Friday after being accused of forging a grant deed, according to the San Bernardino Sun...
In May 2006, Cortez notarized a grant deed for property in San Bernardino and failed to obtain a thumbprint from the client, which is required. Investigators with San Bernardino County District Attorney's real estate fraud unit found the deed had been forged.
Cortez was booked into Central Detention Center in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Newport Road Realignment Update

The Friday Flyer published an update on the Newport Road realignment project today, stating that the eastbound lanes of the realigned portion will open in July, while the westbound lanes won't open until December...
The work, which consists of widening the road to four lanes – two in each direction – as well as realigning it to sweep around and connect with Railroad Canyon Rd. to eliminate the bottleneck at Goetz Rd., is part of several area infrastructure improvements required to be completed by the project's developers. Work began in early 2006 and initially was due to be completed by the end of that year; however, a number of unforeseen engineering problems arose which delayed the project.
Read the full article here...

The article also mentions the Pechanga indians being granted some land in Audie Murphy Ranch. One of the guys who is working on the project out there mentioned to me that the archaeologist who studied the area prior to construction discovered several more artifacts in the areas slated for construction. When the Pechangas got word of this, they wanted those additional portions of land granted to them, or else they'd threaten to litigate the entire Audie Murphy project. That land was granted to them; I don't know if it was given to them for free, or if they bought it. Either way, the developers had to give it up.

That's just what I was told by a construction guy working out there.

If the Pechangas have the right to take land away from a private owner, just because their ancestors had ground some corn there, then they have the ability to take my land away also, if I find some Pechanga artifacts.

That's a disturbing thought.

I realize that the ancestors of these Pechangas had land taken away from them back in the 1800s and early 1900s. But then, it wasn't me who took that land from them. And, none of the living Pechangas today had land taken from them.

If any one of us sympathizes for the Pechanga people, then why don't you just donate your land to them right now, and put your conscience to rest? More than likely they lived on it at some point.

Would love to have anyone else post some comments about this matter.

Foreclosure Timeline

The timeline
30 days: Your troubles actually start as soon as you miss a single payment. Lenders may not contact you until you've skipped a second payment, but most will report the first late payment and every subsequent delinquency to the credit bureaus. Even a single late payment can devastate your credit score, the three-digit number that lenders use to help gauge your creditworthiness. Each subsequent "late" further decreases your score, making it more difficult and expensive to get a loan or a refinance that might help your situation. In addition, lenders typically tack on late fees of 5% or so for each missed payment.
90 days to one year: Eventually, if the payments aren't made, the lender will file a d"notice of default" with a local courthouse and send you a letter saying that the foreclosure process will start unless you make good the missing payments.
How quickly the notice is filed depends on the individual lender. Some hold off if you contact them to work out a payment plan or otherwise explain your situation. Others are more aggressive and start the process as soon as possible to try to protect their investment.
"They may do it as early as 90 days, or as late as a year," explained Anthony Hsieh, president of "It really depends on the lender's temperament."
Usually, this notice means that the amount you owe has shot up as well, since the lender typically adds substantial fees to cover its legal costs.
The notice of default "is a big threshold," Hsieh said. "Once you get into that state, it's a whole different world. Your options are fewer."
The notice of default is generally picked up by the credit bureaus, further depressing your credit score and making refinancing the loan extremely difficult.
(In addition, the notice tips off scam artists that you're in trouble and may be vulnerable to various "equity skimming" schemes. One common ploy: The scam artist promises to take over your payments, but instead rents out your house and keeps the rent payments as pure profit. The home goes into foreclosure, your credit is trashed and you've lost any equity you had in the home.)
90 days more: Borrowers typically have 90 days from the notice of default to make up the deficit before the lender sends out a "notice of sale," which sets a sale date for the house (typically within the next 15 to 30 days).
Some lenders will allow you to keep your original loan if you can make up the missing payments plus any late fees and legal charges. Others will insist you refinance with another lender. You can also halt the foreclosure, at least temporarily, by filing a lawsuit or filing for bankruptcy. For either legal option to work, you'll have to be able to come up with a payment plan to fix the deficit.
By Liz Pulliam Weston

Lenders Move to Stem Foreclosures

Financial institutions, too, have a lot of money at stake when people lose their homes. That pressure on the bottom line -- and political pressure -- will bring relief to some borrowers.
By Christian Science Monitor
The home-loan industry, facing the worst housing downturn since the early 1990s, is ramping up efforts to help strapped borrowers stay in their homes.
The goal is to restrain a gathering wave of foreclosures that carries big costs for both lenders and borrowers.
These rescue efforts aren't expected to save every at-risk homeowner. But they promise to reduce monthly payments for many who have fallen behind on mortgages. In the process, they could help to stabilize a struggling real estate market.
So far the housing slump, precipitated in part by overzealous borrowing and subprime lending, continues its downward slope.

Finish reading this article at

Menifee, CA Zip Code Map

Here's a map of the zip codes comprising Menifee Valley, California...

menifee ca zip code map
Click on Map to See Full Size

Generally speaking...
  • 92584 - Menifee, CA

  • 92585 - Romoland, CA

  • 92586 - Sun City, CA

  • 92587 - Quail Valley, CA
This map may not coincide with the zip code you're receiving mail with, because it was generated using data from the U.S. Census Bureau's "Zip Code Tabulation Areas", as opposed to actual routes used by the U.S. Postal Service.

For example, this map shows Audie Murphy Ranch and Menifee Hills as being in the 92587 area, when in fact they're actually served by 92584.

But, this map will give you an idea what the areas generally look like.

Traffic Complaint on Newport and Antelope Roads

A Menifee 24/7 reader named Mike submitted the following comment to us today regarding traffic at the intersection of Newport and Antelope roads...
here is my first and last blog...i really get annoyed at the "not so smart people of menifee" ..every morning antelope and newport road get backed up and you have to sit at 3 stoplights to get through and people block the intersection....this is because everyone is a car length away from the car in front of all we have to do is scoot up as close as you can(and yeah leave a little room just in case they roll back) but come on people..the morning would be so much smoother if you would scoot your car up.

from the guy who motions with his hand to scoot up in the morning getting onto the 215 Northbound.
Basically he's saying that people leave too much empty space between their car and the car in front of them. This causes the traffic back up too far down the road.

Sun City Woman Arrested On Hate Crime Allegation

The Riverside County Sheriff reports that Wendy Roberts, a 39 year old woman from Sun City, was arrested and booked into the Southwest Detention Center on charges of Criminal Threats and Hate Crime allegations.

It all started yesterday, Memorial Day, in Wildomar.

A black guy was riding his bicycle along Orchard Street, and rode past a house where several white men and women and children were gathered. These people started yelling racial slurs as he rode by. The suspects then chased him down the street and confronted him. One of the suspects stood over him and threatened him with a knife.

The victim's brother saw what was happening and came to his aid firing three to five warning shots into the ground from a 9mm handgun. No one was hit, but they all ran away.

Sheriff's deputies showed up and found the suspects and arrested six people, Wendy Roberts, being the only one from the Menifee Valley.

Read the Sheriff's press release here...

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day flag and rosesThe Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, was curious to know how other Menifee Valley folks spent their time.

On Sunday, my wife and I had a BBQ at our house. We had planned it a few weeks in advance, and invited a bunch of people.

So, on Saturday I spent time getting the backyard and patio all cleaned up and looking nice. That included pulling weeds, pruning the palm trees, and planting some flowers.

We also have a pool and spa, and I discovered something going wrong there. I could see the Pebble Tec plaster starting to yellow, and the water just barely getting foggy. I called my pool cleaning company to see when the last time they were here, because they're supposed to maintain my pool weekly. When I asked them that question, the first thing out of the person's mouth was, "Don't tell me they haven't been coming to your house!"

"Just great!" I thought. This is the third pool cleaning service I've hired, and the previous two were unreliable at visiting me every week. I found out that the guy who does all the cleaning had surgery a few weeks ago, and had arranged for other pool cleaners to take over in the interim. He said he notified all of his clients. Except of course, I fell through the cracks and didn't get a call. I verified the phone number he had on file, and yes, he had the wrong number.

So I went to Wal-Mart in Lake Elsinore and picked a new pool brush and a water testing kit. I found out my chlorinator had run out of chlorine tablets, so I filled it back up, and threw some chlorine powder into the pool to get rid of the fogginess. Then I scrubbed the entire pool, cleaned out the skimmer and pump baskets, and ran the filter all night long. By Sunday morning that pool was crystal clear and looking brand new.

Sunday afternoon, we had about 13 guests over for the BBQ. I cooked up a ton of food, and still have lots left over.

On Monday, some friends and I hopped on our motorcycles and rode to Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson in Riverside for their annual "West Coast Thunder" event. It's a parade of motorcycles that runs from the Harley dealer to Riverside National Cemetery. About 8,000 bikes usually rides in this parade. We stayed at the cemetery for about an hour, and then rode up to Idyllwild to spend the rest of the afternoon.

That was my weekend. Click on "Post a Comment" below, and tell me how yours went.

Relay For Life May Fall Short

Relay for Life American Cancer SocietyThe second annual Menifee Relay for Life, a charity event to raise money for cancer research, is in jeopardy of falling short of its goals, not just in fundraising, but in lack of participation.

Whanda Madrid, who is helping to coordinate this event, published a commentary in today's edition of The Californian...
I have volunteered my time to go door to door to the majority of the Menifee/Sun City business three times and no one has responded. I went to major department stores, small businesses, banks, dental offices, hair and nail salons, cleaners, flower shops, restaurants and elementary schools from along Newport Road.

The few volunteers helping to make this year successful are discouraged and disappointed by the lack of participation and donation.
You can read her full commentary here...

What I wanted to ask readers here at Menifee 24/7, why they think people and businesses are not enthusiastic about this event.

  • Has cancer not struck someone in your family?

  • Will there never be a cure for cancer?

  • Are we safe from cancer if we eat low fat and don't smoke?
The fact is that you can get cancer just by living in the IE and breathing the bad air.

I think that one problem is that we become numb to cancer's threats because cancer permeates everything in life. Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a report that oral sex increases your chances of throat cancer. There are reports that barbecuing hamburger produces far more cancer-causing agents than baking a meatloaf. I wouldn't be surprised if certain types of scented toilet paper will increase your chances of rectal cancer. It gets to the point where EVERYTHING causes cancer, and we resign ourselves to accept it.

I guess I'm one of the ones who dragged his feet on this charity event. I already had plans to be out of town that weekend, but I wrote Whanda and asked her about making a donation.

If you want to help out also, get ahold of Whanda at this web address...

New Hospital in Murrieta

The Press Enterprise reports today that a new hospital is underway in Murrieta, off of the corner of Clinton Keith Rd and 215 Freeway...
The 106-bed Physicians Hospital of Murrieta, near Clinton Keith Road and Interstate 215, would have an emergency room and specialties including obstetrics, pediatrics and cardiovascular services, according to a news release the medical center issued. Two 120,000-square-foot medical buildings will join the hospital, the release said.
Read the full article here...

It's actually going to be a partnership with Loma Linda University Medical Center.

It's refreshing to see a privately owned hospital come into the region and not be part of a hospital district. It will be interesting to see how well private money can compete with public money.

Sundial Project Comes to Menifee

Sundial ProjectSundial Project, a rock band out of Riverside, will be playing in Menifee at Bob's Pitstop on Friday, June 29th, at 8:30pm.

The band has been getting airplay on a variety of radio stations across the country. The Press Enterprise described them as "brings to mind Alice In Chains with elements of Tool". The band credits other bands, Staind, Seether, Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Pearl Jam, and Silverchair, as their influences.

You can hear their MP3s on their website...

Menifee Mail Station Has a New Owner

Menifee Mail StationFor years, Menifee Mail Station, the mailboxes, shipping, faxing, and copying store, has been a popular place where thousands of people in the Menifee Valley relied on for their shipping and mailing needs.

Located between Albertson's and Fantastic Sams in the shopping center on Newport Rd and Murrieta Rd, it's now under a new owner.

The last few years it was owned by Durenda Lauzon, affectionately known by many as "Doe". Just a few weeks ago, it was purchased by Penny, who owns another Menifee area business, ATS Computer Academy, on Bradley Rd.

Penny wants to branch out her corporate holdings by adding Menifee Mail Station. She'll be running it for awhile, and hopes to develop into a franchise later on. She'll also be holding computer classes in the shop.

The photograph above is that of Doe. Hiding behind her is Penny, who shyed away from the camera. You'll have to visit Menifee Mail Station to see her.

If you want to see Doe, she'll still be working at Menifee Mail Station for awhile, teaching Penny the ropes. Doe's husband recently purchased an auto repair shop here in Menifee, American Auto USA, and she'll be working there.

On a side note, the Fantastic Sams next door to Menifee Mail Station is also under new ownership as of a few weeks ago. It was bought by a Delta Airlines pilot.

Ringing Rocks of Menifee

I stumbled on a blog post on another site that describes "ringing rocks" in Menifee, California...
Rock art is found throughout the Menifee Valley and consists mainly of abstract signs carved into the scattered rocks and boulders, though a few weathered paintings in black and red also survive.

The ringing rock is one of a group of boulders at the north end of a ridge. It is granite, about 1 metre (3 ft) across, and deep hollows or 'cupules' have been worn into its surface by human effort. The rock rings clearly, like a chime, when lightly struck with a small stone. When struck in different places and various sizes of stone a range of tones can be produced. The special sonorous properties of the rock are enhanced because it is balanced on a giant boulder, with considerable air space beneath.
The blog post is located here...

I'm curious if anyone knows where these boulders are. Perhaps they are, or were, located where the Audie Murphy Ranch construction is at? Would that mean these boulders are now gone?

Menifee Teacher Goes to Japan

The Press Enterprise has an article about a teacher at Freedom Crest Elementary, Jolene Bedley, who was selected for the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund program that sends teachers to Japan for three weeks...
She will spend three weeks in October traveling through Japan and visiting schools to learn how the Japanese school system works in hopes of sharing that knowledge with her American colleagues.
Read the full article here...

I started my schooling in Japan. My father was in the US Navy, and during the years between 1969-1971, he was in Vietnam working as a hospital corpsman. He moved our family to Yokohama, Japan so that he could spend more time visiting us.

That worked out well for my mom, because she was born and raised in Japan.

Many of the children of US service men living around the Tokyo Bay attended Sancta Maria International School, run by the Catholic Diocese, located in Nerima. The entire faculty were nuns. It was a great solution for Americans because the school taught in English, and celebrated Christianity which was rare in a society dominated by Buddhism.

school uniform of Sancta Maria International School, JapanI went to kindergarten at age 4 there. We all had to wear uniforms then, and in kindergarten the boys had to wear this goofy looking pull over dress. I don't know who their clothes designer was, but it must have been a cruel joke. I remember a teacher in my kindergarten class, walking over to another boy who was goofing off, and wacked his fingers with a cane. The kid was my age for crying out loud! My mom enrolled me in piano lessons there, and the nun who taught music refused to teach me any further because I wouldn't sit still.

For Christmas, a Japanese Santa Claus visited the school and brought every boy a set of plastic bowling pins. I don't recall what the girls got. And in the Christmas play, I was one of the drummers.

Sancta Maria taught all grades from preschool up to the senior class of high school. I have a year book from the class of 1970, and the graduating high school class had only 10 people in it. But because most of the students were "military brats", their stay at Sancta Maria lasted only one or two years, and were never able to forge lasting friendships with other kids.

When my father's tour of duty was complete, he was assigned to Balboa Hospital in San Diego, and we moved there in 1971. I was five years old then and found myself having to take kindergarten all over again, just to stay in sync with the other kids.

More Details on Countryside Marketplace

Today, the Press Enterprise published more details of what Countryside Marketplace is going to look like...
The dirt field along Newport Road west of Interstate 215 is being transformed into a site for up to 1,500 homes, an aquatic center, a possible city hall and the first Lowe's, Starbucks and T.G.I. Friday's in Menifee.
You can read the full article here...

Still supposed to open by October 2008, but won't totally be finished until March 2009.

Menifee Dog Park

Aldergate Park MenifeeFor those of you wondering, yes, there is an off-leash dog park in Menifee.

But it's not an "official" dog park, in that it was not set aside specifically for off-leash dogs. It used to be a baseball field that was abandoned for a larger baseball field nearby. Residents now take their dogs there to run around off-leash.

It's located in Aldergate Park, on the corner of Menifee Rd and Aldergate Rd. See the map below.

Map of Menifee Dog Park
While the park is fenced, it's not a chain-link fence. It's a wrought iron fence. The fence still offers enough space in between the bars for small dogs to squeeze out. There's also enough room below the fence to squeeze out in some places. If you have small dogs, I don't advise taking them there.

Valley Wide Recreation appears to have jurisdiction over this park. Does anyone know what they plan to do with it? Will they designate it officially as a dog park, or do they have plans for something else? I put a call into them, but had to leave a message.

If Valley Wide Recreation will designate this officially as a dog park, and maintain it as such, I'd like to see some residents form a non-profit corporation as the "Friends of Menifee Dog Park", and raise funds to pay for a chain link fence, doggie poop bags, and a water faucet for filling up water bowls. I'm willing to kick in some funds for that.

A while back, Todd & Kim Jester, who also writes here on Menifee 24/7, mentioned wanting to build a private dog park. While I still welcome that idea, perhaps private funds could be better put to use by converting this piece of Aldergate Park into an official dog park.

UPDATE: A few hours after posting this, I got a call from Sam at Valley Wide, saying this is actually a flood-control basin, and water will flood this area during rains. But they put in a base-ball backstop just to let kids play ball. He knows that people have been taking their dogs there, and Valley Wide doesn't have an issue with it.

I mentioned to him that putting chain link fence around the area would help keep smaller dogs from squeezing out of the wrought iron fence. He thought that was a good idea. He put me in touch with Vince at their Menifee office. I called Vince, and he said he hadn't thought of that idea. He'll think about the idea, and call me back. I told him if cost was an issue, that I will be glad to donate some money.

Vince is also planning to put in a receptacle for doggie poop bags.

Canyon Lake in the Future

The Friday Flyer asked its readers an interesting question today, "What Will Canyon Lake Look Like 50 Years From Now?"

Here's a link to the article...

Canyon Lake is in an unusual predicament. Almost all of its tax base is confined to an area surrounding the lake, and this almost all homes. The city does have some retail and business, but tax revenue coming from those channels is so small, it can only pay for infrastructure.

In other words, Canyon Lake has nowhere to expand, no way to increase its tax base. It's landlocked, sandwiched between Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Wildomar, and Menifee Valley.

It could, however, annex the western portion of Menifee Valley, namely Quail Valley, Menifee Hills, and Audie Murphy Ranch. But if Menifee Valley is successful in incorporating as a city, then those hopes are dashed. If Canyon Lake wants to grow its tax base, it'll have to annexed by Menifee Valley or Lake Elsinore.

Or else, it will just have to rely on raising taxes and fees.

Menifee Scrapbooking Group Needs a Leader

There is a Menifee-based scrapbooking group on that is need of a leader.

The group, called "Scrapbooker's Gang in Menifee" has 30 people signed up, but no one acting as the group's organizer. All that is needed is for someone to step up and be willing to organize some meetings and get-togethers.

You can visit the group's website here...

To join the group, you'll have to first set up an account on You should be able to do that through the link above.

Valley Wide Recreation Gets Award

The Press Enterprise reports that the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts named our very own Valley Wide Recreation & Parks District as the "Best Large District" in the state...
On May 5, the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts selected Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District as the 2007 best large district, surpassing about 67 other park districts throughout the state.
According to the article, it was Valley Wide's "quality programming, facilities and service to the community" that earned them this distinction.

Read the full article here...

Michelle Crowley to Play at 2nd Menifee Relay for Life

Local country singer, Michelle Crowley ( seen at or ), who recently opened for Carrie Underwood, will be singing at the 2nd Annual Menifee Relay for Life. Michelle is a Menifee/Sun City native who is making quite a name for herself in country music circles.

We encourage all Menifee Residents to get involved. You can form a team (12 people minimum) or join an existing team. The entry fee is only $10 per person.

The team Relay is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the funds raised will go towards research which may one day help find a cure for cancer.

Honor a family member who has either survived or lost their battle to cancer. All Cancer Survivors are encouraged to get involved (Free T-Shirt included) and particpate in the "Survivor Lap" , 9AM June 9th.

Dates: Saturday June 9 to Sunday 10th.(9AM to 9AM)
Where: Mt. San Jacinto Community College, Menifee

To get involved: Contact Louanne at 951-300-1232 or email Louanne at

If you have a local business and want exposure, contact Whanda at who is overseeing small business/corporate sponsors.


Eric Madrid MD
Board Certified Family Physician
Rancho Family Medical Group


Our Existing Teams- Thanks!

1. Re-Max Realty Menifee

2. Bank Of America- Menifee
3. Rancho Family Medical Group -Temecula
4. Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints -Menifee
5. Boy Scouts of America- Menifee
6. Lake Menifee Womens Club
7. Century 21- Menifee
8. Cross Church
9. Downey Savings- Sun City
10. Mt. San Jacinto Community College (2 teams)
12. Big Business BNI
13. ??
14. ??
15. ??

(YOUR Family or Business NAME HERE!!!!)


View a short 5 minute video about the Relay.

Menifee Home Prices Falling Down

Reduced price homeThe Californian has an article today concerning the value of homes in South West Riverside County falling down compared to a year ago...
Real estate markets have slowed across Southern California for more than a year now, but the slowdown in Riverside and San Bernardino counties was significant, an economist said. That's because a relatively large number of borrowers with low credit scores have been flocking inland in search of less expensive houses, observers said.
Read the full article here...

The article reports that the recent sub-prime mortgage fiasco has caused lenders to be more strict against borrowers with risky credit. Whereas in the past, we could sell our homes to people with below-average credit, now we can't, making it tougher to find buyers.

Here in the Menifee Hills development, where I live, I see several homes for sale, including at least one identified as a bank repo. Some of the homes for sale are the same model and from the same builder as mine, and they are listed at prices below than what I was hoping for.

Though, I'm probably one of the lucky ones who bought their home six years ago, when prices were still half of what they are now. If I were to sell, I can afford to drop my price below the others. Those who bought their homes only one or two years ago, don't have that margin.

Have any of you homeowners taken the time to browse the model homes at some of these new developments? My wife and I visited the Pacific Mayfield models off of Evans road about two months ago, and were impressed with the value. For the price they were selling, you got quite a bit of home with a lot of extras thrown in.

I'm not a Realtor, but the way I see it, if you're trying to sell your home, it's these new homes is what you have to compete against.

Giovanni's New Microwaveable Containers

How many of you noticed that Giovanni's Restaurant in Menifee is now using microwaveable containers for their take-out orders?

Now and then, I like to order an anti-pasta salad from them. The salad used to come in a round aluminum container. Now, it comes in this rectangular microwaveable container, with a lid too.

Giovanni's microwaveable container
Apparently, they're scoring a lot of kissy points with their customers. They've received great feedback on these containers. I imagine they might even get more orders just because people want the containers.

They don't just use them for salads, but for other dishes as well.

On a side note, Giovanni's is also advertising "All You Can Eat Spaghetti" every Monday night, for just $5.50.

Earth Movers on Newport and Haun Roads

Earth moversBy now, everyone who lives in Menifee has probably seen those earth movers sitting in the lot off of Newport and Haun roads, along with the water tank from Pardee Homes.

Yes, the Countryside Marketplace is still going in there, that's not changing.

Yes, Donahue Schriber, the developer who's building the Countryside Marketplace, is still the developer, and they are still building it, despite the fact that they no longer show Countryside Marketplace on their website.

According to Supervisor Jeff Stone's branch office in Menifee, Donahue Schriber is working with Pardee Homes to build out that entire area. That area is not going to be commercial-only, but a mixture of commericial and residential. That's why Pardee Homes is there. The development of residential homes usually takes longer to do, that's probably why Pardee Homes has their equipment there now.

While it hasn't been officially announced yet, Donahue Schriber will be doing a presentation for the public at a Menifee MAC meeting on June 20, 2007, at 7:00pm, at the Sun City Civic Association. When I get more information on that meeting, I'll post it on this site.

Assembly Passes Illegal Dumping Bill

illegal dumpingLast Thursday, the California State Assembly passed AB 679, a bill that allows the County to collect money to pay for the cleaning of illegally dumped trash and waste. It now goes to the Senate for a vote. The bill was sponsored by Assemblyman John J. Benoit (R), who represents Menifee.

As it stands now, when court convicts someone of illegal dumping, that person is required to pay fines and penalties, usually amounting to around $3,400. However, Riverside County Code Enforcement Department, which does the actual clean up work, doesn't collect any of that money.

This bill allows the Code Enforcement Department to submit an invoice of cost, to be added to the penalties and fines.

You can get the full details of this bill online, here...

This is particularly good news for Menifee Valley, because so many people are dumping trash here. There are also many piles of dirt, garden waste, and broken concrete being dumped at various lots.

There are places all over Quail Valley like this. They're not easily visible from the road, because illegal dumpers tend to walk behind a hill where they can't be seen. But if you walked out there you will find a junk yard of busted ovens, ripped up couches, broken glass, and everything else that people are too lazy to dispose of properly.

In Sun City, at the corner of McCall and Valley Blvd, you can see piles of dirt and debris dumped by dump trucks. Where are these dump trucks coming from, who's operating them?

It's good that Benoit is making these dumpers pay more for their crimes, but the Sheriff needs to focus on busting the dumpers. Otherwise, us taxpayers are going to keep paying for the cleanup.

Scott Road Overpass Widening to Begin This Year

The Californian reports that the Scott Road overpass at the I-215 will be widened to ten lanes, with contruction expected to begin by the end of this year...
Construction at the interchange would change its appearance radically, requiring a new, larger bridge several yards to the north of the existing bridge, Johnson said. It's expected to be at least 10 lanes wide. That includes four lanes of traffic in each direction and two left-turn lanes. The current bridge over I-215 is just three lanes, including a single lane that's intended to be used by left-turning traffic entering either side of the freeway.
Read the full story here...

Wow. Four lanes on each side. I wonder if that really means it'll have four lanes of traffic flow on each side, or if they mean it'll have two-lanes on each side, with very wide lanes. Seems like that's what the Newport Road overpass is like.

Menifee Digital Photography Meetup Group

If you have a digital camera, and if you'd like to learn how to take better pictures with it, there's a group that meets here in Menifee that can help.

The Menifee Digital Photography Meetup Group is a educational meeting led by Glenn Wurdemann. Glenn has a love for digital photography and sets up these meetings to teach others how to get the most out of their cameras.

His next scheduled meeting is on Thursday, June 14, 2007.

You can visit his Meetup group online here...

To RSVP for this meeting, you'll have to create an account on the website above, which is free.

Heritage High School's New Football Team

Heritage High School PatriotsJustin Marquis, one of the teachers at the new Heritage High School, wrote to me this evening to tell me about the high school's football team, and it's new website...

He says they are trying to raise money for the football team, and are selling sponsorships. Here's what he said...
Our head coach Kraig Broach is really excited about the school, the football program and the community. It's his mission to incorporate our football program into the community and make it a source of pride for area residents that have, up till now, been split by three or four schools.

I am asking for your help in getting the word out about Heritage football. We have created a website, and we were hoping you could post it on your website.

In addition to the website, we will be holding a fundraiser this summer where we will sell banners to our sponsors to be hung up and displayed at our stadium for all to see. Our stadium should be a top-notch facility with the ability to seat up to 5k people when completed. Our goal is to have the people at our games exposed to area businesses on the banners, and bring that sense of community even closer to home. We're also looking at allowing area businesses to create ads to display on our main website page.
You can contact Kraig Broach at...
- phone #760-525-0966
- email

Menifee Man Arrested on Weapons and Gang Charges

The Riverside County Sheriff reports that an arrest of Robert Estrada Jr., age 27 of Menifee, was made yesterday on weapons charges, and for being a member of a criminal street gang.

It started when Estrada was driving a van with three other passengers, in the City of Lake Elsinore, when a motorcycle cop pulled him over for not wearing seat belts...

Once the vehicle stopped, the driver was found to be unlicensed. The vehicle was occupied by two adult males and two teenage females. The driver was arrested for driving unlicensed and a search of the vehicle was conducted, resulting in the discovery of a loaded .22 caliber revolver and approximately 50 rounds of ammunition. The two male occupants, Robert Estrada Jr., age 27 of Menifee and Issac Solis, age 18 of Lake Elsinore were found to be under the influence of drugs and members of a criminal street gang.

Members of the Riverside County Gang Task Force responded to assist with the investigation. The investigation revealed at least three of the vehicle's occupants had ingested illegal drugs and had just purchased additional narcotics. Robert Estrada Jr., on probation for prior weapons convictions, upon seeing the motor officer attempted to pass the gun to Solis. Solis in turn passed the gun to one of the female juvenile occupants who hid the gun inside the vehicle.

Estrada and Solis were booked into the Southwest Detention Center for weapons and gang violations. One of the female juveniles was booked into Juvenile Hall on weapons charges.
Read the Sheriff's full report online...

How Bad Are the Enclave Apartments?

Enclave Apartments MenifeeThere's a discussion going on on Topix regarding inadequate security, or lack of security, at the Enclave Apartments, along Antelope Rd, by the college.

Here are some selected quotes...
  • Has anyone noticed that this complex has attracted more garbage rather than nice families or hard working folks. All I ever see in there are young punk kids, dope smokers, gang members, tweekers and everything other than good people.

  • I have lived in the Enclave apartments for about 4 months. Within these first months my car has been broken into twice while under a car port with lights on it. Management does nothing. Expensive rent, gated community, security cameras, security guard all for what? One of the worst places I have lived thus far in my life.

  • i have had the worst living experience here. We have lived here over 2 years and it sucks. My car was broken into under the car port, only looked thru my glove box, nothing stolen, weird...

  • We stayed there for about 5 months while our house was being built and I did noticed how many punks were roaming around and grabbing on girls, smoking and anything else. All this right around the office and nothing being done about it.

  • The rent is expensive and getting worse. For those who could afford a home or condo, I think you could benefit better than living in this dump.

  • Not only are most of our neighbors loud, 1 of them actually being someone that works in the front office, but the party and noise factor is non stop night after night.
Keep in mind that people usually only say something when things are going wrong. I imagine there are also people who feel that the Enclave Apartments are a great place to live.

If you're thinking about moving into the Enclaves, you might want to take time to read the comments on Topix...

There's also an interesting comment posted on

Lake Elsinore Seat Belt Enforcement Sweep

The Sheriff's office reports that the City Of Lake Elsinore Police Department will be participating in the national, "Click it or Ticket" sweep, beginning next Monday, May 14, and lasting until June 3.

If you plan to be driving through Lake Elsinore, know that officers will be cracking down on drivers and passengers not wearing their seatbelts, or not wearing them properly...
This three-week operation is a zero tolerance program designed to save lives and prevent injuries from traffic collisions. ... The program will target those occupants not wearing seatbelts or not wearing them correctly based on the manufacturer's specifications such as having the shoulder harness under the arm or behind the back. It will also target those persons not securing children under the age of 6 or 60 pounds in an approved child safety seat.
Driver's will also be held responsible for any passengers not wearing seatbelts.

You can read the Sheriff's full announcement here...

Menifee Residents Jailed for Target Store Robbery

Two residents of Menifee were arrested and jailed yesterday for a robbery of the Target store in Murrieta, according to a press release issued by the Sheriff...
On May 9, 2007, about 4:30 PM officers from the Temecula Police Department conducted a vehicle stop regarding a possible match to a suspect vehicle involved in a commercial burglary, which had just occurred. The officers conducted a high-risk felony stop and working in concert with the security staff from the Target Store identified two suspects involved in the commercial burglary. The two suspects are identified as Derek Lewis (age 20) and Tamara Westerman (age 20) both of Menifee.

The adult suspects were transported to the Southwest Station for processing and ultimately were booked into the Southwest Detention Center charged with Burglary and Conspiracy. This matter will be referred to the District Attorney for prosecution of all involved parties.
The two are being held in lieu of $5,000.00 bail.

Comments on my No Stopping Any Time Signs Post

I am a racist, because I said they should have put the signs in Spanish also, Come on. Hispanics are great people, I just don't want them sitting on the side of Newport Road along with the white people who sell stuff. My brother in law is part Hispanic. There are other means of employment if you are here legally.
I have had an experience with a client who at the last minute couldn't buy a house because he had obtained a SS card from some where.
And just to clarify, I am also on the Ridgemoor Elementary PTA.
Maybe I should sign my blogs Annonymously like the rest of you.

Menifee Relay for Life- Meeting May 10

Anyone interested in joining or creating a team (ie Menifee 24/7 Team?) for the Menifee Relay Life should let me (dremadrid(@) know. To see more about the Cancer relay, watch the video at

Pre-Relay Meeting Information- ( all are welcome!!)
-Where: Bank of Amercia, Menifee
-When: Thursday, May 10th
-Time: 6:30 PM-7:30 PM

American Cancer Society Relay for Life Information-
-Saturday June 9/10 at Mt. San Jacinto Community College.

-Louanne at 951-300-1232 or email Louanne at

Sun City Library To Expand

The Californian reported on Monday that expansion plans for Sun City Library were given the green light...
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors gave a county agency a green light last month to spend as much as $2.5 million to expand the library in one way or another. The county Economic Development Agency is negotiating to buy a tumble-down gas station next door, which would expand the library property to 1.5 acres. Over the last year, the proposed purchase has crept its way through the process required for governments to buy land.
The county had to buy that old gas station sitting next door to the library to create room for expansion.

Read the full article online...

Teen Driver Injured in Car Crash

CBS News reports that a teenage girl was injured yesterday, when her Volkswagen Jetta came into contact with a big-rig truck, at the intersection of Sweetwater Canyon and Scott Road, in Menifee...
The girl was traveling east on Sweetwater and the rig, hauling two dump trucks, was heading west, when the Jetta crossed the double yellow lines, CHP Officer Brad Barksdale said.

The teen -- her exact age was not immediately available -- was taken to a local hospital with a broken leg and other injuries, Barksdale said.
The accident was reported at 3:45pm, yesterday. The girl's identity was not disclosed by CBS.

Paloma Valley High School on Lockdown

Apparently, someone brought a gun to school at Paloma Valley High School today, which caused a school-wide lockdown. This happened from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

This is according to a student of Paloma Valley High who lives near me. I don't have anymore details.

Grand Marshall Wanted for Independence Day Parade

Marcy Riehm, chairperson for the 2007 Independence Day Parade here in Menifee says they still need to find a Grand Marshall for the parade, and would like ask the readers of Menifee 24/7 to suggest someone...
We are looking for a "Grand Marshall" for our upcoming June 30th, 2007 Independence Day Parade. We would love some FRESH suggestions from your bloggers/readers on nominating a GREAT citizen for this honor. We have had the suggestion to invite a returning Iraq Solider (man or woman), but we do not know of any personally. Maybe your readers could help us out?? We are also looking for someone who has a NICE Convertible to be the driver for our Grand Marshall as well.
Everyone click on "Post a Comment" below and make a suggestion on who would make a great Grand Marshall.

Also, they're looking for someone with a really nice convertible automobile to be driver for the Grand Marshall.

You can also contact Marcy Riehm directly at:
Marcy Riehm @ (951) 377-6089 or email @

Menifee School District Unification: The First Step

The Press Enterprise reports today that the first steps towards migrating Paloma Valley High School into the Menifee Union School District has begun.
Menifee Union school trustees hope that drafting and signing a pre-unification agreement with the Perris Union High School District will help move the process forward.

On Tuesday, trustees voted 5-0 to work with the Perris Union High School District in creating the agreement, which would spell out what would happen if the two were to split.
There is a state law on the books that says that no "unification bid" may be allowed if it's going to financially hurt another school district. Therefore, Menifee Union School District needs to work out a plan with Perris Union High School District to make sure that the loss of students won't create any financial shortfalls for Perris.

Read the full article here...

No Stopping Any Time Signs on Newport Road

Yesterday, Cal Trans was installing No Stopping Any Time Signs on Newport Rd from Brea Rd to Goetz Rd. If you noticed, you will also see that some of the Day Laborers have moved to the area that the water flows over Newport Road. There were still some sitting on the dirt where it says, "No Stopping Any Time." Maybe they should have put it in Spanish also.

Newport Road Opening Delayed

I got this from the Californian this morning:
The original goal was to have the eastbound lanes of a relocated Newport Road between Canyon Lake and Sun City open in March.

Now, developers building the Audie Murphy Ranch subdivision at the crossroads of Sun City, Canyon Lake and Quail Valley anticipate those lanes will open in July. The westbound lanes should open by December, said Ken Hauck, director of land development for Woodside Homes, one of two builders.
Read the full article here...

Menifee Sales Tax Delinquents

The Californian has an article today about local businesses who have collected sales and use taxes from its customers, but have failed to pass them on to the State of California.

Among the biggest delinquents in the entire state, two of them are here in Menifee...
  1. O'Neil Group Inc. - DBA "Menifee Marketplace" - located at 26825 Newport Rd. (View map of this address) Owes $430,393.31.

  2. Tarnutzer Toys LLC, - DBA "Mega Micro", located at 25657 White Aspen Cir (View map of this address) Owes $381,674.28.
These are just the biggest delinquents, defined as those owing more than $100,000. There could be many more in the Menifee Valley owing less.

The State of California published a list of the biggest sales tax delinquents identifying them by name and address, in hopes of embarrassing them into compliance.

You can view the entire list online at...

Chef Joe at Giovanni's Restaurant

One of the chefs who used to work at Giovanni's Restaurant in Menifee, Joe Sulak, has his own MySpace site, where he talks about his life, career, and some of the events that take place at Giovanni's.

He goes by the moniker, "Chef Joe", and you can read about his blog-diary and learn some interesting things about one of the guys who prepared meals for many of us...

There's the "Chicken Nugget Incident", where apparently, he was handling some chicken nuggets and one of them fell on the floor. When he tried to pick it up, he hurt his knee and fell on the floor. His co-workers were shocked to see him on the floor, and they called the paramedics. "Felled by a chicken nugget".

He goes on to describe the friends that he made at Giovanni's, and his dislike for another chef, which ultimately caused him to quit.

Chef Joe recently landed a job as a chef for Norwegian Cruise Line of America, and is heading out to Hawaii today.

Bogey's Restaurant and Sports Bar

The Californian pubished an article today about the closing of Bogey's Restaurant and Sports Bar...

Here are some interesting points said...
  • Two identical signs on the southern end of the property reveal the lot's future: a 327-condominium complex of townhouses called Christensen Ranch.

  • Kevin McCaughey, who owned Bogey's, hopes to do that. He closed his bar because the lease expired, he said.

  • "We were the only ones in town," McCaughey said. "We had our own little 'Cheers.' The same 15 to 20 patrons came in each day. When you're successful, it's tough to close."
Me and several friends would meet at Bogey's every couple of months for brews and eats. I liked the way it was laid out inside. Too bad it's gone.

Last year, when my dad came down to visit us, I took him to Bogey's, and tried to buy him one of their t-shirts. He wore a size XL, and they didn't have one at the time. I was going to check back later, but never did. I guess I'm now out of luck. I wonder if the owner still has some left?

There's still Bob's Pitstop. We've tried to meet in there a few times, but they always play the jukebox so damn loud, you can't hear each other talk. The last time I asked the bartender to turn down the volume, she denied me. So we stopped going there.

There's also the Ponderosa on Antelope, just north of McCall. But I haven't been there yet.

Menifee needs a fully stocked bar, with lots of tables and seating, and televisions for watching sports. This is how people of our community get to know each other, by hanging out together at great places like Bogey's.

Butchered Palm Trees

Here's a comment sent in to us today regarding the palm trees along Antelope Road...
Who's idea was it to butcher all the "fan palms" along Antelope Road in early April? It looks ridiculous to a bunch of bare "Q-tips". It will take years for these Mexican Fan Palms to grow back to their natural full look.
Are there are any tree experts reading this that can comment? Click on Post a Comment below.

This is just an opinion, but in many places where I've lived, I noticed the city or county trimming palm trees down narrowly as well. I wonder if it's because they'd rather trim them once every couple of years, excessively, instead of spending the extra money to trim just a little, several times each year.

Venture Capital Group Proposes to Buy Valley Health System

An article publishing in the Press Enterprise yesterday says that a venture capital group focusing on health care companies has offered a buyout of all three hospitals within Valley Health System...
An Orange County venture capital firm that's funding two San Bernardino County hospital projects has offered to buy Valley Health System's three hospitals, a plan that would have to be approved by district voters.

The offer by Select Health Care Solutions of Del Mar is the latest to come since Valley Health hospital district board members announced plans to sell Moreno Valley Community Hospital earlier this year. Board members said last year's failure to pass a $485 million bond forced them to put the hospital up for sale.
For one, I'm glad to hear that Valley Health System is looking to sell off Moreno Valley Community Hospital. Part of the problem that plagues VHS is having to administer such a large area. Voters in Menifee don't want anything to do with Moreno Valley, and vice-versa, and thus don't want their tax money going there.

It's also encouraging to note that someone actually wants to buy Menifee Valley Medical Center, along with the other VHS hospitals. It's good know that someone sees something profitable in it. Or at least, that what I assume they are seeing.

At this point, I'm willing to let anyone buy it. The service is already rotten over there. It can only get better.