Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day flag and rosesThe Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, was curious to know how other Menifee Valley folks spent their time.

On Sunday, my wife and I had a BBQ at our house. We had planned it a few weeks in advance, and invited a bunch of people.

So, on Saturday I spent time getting the backyard and patio all cleaned up and looking nice. That included pulling weeds, pruning the palm trees, and planting some flowers.

We also have a pool and spa, and I discovered something going wrong there. I could see the Pebble Tec plaster starting to yellow, and the water just barely getting foggy. I called my pool cleaning company to see when the last time they were here, because they're supposed to maintain my pool weekly. When I asked them that question, the first thing out of the person's mouth was, "Don't tell me they haven't been coming to your house!"

"Just great!" I thought. This is the third pool cleaning service I've hired, and the previous two were unreliable at visiting me every week. I found out that the guy who does all the cleaning had surgery a few weeks ago, and had arranged for other pool cleaners to take over in the interim. He said he notified all of his clients. Except of course, I fell through the cracks and didn't get a call. I verified the phone number he had on file, and yes, he had the wrong number.

So I went to Wal-Mart in Lake Elsinore and picked a new pool brush and a water testing kit. I found out my chlorinator had run out of chlorine tablets, so I filled it back up, and threw some chlorine powder into the pool to get rid of the fogginess. Then I scrubbed the entire pool, cleaned out the skimmer and pump baskets, and ran the filter all night long. By Sunday morning that pool was crystal clear and looking brand new.

Sunday afternoon, we had about 13 guests over for the BBQ. I cooked up a ton of food, and still have lots left over.

On Monday, some friends and I hopped on our motorcycles and rode to Skip Fordyce Harley Davidson in Riverside for their annual "West Coast Thunder" event. It's a parade of motorcycles that runs from the Harley dealer to Riverside National Cemetery. About 8,000 bikes usually rides in this parade. We stayed at the cemetery for about an hour, and then rode up to Idyllwild to spend the rest of the afternoon.

That was my weekend. Click on "Post a Comment" below, and tell me how yours went.


  1. Marcy "Parade Chairperson"May 30, 2007 1:26 PM

    Hey Steve,
    Why don't you and some of your "Harley Riding" buddies join us for our Annual Menifee Independence Day Parade? We'd love to have some beautiful bikes join in and who doesn't love a Harley ??? !!!
    Something to think about.

  2. Hi Marcy, I proposed this idea last year to our club, and only and handful of people showed interest I'm sorry to say.

    I'll propose it again this year and see if we can get better response this time.

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