Chef Joe at Giovanni's Restaurant

One of the chefs who used to work at Giovanni's Restaurant in Menifee, Joe Sulak, has his own MySpace site, where he talks about his life, career, and some of the events that take place at Giovanni's.

He goes by the moniker, "Chef Joe", and you can read about his blog-diary and learn some interesting things about one of the guys who prepared meals for many of us...

There's the "Chicken Nugget Incident", where apparently, he was handling some chicken nuggets and one of them fell on the floor. When he tried to pick it up, he hurt his knee and fell on the floor. His co-workers were shocked to see him on the floor, and they called the paramedics. "Felled by a chicken nugget".

He goes on to describe the friends that he made at Giovanni's, and his dislike for another chef, which ultimately caused him to quit.

Chef Joe recently landed a job as a chef for Norwegian Cruise Line of America, and is heading out to Hawaii today.


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