Menifee Notary Arrested for Forgery

Brenda Cortez, a 34 year old Menifee-based commissioned notary public, was arrested last Friday after being accused of forging a grant deed, according to the San Bernardino Sun...

In May 2006, Cortez notarized a grant deed for property in San Bernardino and failed to obtain a thumbprint from the client, which is required. Investigators with San Bernardino County District Attorney's real estate fraud unit found the deed had been forged.
Cortez was booked into Central Detention Center in lieu of $15,000 bail.


  1. What a sad story of an irresponsible and lax notary agent! Thanks for sharing and may this be a warning to those who do the same deception and lack of dedication to their job as a public service agent!

  2. I teach the mandatory notary education course in California and I'm here to tell you that unfortunately, the Secretary of State does a poor job of really educating our notaries public on how to actually, properly and legally complete a notarization. I'm not excusing this notary, however, the State needs to accept responsibility as well.

  3. I agree! This is nothing compared to the many illegal notarizations I've seen over the years. The mandatory education is nothing but a cram-all-day-for the test and the exam itself is not much more than a "test about a test".


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