Butchered Palm Trees

Here's a comment sent in to us today regarding the palm trees along Antelope Road...

Who's idea was it to butcher all the "fan palms" along Antelope Road in early April? It looks ridiculous to me...like a bunch of bare "Q-tips". It will take years for these Mexican Fan Palms to grow back to their natural full look.
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This is just an opinion, but in many places where I've lived, I noticed the city or county trimming palm trees down narrowly as well. I wonder if it's because they'd rather trim them once every couple of years, excessively, instead of spending the extra money to trim just a little, several times each year.


  1. Menifee is in desperate need of trees that provide shade and beauty to our streets. These desert fan palms are only ornamental, provide no shade, and drop their ugly leaves everywhere when the wind blows. It would be great to line our streets and developments with native valley oak trees.

    The city of Riverside provides a coupon to all homeowners once a year for a free shade tree. The idea is if more areas are shaded than less electricity will be used during the hot summer months. Maybe if we ever become a city we can have a similar program.

  2. The palm trees along Antelope are trimmed to prevent branches from breaking off in the high winds. A car or pedestrian could sustain significant injury if hit by one of their large branches.

  3. What does your yard look like.
    It does not sound like you take
    care of it.

  4. Oak Trees are you crazy?