Menifee Mail Station Has a New Owner

Menifee Mail StationFor years, Menifee Mail Station, the mailboxes, shipping, faxing, and copying store, has been a popular place where thousands of people in the Menifee Valley relied on for their shipping and mailing needs.

Located between Albertson's and Fantastic Sams in the shopping center on Newport Rd and Murrieta Rd, it's now under a new owner.

The last few years it was owned by Durenda Lauzon, affectionately known by many as "Doe". Just a few weeks ago, it was purchased by Penny, who owns another Menifee area business, ATS Computer Academy, on Bradley Rd.

Penny wants to branch out her corporate holdings by adding Menifee Mail Station. She'll be running it for awhile, and hopes to develop into a franchise later on. She'll also be holding computer classes in the shop.

The photograph above is that of Doe. Hiding behind her is Penny, who shyed away from the camera. You'll have to visit Menifee Mail Station to see her.

If you want to see Doe, she'll still be working at Menifee Mail Station for awhile, teaching Penny the ropes. Doe's husband recently purchased an auto repair shop here in Menifee, American Auto USA, and she'll be working there.

On a side note, the Fantastic Sams next door to Menifee Mail Station is also under new ownership as of a few weeks ago. It was bought by a Delta Airlines pilot.


  1. it's great that theres a exspose on the menifee mail station,,,but ...what about their phone number???????????

  2. The lady with long bleach hair and dark roots who told my husband and I that she was the owner. She was talking to another customer about her wait loss as we were trying to pay our bills and it concerned us that she would accidentally transpose our acct. #, so we kindly ask if she could focus on our transaction. She instead asked us to leave. We went across the street to finish paying our utilities. It really was a blessing in disguise. How can a person who claims to be the owner treat customers like that? She did us a favor as we discovered The UPS Store across the street in the IHOP Shopping Ctr (951) 246-4855. They too, offer the same services but with professional kindness!!! We have posted them on Face Book for our friends and family to help bring in more business as they deserve it. We cannot see how Menifee Mail Station will stay in business much longer with such rudeness and not treating the customers as # 1. We have seen first hand how this same employee threw another customer out because their small child was crying. They too are now customers at The UPS Store. We hope that by spreading the word the customers will see that they DO NOT have to be treated as if Menifee Mail Station is doing them some kind of favor now that The UPS Store is directly across the street and offers the same services but with real professionalism and kindness....

  3. I was right there when the above happened and the lady above was very ignorant when she first walked in. She was so worried that the clerk couldn't pay attention but yet when this lady's husband stepped up to pay his own bill all she could do was interrupt him and the clerk, I believe trying to make the clerk mess up. After having to listen to this lady all this time the clerk finally asked the patron to leave, after which we all applauded.

  4. I was the customer that was talking to the owner about the weight loss product that they sell in there store, and was there before you and your husband came into the store. The owner who has high lights in her hair was helping me. And started to help this person with her bill. This customer was very rude, and made a very sharp comment at the owner stating DO NOT DO OTHER THINGS AT THE SAMETIME WHEN YOU ARE PAYING MY BILLS YOU MIGHT MESS IT UP.. The owner explained that she will double check the entry and finished her one bill. You could tell that this so called lady was in a bad mood when they came into the store. I finished my business with the owners, and got in line behind a man waiting to pay his bills. The owner did put up with alot from this customer before asking her to leave, and when she finally did leave the store all of the customers in the store clapped.. Thank you for going to the UPS store i did not want to listen to you any more.. I have been a customer of the store for 10 years and the owners have never been anything other than honest, and nice to me. I respect a business owner who put all of her customers feelings ahead of just one customer that acts like this women did.. Good job, you and your staff are nothing but great.. And your prices are the bomb.. Thank you.. PS i will also start a campagine on Face book for all of my friends and family to help get business for the Mail Station.. I have been to the UPS Store across the street and they are rude.. and over priced..

    Wendy P
    Menifee Ca

  5. I just moved here from Ohio and my family was trying to send a package back for my mother. The owner Penny and her husband were running the store. It was very busy, and they were great they were helping mutiple people at the same time and kept things moving right along.. I had got to this store by accident had gotten a quote from the UPS Store on newport rd and i thought the Mail Station was it. She put my package on the scale, and showed me all of the prices that all of the shipping companies were offering. We went with fedex ground and saved 8.00 and some change over the UPS Store quote.. Great service and very nice people. I will be a fedex- Mail Station customer from now on..

    Jamie Keller
    Quail Valley, Ca