Traffic Complaint on Newport and Antelope Roads

A Menifee 24/7 reader named Mike submitted the following comment to us today regarding traffic at the intersection of Newport and Antelope roads...

here is my first and last blog...i really get annoyed at the "not so smart people of menifee" ..every morning antelope and newport road get backed up and you have to sit at 3 stoplights to get through and people block the intersection....this is because everyone is a car length away from the car in front of all we have to do is scoot up as close as you can(and yeah leave a little room just in case they roll back) but come on people..the morning would be so much smoother if you would scoot your car up.

from the guy who motions with his hand to scoot up in the morning getting onto the 215 Northbound.
Basically he's saying that people leave too much empty space between their car and the car in front of them. This causes the traffic back up too far down the road.


  1. I personally always leave a space between myself and the car ahead of me. My reasons are: I hate to smell exhaust and I leave enough room so if I get bumped by the car behind me, I don't end up hitting the car in front of me. This saved me from an even larger accident last year just by leaving a half a car length, and keeping my foot on my brake.

  2. Menifee ResidentMay 31, 2007 3:27 PM

    To the orginal blogger....I can relate to those feelings of frustration when we wish every driver on the road would just drive like "WE" want them to drive !!!
    Honestly, I think it's just another symptom of a society that no longer has much patience for being patient....Many of us fall into that trap of expecting and needing everything to happen at OUR pace. Life just doesn't work that way.....things happen.....Newport Road is a nightmare.....more homes......more people....more of everything that comes with growth. I can say that because we have lived here in Menifee since 1990. Gone, for the most part, are the country roads & traffic here in the Valley. I miss those early days, but just imagine how the folks who have been in the Valley for over 40 years feel about how things have changed.
    I guess we just have to accept it, live with it, or move out of it. We choose to accept it.

    Oh.....and don't your part and hug those bumpers !!!! he he he...!!!!

  3. I agree with 'menifee resident', I am so sick of people complaning about how many people are moving to Menifee or the traffic and the people. Get over it and just accept the fact that Menifee is changing. It is actually nice to see new homes and people enjoying their surroundings. Menifee is a great place to live. By the way, I too moved from the OC!!!!

  4. The most annoying thing is the people that make their own lane on the right hand side and think that it is perfectly legal to drive all the way down the street in a non-existant lane!!! All these people are doing is turning right on to Antelope making a u-turn and getting right back onto Newport, how fair is that. Wait in line with the rest of us... we are all in a hurry to get where we are going! I have personally witnessed people drive in that non-existant lane from Menifee Rd all the way up to Antelope. They then clog up the intersection even more by doing that! Sometimes I want to just block off that non-existant lane and make those people wait with the rest of us... but their are some people (maybe 1 out of 25) that are actually just turning right to go that direction. The rest are out to just screw over us law abiding citizens by slowing the traffic down even more!! If you see someone blocking the lane of traffic... its probably me. I know I will get yelled at for it but oh well, wait your turn with the rest of us or leave 15 minutes earlier so you don't have to do that rude crap.

  5. In high traffic areas, such as NEWPORT and ANTELOPE in Menifee the traffic turn lane signals are controlled by in-road sensors that are usually set for three seconds. This means that if the light is green and traffic keeps turning left at two second intervals or less, the light will not change to red until the lane is empty or someone lingers three seconds or more.

    That's why you see some folks waving their arms and/or honking their horns if a codger or a cell phone user is leaving a large gap ahead of them. Sometimes it may be a large truck which can't start out as fast and as a result, the truck may be the only one to get through before the light changes to red, with the exception of the vehicle ahead of him, which he couldn't keep up with. This cannot be helped, but in most other cases, if we all realized that driving is a full-time job and we keep in mind that we're all in this together, maybe the pharmacies wouldn't sell so much blood pressure medicine.


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