Bogey's Restaurant and Sports Bar

The Californian pubished an article today about the closing of Bogey's Restaurant and Sports Bar...

Here are some interesting points said...

  • Two identical signs on the southern end of the property reveal the lot's future: a 327-condominium complex of townhouses called Christensen Ranch.

  • Kevin McCaughey, who owned Bogey's, hopes to do that. He closed his bar because the lease expired, he said.

  • "We were the only ones in town," McCaughey said. "We had our own little 'Cheers.' The same 15 to 20 patrons came in each day. When you're successful, it's tough to close."
Me and several friends would meet at Bogey's every couple of months for brews and eats. I liked the way it was laid out inside. Too bad it's gone.

Last year, when my dad came down to visit us, I took him to Bogey's, and tried to buy him one of their t-shirts. He wore a size XL, and they didn't have one at the time. I was going to check back later, but never did. I guess I'm now out of luck. I wonder if the owner still has some left?

There's still Bob's Pitstop. We've tried to meet in there a few times, but they always play the jukebox so damn loud, you can't hear each other talk. The last time I asked the bartender to turn down the volume, she denied me. So we stopped going there.

There's also the Ponderosa on Antelope, just north of McCall. But I haven't been there yet.

Menifee needs a fully stocked bar, with lots of tables and seating, and televisions for watching sports. This is how people of our community get to know each other, by hanging out together at great places like Bogey's.


  1. My husband and I are so sad the Boogey's is gone. It was so great to meet there after work take some swings at the golf balls, have a pitcher or a cocktail and some appitizers. I really wish they would rebuild! COME BACK BOOGEY'S... PLEASE!!!!


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