Fourth Annual Menifee Mayor's Ball Raises Money for Local Projects

Outside the Marion V. Ashley Community
On the evening of Saturday, September 24th, the City of Menifee and the Rotary Club of Menifee dazzled the community with the 4th Annual Menifee Mayor’s Ball held at the Marion V. Ashley Community Center. The theme “preserving the past – framing the future” was exhibited to publicize the significance of preserving the City of Menifee’s history, while the community works together to frame a positive future. All proceeds made in this large annual fundraiser went in favor of The Rotary Club of Menifee. The Rotary Club of Menifee is known for being heavily involved in local projects that benefit the community such as sponsoring school district spelling bees, contributing to the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard and much more.

Silent Auction display for Mayor's Ball
With all dressed to impress in formal attire, guests entered into the Marion V. Ashley Community Center to find an elegant display of decorations while being formally greeted and checked into a reserved table. Each ticket purchased for the Mayor’s ball included participation in the Silent Auction of various gift baskets and prizes and participation in having a photo taken and printed by a professional photographer. Antendees were given the opportunity to mingle and network until all were called to be seated.

Rotary President Paul David greeted the Rotarians, City Chamber Members, and Guests with a warm welcome while Caesar Salads were served for all who were seated. After some words of inspiration spoken by Linda Denver and the National Anthem sung in falsetto by Rebekah Samarin, an introduction of Rotary Members was made by Menifee’s Mayor, Wallace Edgerton. He also expressed words of encouragement in getting involved with the community and how to make a difference.

Mayor Wallace Edgerton making Rotarian
As dinner was being served, guests were given the choice between a lobster tail cooked to a rich perfection or a heaping serving of tender, juicy steak. The steak and lobster dinner platters included a cheesy baked potato, crunchy, green vegetables, and French bread. For dessert, a delectable slice of raspberry cheesecake drizzled with raspberry puree was presented to every table.

The 4th Annual Mayor’s Ball manifested the idea of “Preserving the past” with a spiritual and uplifting Blanketing ceremony honoring the first settlers of Menifee, the Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians. The blanketing ceremony is a traditional event passed down for generations by the Luiseño Indians to commemorate the lives of significant people. In honor of the very first settlers of Menifee, three blankets were distributed to three of the first Menifee residents. After celebrating the recognition of some of the most important people in Menifee, all rose and lined up to honor each honoree one by one in a line that stretched across the entire room.

Dinner table display for Mayor's Ball
To conclude the evening, entertainer Larry Potter grasped the audience’s attention with lively tunes as guests accumulated to the dance floor.

Rotary Club of Menifee and City of Menifee thrive to keep the city advancing and progressing. The 4th Annual Menifee Mayor’s Ball displayed the concept of "Preserving the past - framing the future" to expose the idea of moving forward while holding the City's past in high regards. In supporting the Annual Mayor's Ball, participants supported various programs Rotary Club takes part in for the community to keep that idea alive.


Redistricting maps for Menifee meet legal requirements

National Demographic Corporation has approved all three maps submitted by the Menifee Redistricting Committee, it was announced Thursday.

Committee chair Anne Pica read a letter from National Demographic Corporation President Douglas Johnson during the committee’s final meeting.

In the email Johnson wrote, “All three plans submitted to NDC were contiguous and contained reasonably balanced populations…. NDC is confident that whichever of the three plans Menifee City Council chooses meets the legal and traditional redistricting requirements.”

Johnson also wrote that each of the plans were compact, and balanced communities of interest in different ways.

The committee sent in three maps Tuesday evening after a few rounds of voting determined winners. A map by Pica won, as well as a map by committee member Chad Warren, and another by committee member Joe Daugherty.

All three maps adjust the boundary lines of the city’s four districts: Sun City (1), Quail Valley (2), Menifee (3), and Romoland (4). Each area will have a population of about 19,380 people.

These maps are being drawn to adjust Menifee’s districts so they’re in accordance with the 2010 Census. In August, city council appointed a citizen’s committee to work with National Demographic Corporation, a redistricting consultant company, to execute the job.

Although all three maps meet the legal requirements, Warren’s plan was the committee’s favorite because of its clean boundaries and low deviation.

City Council will discuss these maps during their next meeting Oct. 4 in City Hall at 7 p.m. They will later select which plan best suits Menifee on Oct. 18.

County of Riverside Supervisor Marion Ashley and the Economic Development Agency Announce "Round the World in 18 Holes" Golf Classic

County of Riverside Supervisor Marion Ashley and the Economic Development Agency announced an inaugural golf tournament which will benefit the Edward-Dean Museum & Gardens. Emmy Award Winning Actor, Joe Mantegna who has starred in the widely known show "Criminal Minds" will be proudly hosting this first annual golf event. Proceeds made in "Round the World in 18 Holes" will support the Edward-Dean Museum & Gardens' learning programs. These programs provide local school children with tours designed to teach children about European and Asian decorative arts and culture. The Golf Tournament will be taking place on Thursday, October 21st at Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon in Beaumont. Although there are many levels of sponsorships, the cost of for an individual to enter the tournament will be $150 including breakfast, lunch, and a reception and tournament gift package. The idea of "Round the World in 18 Holes" is too allow participants to support a productive cause while enjoying the sport of golf.

For more information on sponsorships and to register for "Round the World in 18 Holes" Golf Classic visit:

Menifee Planning Commission approves Bundy Road collocation for Metro PCS

The Menifee Planning Commission approved a Metro PCS collocation on an existing site Tuesday evening after a 3 to 2 majority vote.

A collocation will be located at 25770 Bundy Canyon Road in Menifee, where several antennas will be placed on an existing cell tower.

This project will include the addition of eight antennas on six panels, one parabolic antenna, and one GPS antenna on an undisguised tower.

Before the meeting, American Tower Attorney Bonnie Belair commented that this was her third time here representing Metro PCS, a mobile phone service provider.

“We just want a simple collocation on an existing site,” she said.

A simple request turned into an elaborate discussion about the possibility of an alternative site, tower concealment, and public safety issues.

The commission had various concerns. The existing site is located within a residential area, not a commercial area. There are plans for Bundy road to be widened, which could become a problem for the site location in the future. Also, the tower can’t be concealed or disguised because of the way it was engineered.

“It’s already ugly, but it would be way uglier if another pole was erected somewhere else, which is what Metro PCS would do if we don’t approve this,” said commissioner Bill Zimmerman. “We should take advantage of this existing tower.”

Commissioners Matt Liesemeyer and Chris Thomas, who both voted in favor of Metro PCS along with Zimmerman, agreed that collocation would be the best decision to make in this situation. Commissioners Marc Miller and Mark Matelko voted against the collocation.

Metro PCS applicants agreed to provisions requested by the commission in order to make the tower less of an eyesore. The new antennas will be “mounted flush against the existing tower and painted to match,” a concrete wall and wrought iron gate will replace the existing chain link fence around the base of the tower, and palm trees and bushes will be planted.

Metro PCS wants to collocate at this site because it’s their “least intrusive option.”

The Metro PCS antennas located outside of the city don’t have enough power to cover Murrieta and Scott Road, where their customers experience dropped calls while commuting. Adding antennas to the Bundy Road site will bring more coverage to those customers who “live, work, and visit in Menifee.”

Menifee Redistricting Committee votes on three maps for approval

The Menifee Redistricting Committee completed their task yesterday in making three potential maps that adjust the boundary lines of the city’s four districts.

The maps were selected through a series of voting, and the top three were sent to National Demographics Corporation that evening.

Members of the committee had five maps to choose from after they each brought in one of their own. The maps were labeled A, B, C, D, and E, and were voted on three times until there were clear winners.

The Menifee Redistricting Committee used three rounds of voting to select three majority maps to be sent to National Demographics Corporation for approval.

Map B, drawn by committee member Chad Warren, received a majority vote in the first round. Map E, created by committee chair Anne Pica, received three votes during that same round. After a third round of voting, Map C, done by committee member Joe Daugherty , made the cut.

Map B, drawn by committee member Chad Warren, received five votes during the first round of voting.

Map C, drawn by committee member Joe Daugherty, received the majority of votes during the third round of voting.

Map E, drawn by committe chair Anne Pica, received three votes during the first round of voting.

The committee agreed that all three of the maps were good choices, but Warren’s map proved to be everyone’s favorite.

“I thought it had very clean boundaries, it kept everyone where they belong, and it was well under the deviation,” Pica said of Map B.

Committee member Grant Yoders said, “Any of the five maps would’ve been okay, but Map B had very straight boundaries that didn’t protrude.”

It is expected that the committee will hear from National Demographics Corporation before their next meeting about whether or not the maps are legal. If the maps aren’t legal, the committee will have to adjust or redraw the maps. After that, the three maps will be sent to City Council where one of them will be chosen.

“I can foresee no problems. Everything was within the parameters,” said Yoders, who described the mapping process as being “a piece of cake.”

“People had this mindset that we were redistricting, and we’re not,” he said. “All we had to do was take the four districts we originally voted on and adjust the boundaries.”

After the meeting adjourned, Pica congratulated everyone who participated. “I’m glad it was an open process, and that everyone was aware of what was going on in these meetings,” she said.

The Menifee Redistricting Committee will meet again this Thursday at 4 p.m. inside City Hall. Residents are encouraged to attend.

An Inspirational Story

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money.

What does basketball have to do with investing? This is a spectacular video! You have to see it to believe it. The tie in to investing is a stretch but this is a must watch video. Inspirational!

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Menifee Redistricting Committee reveals ten map drafts

The Menifee Redistricting Committee held their second meeting Friday afternoon, where each member presented maps that balanced population and maintained communities of interest.

A total of ten potential maps were shown, all of which aimed to keep communities together. Oasis, a senior community that’s currently divided between two districts, was kept intact in every map.

Committee chair Anne Pica and members Grant Yoders and George Rackstraw produced one map each, while member Chad Warren drew three, and member Joe Daugherty presented four.

Members reaffirmed that their goals for these maps are to balance the population and adjust boundary lines.

Menifee has a population of 77,519 people across four districts, and each district must contain about 19,380 people for it to be equal.

“I drew my map strictly by population,” said Pica, whose map had the lowest deviation.

Warren also had very low population deviations, and explained how the National Demographics Corporation put together a very user friendly participation kit in order to draw these maps.

Daugherty said his approach, “was to keep the maps as close to what the people voted on, and balance out the population.”

Grant Yoders used the same method and commented, “We’re not really redistricting, we’re only adjusting boundaries.”

Rackstraw designed his map using boundaries already in the city, specifically Murrieta Road and Interstate 215. “I think it’s necessary for people to know where the boundaries exist,” he said.

It was voted that each member may create more than one map, but they will only be able to select one of theirs for potential submission. After each member chooses which one they want, the committee will vote for the top three and submit those maps to National Demographics Corporation.

Committee members will review the maps presented, and during the next meeting on Monday they will vote. The public is encouraged to attend at 4 p.m. inside City Hall.

200 Jumpers Hope To Set New California State Record

From October twelfth through the sixteenth Perris Airport will host a little event known as the California State Record 200 Way Meet-up Invitational. What this means to those of us not so familiar with skydiving lingo is that two hundred experienced skydivers from all over the world will come together for five days at Perris Airport to break a California state record.

sky dive perris

skydive perris

Each of these highly qualified jumpers has been hand selected and invited to participate in this exclusive event. The ultimate goal is for all 200 participants to simultaneously jump from nine specially equipped air crafts in an effort to achieve a predetermined (and extensively orchestrated) formation. Should they succeed, they will hold the new state record for largest jump.

The current record belongs to a group of 181 females who achieved the record-breaking formation several years ago at Perris’s Jump For The Cause.

skydive perris

After they jump from the plane while in free fall, each contributor grasps the ankles of another in succession until all 200 partakers are interlinked in a spectacular circular configuration. Spectators of all ages flock to Perris for this five day spectacle, as the view of this formation from the ground will be nothing short of amazing.

While Perris Airport is outfitted with many skydive specific airplanes, due to the ambitious nature of this particular feat several additional planes will be joining the existing Perris fleet. Air craft flying in from Arizona, Colorado, and Washington will help accomplish the impressive task at hand.

perris airport plane

skydive perris

Perris’s jump facility is well known worldwide and attracts professional jumpers from all over the globe year round. In addition, the facility boasts a sky diving school which offers beginning jumper instruction as well as private lessons and training at all skill and experience levels.

Whether you’re thinking of jumping, or just coming for the show the airport offers a little something for everyone, including a pro shop, indoor skydiving, and an all-day restaurant.

The Skydive Perris grounds surrounding the airstrip offer a memorable experience to the thousands of spectators who show up to watch these skydiving events each year. With lush landscape and enough trees to shade a crowd, Perris Airport makes a perfect day destination.

The Bomb Shelter restaurant is open every day from 8 am until sunset and is situated overlooking the landing tarmac. Viewers can conveniently grab a bite and watch the free falling divers from the comfort (and safety) of their own table.

skydive perris facility

skydive perris pro shop

skydive perris

Event details
Location: SkyDive Perris
2091 Goetz Rd.
Perris, CA 92570
Date: October 12-16, 2011
Time: 8 am- 6 pm each day
Phone: 1 (800) SKYDIVE

Coworking Connection offers home businesses in Menifee a place to grow

A professional building that sat vacant for three years in the heart of Sun City is now a Coworking Connection that provides local home businesses with an office environment.

Farmers Insurance Agent Brian Walker recently opened a Coworking Connection for home
businesses in the city of Menifee.

The recently renovated space is equipped with desks and offices to rent for those professionals who work out of their homes, but need an alternative place to do paperwork or meet with clients.

“The majority of business in Menifee is home-based,” said owner Brian Walker, who opened Coworking last month. “This place gives those small businesses an opportunity to expand.”

Walker purchased the 4,536-square-foot building in August. It has seven offices, two conference rooms, one large meeting room, storage rooms, a kitchen, and a spacious front room that’s fitted with five desks.

Five desk stations at Menifee Coworking Connection provide ample space for doing paperwork or meeting a client.

“Our target is home businesses,” he said. “They can come here for a sense of community, and a professional look and feeling.” As a work place for all types of trades, Coworking is also a place to nurture ideas and network.

Now Walker is looking for a variety of home businesses to fill those rentals. There is currently a realtor, a computer repairer, and a dog trainer, but Walker would also like to have a payroll service, an attorney, or a graphic designer.

“I want this to be the place where people come when they need something,” he said. “I want them to think of this place first.”

Walker, who is also a Farmers Insurance Agent, has his office in the Coworking building. When he grew out of his workspace only three miles down the road, he felt it was the right time to expand.

“This was a big step, but everything fell into place,” he said.

Walker got the idea to establish a Coworking Connection after Dione Moser opened one on Madison in Murrieta. “I liked the idea so much, I wanted to open one in Menifee,” he said.

So far, five of the offices are currently being rented out, and the desks are first come first serve. The large meeting room is also available to rent for community events.

Two more offices are available for rent at Coworking Connection, like this one for Menifee United Way.

Rent for desk space starts as low as $75 a month, and $475 a month for an office. Coworking members receive a fulltime secretary, mail services, Wi-Fi and other utilities.

Coworking Connection is located at 27070 Sun City Blvd. in Menifee. For more information call (951) 309-1048.

For more information about Farmers Insurance, contact Walker at (951) 672-3476 or at

Beer Hunter Announces Exclusive New Cocktails

Menifee Valley Athletic Club Launches "Trim It In 30" Work Out Program

Menifee Valley Athletic Club is launching a new program called TRIM IT in 30. Starting at 5:00am, you workout 4 days a week for 30 days.

The program starts with a welcome reception this Friday, September 23 at 7:30pm, with the first workout beginning Monday, September 26, at 5:00am.

Why 5:00AM?

Physiologically, it’s proven that the best time to exercise is around 4pm. Your body has been “warmed-up” in contrast to just rolling out of bed, and it’s been fed (breakfast, lunch, snacks), in contrast to exercising after an eight hour fast. Hence, giving you the needed strength and energy to push, pull, spin, zumba, whatever it is that you call a workout.

One problem, however. 4pm is when most people are still working or getting off work.

The 5AM Club is NOT, just for those that enjoy getting up before sunrise, or just for the “hard-core” athlete.

While Menifee Valley Athletic Club welcomes those two groups, the 5:00am Club is for...

  • Those that need to just get-it-over-with 1st thing in the morning, those that are sick and tired of not getting results,

  • Those that are tired of looking soft

  • Those that need an extra push to help them lose that stubborn 10lbs

  • Those that need a jumpstart towards losing 50lbs

  • Those that need a kick-in-the-pants to do something about their health

  • Those that want to fit into their “skinny jeans”

  • Those that appreciate accountability and support

  • Those that want to do all the above in a safe and encouraging environment

  • And yes, they welcome the early risers and the dedicated athlete.

And it's all under the guidance of a Professional Fitness Coach motivating and leading you.

Get educated about nutrition along the way and give yourself another chance of getting FIT.

One more detail: This program is FOUR days/week for THIRTY days. Why? Because it creates a habit that Menifee Valley Athletic Club hopes you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Added Bonus – Healthy Mondays at Chipotle. FREE Entrée for participants on Mondays.

Contact Kelly or Gonzalo at (951) 246-3530 or email at

trim in 30 days

Menifee Skate Park Focus Group Meets For the First Time

The Menifee Skate Park Focus Group met last Saturday, tasked with studying ways to bring a skate park to Menifee. Mieke Tankink, a member of the focus group, provided the following report...

The Menifee Skate Park focus group met early last Saturday to study the feasibility of building a Skate Park in the city of Menifee. Cynthia Nemelka, a local real estate agent, hosted the meeting of a dozen residents who had signed up last week and a few more who are willing to donate their time and resources to make this happen. We followed a loose agenda to get a feel for the kind of park that’s envisioned by the group, the benefits to the community and a long list of additional tasks and research that has to done.

Everyone put their talents on the table and we were quick to give everyone specific assignments that matched their interest and skill sets. The new jobs range from vision and design renderings, interviews with existing city parks and preliminary costs and land acquisition. We’re all very excited to "go big or go home", but we understand the value of community support and will welcome all suggestions and experience of others. We are also very interested in the experience of other public skate parks, their success or their demise.

Without getting out of focus, we also listed elements of a "Dream Park" to broaden the community support to other active sports and community uses and hope to launch an awareness campaign soon. We invite anyone interested in making this happen to attend.

The focus group will be meeting next Tuesday, September 27, at 7:00pm at Diamond Realty, 27070 Sun City Blvd.

For more information, contact Cynthia Nemelka at (951) 309-1000, or e-mail her at

3rd Annual Cityhood Birthday, Set for Saturday, October 1

menifee city birthday flyer

Menifee Redistricting Committee Meets for the First Time

The first meeting of the Menifee Redistricting Committee was more about introductions than anything else. The five member committee met this afternoon at City Hall to go over instructions on how to redraw city council district boundaries using the new 2010 US Census data.

In addition, committee chair Ann Pica introduced a set of guidelines on how district maps may become eligible for submission to National Demographics Corporation, as well as guidelines on committee decorum.

Douglas Johnson, CEO of National Demographics Corporation, handed out Participation Kits to the committee and explained how members could draw their own maps.

menifee redistricting committee
Currently, city law requires the creation of four city council districts with one Mayor being elected at large. With the city's total population being set at 77,519, each district must contain roughly 19,380 people, though a small percentage of deviation is allowed.

The current district boundaries were created using 2000 US Census data, and has the Oasis, a senior community, split between two districts. Committee chair Ann Pica, who resides in Sun City, gave specific instructions to members to keep communities of interest together, using Oasis as an example. Her instructions went on to suggest that Oasis be merged into District 1 (Sun City).

The committee will met again this Friday, September 23, at 4:00pm inside City Hall, expecting to have maps ready to discuss. The public is welcome to attend.

New Local Publication Now Hiring Salesperson

Denis NurmelaThere is a new publication in town, but it's not what you might think. A successful local entrepreneur, Denis Nurmela, has decided this world needs more community togetherness. So in an effort to provide such support he has taken on the mission of creating a local full-color monthly newsletter specific to each city. Beginning with the cities closest to his own heart, and home, he has started building a specialized team of local talent to cover our town.

Mr. Nurmela has lived in Menifee for over 25 years. As an accomplished author and writer, business professor, and entrepreneur he has campaigned for the school board and has always been connected with the community through various local organizations.

He says, "There is a recent movement in towns like ours around the country to buy from local businesses, eat from local establishments, and get to know our neighbors by serving one another." Focusing on what community means, and what in particular brings our Menifee together, this team will bring a newsletter style publication to you each month for your reading pleasure. Appropriately entitled MyMenifee, this publication seeks to speak to people on a personal level.

Despite the newsletter connotation, this publication will have nothing to do with news, per say, but everything to do with the community and what it means to be just that.

While the website is still in the works, will eventually act as an archive of past publications and continue longer articles from print when necessary.

My Menifee newsletter

Having many years experience building highly successful teams, Mr. Nurmela personally screened and selected the ideal editor and local writer to give this publication the competence and creativity it needs. He is still in the process of completing his carefully constructed power team, and is confident a local sales person will be in place any day now. For more information or to apply please see below*.

For more information about Mr. Nurmela please visit his website at

*Sales position available to experienced sales personnel living in or near Menifee. To learn more about the position, visit their online ad. Send your resume and cover letter to

What Is a Financial Analyst?

Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC, based here in Menifee, brings another weekly video on investing your money.

In "What is a Financial Analyst and What does an Analyst Purport to do?", interview ten different "expert" analysts and you will get ten different answers as to what the market, or economy, or individual stock is going to do next. They all analyze different stuff to come up with their conclusions.

The simple truth is no one can predict the future. There are too many future variables (good and bad) that drive the market prices up or down short term.

Think of all the factors that go into market prices... the weather, natural disasters, manmade disasters, political decisions, technology discoveries, medical discoveries, where you shopped (or didn’t shop) today, people’s feelings, hopes, dreams, instincts, perceptions, facts, data, statistics, new news, and the list goes on and on. There are literally trillions of variables. This is why we must have a prudent diversified investing strategy for our lifetimes, with rebalancing, to get the lifetime average returns that are available to us as disciplined investors.

John Borger and Scott Buchanan of Royal American Financial Advisors, LLC provide investor education to help investors avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, increase their potential returns, and take a more prudent approach to investing and growing their wealth.

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City's First Redistricting Committee Being Held Today

Today at 4pm at the Menifee City Hall, in the City Council Chambers, the Menifee Redistricting Committee will be holding their first public meeting. Residents are not only invited to attend, but encouraged.

During their August 15 regular city council meeting, the Menifee city council moved forward in redrawing the district boundaries based on 2010 federal census data by creating a Redistricting Committee made up of Menifee citizens.

The city council voted to appoint a committee of five members, to be chaired by Ann Pica, a resident of Sun City, who will create a series of three possible district maps. Grant Yoders, a resident of Sun City, was appointed by Tom Fuhrman, George Rackstraw, a resident of Romoland, was appointed by Darcy Kuenzi, and Joe Daugherty, a resident of rural Menifee, was appointed by John Denver.

Sue Kristjansson, newest member of the city council, appointed Chad Warren, resident of Menifee, at the September 7 city council meeting.

Redistricting has been the most contentious and bitterly debated issue in the City's short history. Possibly fueled by remaining animosity of many of the residents who were vocal for "No on Cityhood", the debate seemed to carry into the redistricting issue after Menifee became a city. The members of the city council have worked hard, across the board, to find resolution to this matter. Now, with a November 1, 2011 deadline to have the districts drawn up, everyone is feeling the pressure.

Prior to the appointment of Chad Warren, the three of the four initial appointees gave Sun City a strong representation, with no representation at all coming from the developed areas of Menifee.

The committee will be able to determine city council district boundaries, which can have the effect of reshaping the political power base across the entire city.

Menifee City Council Meeting Cancelled

The regularly scheduled Menifee City Council meeting of September 20, 2011, was cancelled this Thursday. The next City Council meeting will be held October 4, 2011, at 7pm in Menifee City Hall.

Menifee City Hall is located at 29714 Haun Rd. in Menifee. All residents are welcome to attend. For more information, contact City Hall at 951.672.6777.

BINGO every Wednesday provided by Sun City Concern

Come and join Menifee Sun City Concern every Wednesday for Bingo. Raffles, prizes and snacks provided for all who participate

9/11 Remembrance Service Captivates Menifee With Inspiration

“Never Forget” is a powerful phrase that is commonly preached every year on September 11th. With so many individuals affected by the painful tragedies inflicted upon the country after September 11th, 2001, the Menifee Valley community has displayed great commemoration for America’s heroes. On the 10 year anniversary of September 11th, Eagle Ridge Church held a 9/11 Remembrance Service to honor the lives of the nation’s heroes.

At 6:00 pm, 200 locals united to attend the 9/11 Remembrance Service to show appreciation and support for all who have represented the country and those who still represent the country today. After Pastor Steve Lennertz of Eagle Ridge Church greeted the crowd with much gratefulness, an aura of patriotism filled the room to the brim. City of Menifee Council Member, Tom Fuhrman then proceeded with the Pledge of Allegiance as everyone boldly stood behind the nation’s flag. After all were seated, Soloist Angel Zarobinski astounded the audience with an acoustic performance of songs God Bless America and Amazing Grace.

Tom Fuhrman distributes a plaque to Menifee's Fire and Police Departments

Eagle Ridge Church then displayed a special Presentation of “The Cross and the Towers” on a large media screen. The documentary portrayed an influential theme described as “hope in the midst of sorrow”. After the movie came to an end, the audience exhibited inspiration and gratitude, while Tom Fuhrman introduced the Menifee Police and Fire Departments. A plaque honoring the departments was distributed while the audience clapped before them.

To conclude the memorable event, Angel Zarobinski took the stage one last time for a moving performance of “God Bless the USA”. As Angel began to sing the chorus of the song, the mass of the entire room proudly stood up to join Angel in singing the remainder of the song.

Angel Zarobinski performing "God Bless the USA"

United, the Menifee community stands patriotically behind the United State of America. Through events such as Eagle Ridge Church’s 9/11 Remembrance Service, the City of Menifee has established great participation in loyalty to the nation and local heroes. Although it has been 10 years since September 11th, 2001, The City of Menifee will “never forget.”

"And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA."
- Lee Greenwood

New York's Upper Crust Pizza and Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato Demonstrate Patriotism on 9/11

This past Sunday, the City of Menifee was filled with patriotism on the ten year anniversary of the memorable date of September 11th. New York’s Upper Crust Pizza and Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato, played a valuable role on this day of patriotism. For all active and retired fire fighters, paramedics, military and law enforcement personnel, Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato offered any dine-in medium gelato, shaved ice, smoothie, or up to 10 oz of frozen yogurt while New York’s Upper Crust Pizza offered 50% off all dine-in menu items.

In the 3 years both New York’s Upper Crust Pizza and Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato have been open, the two stores have successfully participated in honoring our local heroes by providing free or discounted menu items on September 11th.
Menifee’s local heroes and their families did not miss the opportunity for a discounted lunch and free cool treat. New York’s Upper Crust Pizza provides an extensive menu containing delectable choices of pizzas, calzones and other warm eats. Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato offers a plentiful selection of frozen yogurt varying from rich and creamy flavors to fruity and tart flavors. Whimsical also exhibits an enticing variety of gelato and smoothie flavors many of which are too alluring not to try.

Store manager, Maria stated the obligation as an American to give back to our heroes who have sacrificed and still sacrifice a great deal.
“It’s a day we all recognize and we have all been touched in some way by it. When you see so much hate and commotion, you feel the need to do something positive,” Maria explained.

Representing personnel and their families enjoying frozen yogurt and pizza.

Positively, Whimsical Frozen Yogurt & Gelato provided free items to a total of 44 Menifee-representing individuals, while New York’s Upper Crust Pizza provided for a total of 19 individuals. With the success of demonstrating appreciation for those who serve the country, both restaurants plan on continuing these generous offers annually.

Chili Cookoff Scheduled for Tomorrow, September 17, at Perris Valley Airport

Children's Health International Projects (CHIPs) Chili Cookoff is an organization of Rotarians from several Inland Empire clubs who focus on the health of children around the world.

It's open to the public.

$5.00 gets you 5 tastes, salad, bread and dessert. There will also be a dunk tank, duck races, and a silent auction.

Complimentary Skin Consultations Offered at Menifee Valley Day Spa

Roaring 20's Party Tonight at 5:30pm in Boston Billie's

Menifee Mayor's Ball Scheduled for Saturday, September 24

The Mayor’s Ball is one of the biggest fundraisers of the Rotary Club of Menifee. The money raised goes towards supporting our Rotaray Club at MSJC, Literary Project for all 3rd graders in MUSD, sending High school age kids to life-changing camp, service projects in Menifee, and much more...

menifee mayors ball 2011

Contact Mike Castillejos, Reservation Chair, (951) 218-6808

Perris Union High School District residents want a plan with a sense of community

A handful of citizens within the Perris Union High School District have already set their sights on a potential districting plan after the first of a series of meetings was held last night.

The public hearing took place in the Romoland School District boardroom but drew a crowd of mostly concerned Perris residents who wanted to keep the majority of their city intact.

After being presented with three different conceptual plans for trustee areas, those who were present favored the first map which “created the best sense of community.” This plan uses major thoroughfares as boundaries, such as the Interstate 215.

“This plan creates an opportunity to have a very balanced board,” said audience member Brady McCarron, who lives in Perris and is currently running for the Romoland school board.

perris union high school district maps
Residents at the Wednesday night meeting liked this plan the best out of the three presented because it maintained a "sense of community" for each city within the Perris Union High School District.

The current Perris board is made up of five trustees, four who live in Menifee. The way the first plan divides Menifee, Perris, Romoland and Nuevo lessens the possibility of a dominated board.

“We’d like to see someone from Nuevo or Romoland run for election,” said school facilities consultant, Fred Good. “This sort of map kind of force feeds it.”

The district would also like to see more minority representation. Although this map does not create a single Hispanic majority district, it does contain two areas of Hispanic “influence.”

Demographer Peter Morrison pointed this out as a disadvantage of the map, but Perris Board President Eric Kroencke said, “It’s about the function of the plan, not the result.”

The second and third plans were based around the Menifee, Perris, Romoland and Nuveiw feeder districts, but audience members were displeased with the way the boundaries were drawn. Unlike the first map, these plans each created an area of Hispanic majority.

The Perris school district is changing its election system to be in accordance with the California Voting Rights Act, which makes at-large elections illegal if they deliberately weaken the minority vote. Three seats on the Perris Board of Trustees will be up for election in 2012.

Morrison welcomes residents to the remaining meetings that will take place Oct. 5 in Perris, Oct. 24 in Nuevo, and Nov. 9 in Menifee. He is seeking input on communities of interest, plan refinements, map preferences, and more. Contact Linda Quattlebaum at (951) 943-6369, ext. 126 for more information.

Sun City North Golf Course offers lessons for children, adults and seniors

Photo Caption: Pro golfer Jaime Sanchez instructs at North Golf Course in Sun City.

Professional golfer Jaime Sanchez proves that golf is much more than just a game. As the golf instructor at Sun City North Course, he emphasizes that learning the sport can come in handy throughout a person’s life.

“Believe it or not, a lot of doors are opened on the golf course,” Sanchez said during a recent interview after a day of lessons. While driving along the local 18-hole course in his cart, Sanchez explained everything the greens have to offer.

“The very first thing I ask my clients is why they want to learn how to play golf,” said Sanchez. In response, his clients have said everything from “I’m retiring,” to “My boss plays golf,” and “I’d like to bond with my girlfriend’s father.”

Something that is becoming more prevalent is the amount of families playing golf. “I’m starting to see more parents come with their kids, which is cool to see,” Sanchez said. “Golf is perfect, good quality time for a family affair.”

Sanchez, who has over 30 years of golfing experience, offers a variety of lessons for all types of golfers. He holds classes for beginners, juniors, seniors, and children. He is also available for private and group lessons.

The rules and etiquette of golf are good to know, and playing ability comes in time, Sanchez said. “A good three solid months of lessons – once a week, one hour sessions – will get you there,” he said.

Sanchez starts off by teaching students the basic fundamentals of golf in his beginners lessons. Using the acronym “GAPP,” Sanchez goes over grip, alignment, posture, and ball positioning. “If those four things aren’t in sync, it won’t work out and [the player] won’t enjoy themselves,” he said.

After getting the basics down pat, Sanchez places his clients into a clinic where they’ll learn “all the good stuff.”

Some of Sanchez’s most popular lessons are those for children. “Parents want to see their child do something physical, not stay inside the house and play videogames all day,” he said.

Sanchez holds a kid’s clinic every other Saturday and a summer camp program during the months of May, June and July. He even developed a training ground for children, which serves as a small-scale golf course complete with two stages of grass, a couple of flags and a bunker.

Between his jam-packed schedule of lessons, Sanchez still finds time to practice the sport every single day. “Once you come out and hear the club meet the ball, you’re hooked,” he said.

Sanchez came to North Golf Course six months ago after being asked to teach by general manager, Jim Spooner. “He had envisioned hiring a professional and developing golf programs for all ages,” said Sanchez, who is now a Menifee resident.

The most rewarding part about being a golf instructor is seeing his students’ progress. He said he is so passionate because he gets to disprove people’s beliefs of how difficult golf is.

“Golfing is easy to learn if you have the right instructor,” Sanchez said.

North Golf Course is located at 26660 McCall Blvd. For more information, or to sign up for a lesson, visit or call (951) 679-5111.

Pikin' Chixs Presents Antique Craft Fair Coming In October

Pikin Chixs Antique Craft Fair

Tune your television to HGTV or the DIY network and you will find any number of shows depicting trash to treasure type scenarios. Creating something from seemingly nothing has all but become the trend, and perhaps a sign, of the time. The wonderful phenomenon that had developed over the past few difficult years is a mass movement towards creativity and resourcefulness, in a nutshell, working with what you have.

One such company comes to us from local entrepreneur and self-proclaimed thrifter, Sharon Each. Having grown up frequenting thrift stores, swap meets, flea markets and everything in between Sharon has a natural love of reinvention.

She proudly calls herself a bona fide dumpster diver and even declares, “I am not above digging through other people’s junk.” Thus, she created the concept of Pikin’ Chixs. As the name suggests, she quite literally pays people to sort through their garages, dusty attics, and old barns in search of perceived treasures.

She then organizes massive antique-themed garage type sales to which she invites her contact list of fellow garage sale loving patrons.

From the original Pikin’ Chixs concept have sprung many events in which she sells her found things along with other fabulous vintage, hand-made, and made-over vendors. In fact, Pikin’ Chixs is bringing just such an event to Motte County Plaza in Menifee on October 1, 2011, appropriately entitled An Affaire at the Barn.

The Affaire will feature twenty-two mostly local vendors coming from Riverside to Temecula offering everything from homemade candles to vintage suitcases turned dog beds. From 9 am until 4 pm vintage, hand made, and antique wares will fill the Motte Barn in Menifee, offering you the prefect way to spend your Saturday.

If you are interested in participating as a vendor, she is still accepting additions, please contact her at 951.588.5559 or by email at

From the beginning Sharon has been focused on helping local organizations and giving back to the community. After all, her company thrives on local support and interest, so it is only natural she would want to return the kindness.

Half of each $5.00 entrance fee to the Affaire at the Barn event will be donated to the local chapter of the Mini Pearls organization which complements its parent organization, Beckstrand Cancer Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. As an established nationwide charity, the Mini Pearls Cancer Foundation offers help and hope to families coping with cancer.

The foundation seeks to provide support to cancer patients and their families who are struggling outside of the illness as well as with the illness, in terms of mortgage payments, food, and basic necessities. Their outreach states, “ (our) mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life of kids with cancer.” Plain and simple, Mini Pearls just wants to help.

Several representatives from the organization will be on site at the barn event selling homemade cookies and lemonade with all proceeds benefiting the Mini Pearls Foundation as well.

For more information on the foundation please visit:

Whether you're in the market for something specific or just love all things vintage and handmade, this even promises to deliver an array of items you probably can't live without. Come October first head on out to the Motte Barn for a day of fun in the first days of fall.

Event Information:
An Affaire at the Barn hosted by Pikin’ Chixs
Date: October 1, 2011
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Cost: $5.00
Location: Motte Country Plaza
28380 State Highway 74
Menifee, CA 92585

Black Market Brewing to Appear at The Beer Hunter, Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Temecula's own brewery, Black Market Brewery, will be at The Beer Hunter tomorrow, September 13, 2011, evening for a beer pairing dinner, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Pricing is at $24.99 per person.

RSVP at The Beer Hunter (951) 301-4700.

black market brewing beer pairing dinner

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato Offers A Yummy Way To Beat The Heat

With the outside temperature still soaring well above comfortable, I can think of no better place to cool off and grab a sweet frozen treat than Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato.

Located in Menifee Countryside Market Place conveniently situated between Breakfast Club of Menifee and NY Upper Crust Pizza, this place has all the requirements of a delightful afternoon (or evening) stop.

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Offering ten unique frozen yogurt flavors, with seasonal favorites rotating monthly, the combinations are virtually endless. The self-serve set up allows you to determine exactly how much of each flavor you want including an extensive array of fresh fruit, candy, nuts, and other toppings.

The frozen fate of each yogurt creation lies entirely at the hands of your own imagination. If you can think it, you can make it (and eat it).

Other equally delightful dessert options include a selection of tempting gelato flavors, sitting prettily behind their glass case, just waiting to satisfy your sweet seeking taste buds.

Perhaps gelato feels sinfully indulgent because of its high-class beginning in Florence, Italy. Commonly found in sidewalk cafes abroad, this classy counterpart to fro-yo is both scrumptious and sophisticated. But no matter where it originated, gelato is really simply the healthier answer to ice cream.

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Between the amazingly creamy texture and the decadent sweet flavor, one could only imagine the calorie content. Despite it’s deceivingly good taste, what qualifies it as gelato is the significantly lower sugar and fat content as compared to ice cream and sorbet.

With a confirmed fat content of only 4 to 8% butterfat, compared to 14% found in ice cream, Whimsical assures us it is a delicious dessert worth considering.

Whimsical’s owner says, “People only assume gelato is bad for you, but in reality it’s mostly fruit.” This particular gelato is made entirely from fresh, never frozen, fruit locally sourced from surrounding farms and delivered weekly to Whimsical’s confectionery kitchen.

All of the gelato is then made from scratch on-site and served to you in the most vibrantly decorated display of birthday ribbon, chocolate dipped strawberries, and other colorful creations.

Judging from the consistent stream of happy customers, including two very excited sticky fingered little boys, Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato might very well be the best place to beat the heat.

happy customers at Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato
30076 Haun Rd, Ste 210
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 301-1977

Mon-Fri: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00am - 11:00pm