New Hospital in Murrieta

The Press Enterprise reports today that a new hospital is underway in Murrieta, off of the corner of Clinton Keith Rd and 215 Freeway...

The 106-bed Physicians Hospital of Murrieta, near Clinton Keith Road and Interstate 215, would have an emergency room and specialties including obstetrics, pediatrics and cardiovascular services, according to a news release the medical center issued. Two 120,000-square-foot medical buildings will join the hospital, the release said.
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It's actually going to be a partnership with Loma Linda University Medical Center.

It's refreshing to see a privately owned hospital come into the region and not be part of a hospital district. It will be interesting to see how well private money can compete with public money.


  1. Confirmed this again in the Press Enterprise today. It would be really nice to have this facility trauma level capable.

  2. I am so glad that this new hospital will be open soon to accomodate the rapidly growing Murrieta community. It's so nice not be be flown out to a larger hospital when you are sick when the local Murrieta hospitals can not accomodate the patients because lack of specialized departments such as pediatricts, Neonatal intensive care unit, invasive cardiac units, Even Cath labs and so on. If you had a heart attach or chect pain a full cardiac work-up would not be complete at the old Murrieta hospital. They have no equipment to place a stent, or do a cardiac angiogram if needed. They just medicate until your stable then have you transferred over to another hospital to have the procedure done, then returned back to their hospital for insurance purposes. Wow, what a trip! You mid as well end up going to San Diego and stay in one of their well know hospitals for comprehensive and complete medical care. Even the lack equiptment like MRI machines at the current old Murrieta hospital. How can you operate without an MRI machine on the hospital gounds? If you look at the old Murrieta hospital located off of Hancock Ave. and Murrieta Hot Springs Rd it states "Basic Emergency Services." I believe the individuals in the Murrieta community would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that there is a high tech new hosptial with all new equipment ready for use... You know that everyone is going to jump over there if need be when it opens it's doors.


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