Comments on my No Stopping Any Time Signs Post

I am a racist, because I said they should have put the signs in Spanish also, Come on. Hispanics are great people, I just don't want them sitting on the side of Newport Road along with the white people who sell stuff. My brother in law is part Hispanic. There are other means of employment if you are here legally.
I have had an experience with a client who at the last minute couldn't buy a house because he had obtained a SS card from some where.
And just to clarify, I am also on the Ridgemoor Elementary PTA.
Maybe I should sign my blogs Annonymously like the rest of you.


  1. You should not be offended by Holly's comment, you should be offended by the free services illegal aliens get. How many of you have free medical?
    Why is it ok for some one to drive around with BROWN PRIDE stickers on their car or fly a Mexican Flag on their car or home, but a white woman can't say to put a sign in Spanish or she's a racist? Any one of you ever try to drive around mexico with an American Flag Flying?
    It should bother all of you that live in Menifee who own homes, what the town looks like with people hanging around on the streets, cars for sale along the roads, trash being thrown out the window,and the way people keep their houses.
    This is a site where people can publish their opinions or events happening around town. You cannot hear the writers tone of voice when reading a blog. Take that into concideration when reading one. Try not to be to thin skinned.

  2. Why is it okay for Holly to have an opinion and not anyone else? That's all anyone is expressing here.

    If someone was offended or thought she was making racist comments aren't they entitled to that as their OPINION?

    She wrote on a public forum. She needs to be prepared for what comes along with that right????

    Did she write that thinking we would all agree?

  3. I have a solution, why doesn't the Menifee Lakes Woman's Club help get those day laborers off the street and hire them to run the snackbar at Wheat Field that still fails to be open 50% of the time when the communicate (Softball, Little League or Pony) are playing games!

  4. C.C.C.C.Can't We all just get along??

  5. How do we know they are here illegally? Has anyone stopped and asked? I don't like seeing people setting up shop along side the road as much as the next guy, but to assume that they are illegal just because they appear to be of a different origin is racist.