Scott Road Overpass Widening to Begin This Year

The Californian reports that the Scott Road overpass at the I-215 will be widened to ten lanes, with contruction expected to begin by the end of this year...

Construction at the interchange would change its appearance radically, requiring a new, larger bridge several yards to the north of the existing bridge, Johnson said. It's expected to be at least 10 lanes wide. That includes four lanes of traffic in each direction and two left-turn lanes. The current bridge over I-215 is just three lanes, including a single lane that's intended to be used by left-turning traffic entering either side of the freeway.
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Wow. Four lanes on each side. I wonder if that really means it'll have four lanes of traffic flow on each side, or if they mean it'll have two-lanes on each side, with very wide lanes. Seems like that's what the Newport Road overpass is like.


  1. I noticed a whole lot of construction equipment starting to be staged at the empty lot off the 215 and Newport, is that for this project or is it for the marketplace??

  2. How about 4 lanes on each side of the 215? They build these nice roads that come out on the 215 and your already sitting bumper to bumper on the 215.