Canyon Lake in the Future

The Friday Flyer asked its readers an interesting question today, "What Will Canyon Lake Look Like 50 Years From Now?"

Here's a link to the article...

Canyon Lake is in an unusual predicament. Almost all of its tax base is confined to an area surrounding the lake, and this almost all homes. The city does have some retail and business, but tax revenue coming from those channels is so small, it can only pay for infrastructure.

In other words, Canyon Lake has nowhere to expand, no way to increase its tax base. It's landlocked, sandwiched between Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, Wildomar, and Menifee Valley.

It could, however, annex the western portion of Menifee Valley, namely Quail Valley, Menifee Hills, and Audie Murphy Ranch. But if Menifee Valley is successful in incorporating as a city, then those hopes are dashed. If Canyon Lake wants to grow its tax base, it'll have to annexed by Menifee Valley or Lake Elsinore.

Or else, it will just have to rely on raising taxes and fees.


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