No Stopping Any Time Signs on Newport Road

Yesterday, Cal Trans was installing No Stopping Any Time Signs on Newport Rd from Brea Rd to Goetz Rd. If you noticed, you will also see that some of the Day Laborers have moved to the area that the water flows over Newport Road. There were still some sitting on the dirt where it says, "No Stopping Any Time." Maybe they should have put it in Spanish also.


  1. Holly, your comments are understood and obviously you are unhappy with the current situation in Menifee but your constant jabs about Mexicans and "Spanish" are bordering on racist. You are a high profile person in Menifee....Little League Board and being that you are in real estate....I would think twice before you made comments about signs being in "Spanish" and comments about Mexicans.

  2. As soon as Audie Murphy Ranch is complete, these people will have to find some where else to go. Just because they have California plates doesn't mean they are here legally. They buy SS #'s. If they are here legally, they can apply at a company called LABOR READY and get day work.I think with them sitting there, it makes Menifee look Trashy.

    The above was from you also Holly. "these" people really seem to bother you. I am glad you know so much about illegals and SS#'s and all.

    Can you tell I am offended. Is that what you wanted?

    If homeowners didn't stop and hire those ya think they would congregate there??????

  3. Perhaps we should concentrate on fining the people who hire the labrorers (if that is illegal) instead of going after those trying to earn an honest wage so they can feed and clothe their family. It would be more Christian!

    As for Holly's comments- this is America and I do think people have the right to freedom of speech, even if we don't agree. Our US Constitution needs to be upheld (As long as they speak English ONLY? NOT :)

    Furthermore, to be consistent, those who are opposed to illegal immigration need to be as outspoken about supporting Corporations who hire such labor, even when they sub sub contract out their jobs! No exceptions. Protest Homebuilders, Walmart ( and others.

    PS: I will be starting an English Only Campaign soon. But first, we need to try and change the name of a few things: Los Angeles, Murrieta, Temecula, San Jancinto, San Diego, etc. If anyone is interested in helping let me know?

    An American of Mexican Descent!

  4. Maybe we can just start shooting paintballs at them till they leave. Thats is exactly the spot where the car jacking was not to long ago. Since when did Menifee merge with Perris. If we do not run them out soon be prepared to live in the slums. Has anyone noticed alot of the older neighbor hoods are mostly illegals now. Living with two of three other familys. I cant wait until Audie Murphy gets done. I will be the first to buy a house in a gatted community. Of couse they will just hop it. Soon our kids will no longer be safe here. I moved here for my childern to be safe and get a good education. If we dont do something as a community that will diminish. They are locust and will infest and take over whatever they can. If they are here illegally then they have no more rigths than the rats that roam the ground. We should hire some off duty police to blend in and when a employer stops to pick them up nab his butt and through him in the slammer. Call this post whatever you want I call it my god given right to say whatever I feel.

  5. I agree, Holly, your remarks are offensive at times and as an American with spanish ancestry myself I would never do business nor recommend anyone to someone of your mindset.

  6. We should continue to post signs all up and down Newport all the way to Menifee Lakes. It seems to have worked. Whoever suggested that deserves a raise. The only problem now is that they are even closer to residential areas. Anyone in those neighborhoods remember to lock your doors. Holly dont worry there are still plenty of Americans that will buy from you because you are not afraid of the criticism of whiny babies that plagues this country. Look just recently police officers in LA were fired for using a little force in controlling a crowd. The officers had things thrown at them but the moment the do their job they were fired. What is this country coming to. It seems the caucasians no longer have a say becuase we are a minority now.

  7. The completion of Audie Murphy Ranch is not going to stop day laborers from congregating there. As long as people stop there to hire them, day laborers will continue meeting there.

    That's why signs were posted for "No Stopping Any Time", to prevent people from stopping to talk to the day laborers.

    It will be interesting to see what happens once sales opens up at Audie Murphy Ranch. Will people buy homes there if they see day laborers hanging around?

  8. I've noticed the signs as well. Why didn't they post the "No Stopping" signs along the entire Newport Road? Wouldn't that be a "no brainer." I was cut off a couple weekends ago from a truck that had stopped along the shoulder, and then pulled out in front of me while going east on Newport.

  9. It's funny how racists Americans posting here can't even write in their own language. Yet they want only English to be spoken and written in the USA. “Pendejos”, learn proper grammar you toothless wonders then maybe you'll realize how to effectively battle illegal immigration. Go after the employers not the little guy.

  10. "Look just recently police officers in LA were fired for using a little force in controlling a crowd"
    ...Uhh, little force? Perhaps we
    saw different footage...

    "It seems the caucasians no longer have a say becuase we are a minority now"
    ...Everyone has a say so.However, there's a difference between logic and acceptance and ignorance and hatred...

  11. Comments to various posters

    Holly, I can't say who I am because of where I'm employed. There is nothing wrong with what you said. Thank you. I am glad that you don't resort to name calling like that other "Pendejo" (Si, yo naci en Mexico pero, soy Americano. Viva America! Ademas, entre legal, hombre).

    For those of you who say the employers should be targeted: Your right. But the problem is with the corrupt liberal democrats and liberal republicans. This is one issue they both agree on. Until those compromisers are replaced, nothing will change.

    If one is not to use, Mexicans, them, those, they, then how should one refer to them? (Oops, sorry, I used "Them"). What, ancestral terms and pronouns are racist now? Really, what is racist about the terms used to describe a certain group of people? You are confused. There are acceptable descriptive terms and derogatory descriptive terms. Have integrity, man! To thin own self be true!

    Why are you so angry? Just get it over with and proudly state you believe the law should be ignored. Let's just throw out the laws that pertain to rape, murder, theft, pedophilia and any other law that displeases you! Oh, I know, violation of the immigration laws are a victimless crime, right? Like those horrible drug laws.

    By for now.

  12. Living near the area that is now the day labors parking area, is scary. PLEASE help us Stop this.
    Concerned about my daughters saftey

  13. Holly, You have the right to feel and say what you want. There are a lot of us who feel the same way. Most won't say anything because It's not politically correct (what ever that Is) or they are cowards. This Is our country, some of us and our Ancestors fought for the freedoms you excerise, and speech Is one of them. Americans haven't fought for 233+ years for the right to support people who come Into this country Illegally, I don't care what country they come from. If there were no Illegal Aliens can you Imagine the money this country would have to spend on education, our needy, our Infrastructure. We'd have more gasoline, more water, less smog and cleaner air. So Holly, If you want to voice your opinion about Illegal aliens, you have the right to do so and I'll back you up. We all know the 20+ million Illegal Immagrants here voice their opinions and disrupt our country.

  14. Why does everyone have to bring up the race card? Isn't it enough to just say we cannot afford to pay for illigal immigrants from any country anymore? When money is tight at home, don't you tell your children that we can't afford that new toy, or the trip to Coldstone because we have to take care of our family necessities first? Like food, shelter, and health care? The U.S. is not meeting these basic needs for our own U.S. born citizens or our Veterans. So, why in heck should we feel obligated to do this for ILLEGAL immigrants? Immigrants of the past believed coming here was a privilege and wanted to become citizens. They learned English on their own. This was the land of freedoms; freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Freedoms they could never have enjoyed in their home countries. There was no Welfare or English as a Second language. They respected this country. Immigrants of today believe it is their RIGHT to come here. Their RIGHT to free health care, free education, free handouts. Most never even apply to become citizens of this great country and yet somehow end up collecting Social Security they never even contributed to. Isn't it time we tell ILLEGAL immigrants that we are truly sorry, but we just can't afford them anymore?

  15. To the poster above me-
    I APPLAUD YOU! Very true and well spoken!
    I don't know what happened in this post. I don't think Holly meant it as a racial jab. But as we all know, people try to read between the lines and pull out the "race card".

  16. None of this Is about Race. Hispanics are not a Race, They are Caucasian. They are the ones who try to turn It In to a racial thing. The bottom line Is Americans can't support Americans and people from other countries whos grovernments don't care about them. Don't Illegally send us your tired, your poor or your huddled masses yearning to freeload.

  17. Is the Audie Murphy Ranch still going to be built? It doesn't seem like there is any work being done. When is Newport Rd going into Canyon Lake going to be finshed? It is taking forever.

  18. As an "American-born" citizen, and also a Native-American (Yes there were people here prior to the 233 years you speak of) I support any and ALL efforts against illegal immigration. Start packing people!

  19. Holly's not a racist based on the blog entry.

    Aren't you people getting tired of constantly playing the "race" card. You see race under every rock and behind every tree, yet you don't see it in yourselves, that you yourselves are the ones motivated by race, you are consumed with it, and that's why you see it only where you choose to see it, or have been trained to see it.

    Just because one notices someone's shade of melanin doesn't make them a racist or filled with hate.

    Political Correctness is a mental illness spread by the mainstream media and Hollywood. Resist it at all costs.

  20. Audy Murphy Ranch has been abandoned by its builder, at least for now. See the blog entry from a couple days ago.