Redistricting maps for Menifee meet legal requirements

National Demographic Corporation has approved all three maps submitted by the Menifee Redistricting Committee, it was announced Thursday.

Committee chair Anne Pica read a letter from National Demographic Corporation President Douglas Johnson during the committee’s final meeting.

In the email Johnson wrote, “All three plans submitted to NDC were contiguous and contained reasonably balanced populations…. NDC is confident that whichever of the three plans Menifee City Council chooses meets the legal and traditional redistricting requirements.”

Johnson also wrote that each of the plans were compact, and balanced communities of interest in different ways.

The committee sent in three maps Tuesday evening after a few rounds of voting determined winners. A map by Pica won, as well as a map by committee member Chad Warren, and another by committee member Joe Daugherty.

All three maps adjust the boundary lines of the city’s four districts: Sun City (1), Quail Valley (2), Menifee (3), and Romoland (4). Each area will have a population of about 19,380 people.

These maps are being drawn to adjust Menifee’s districts so they’re in accordance with the 2010 Census. In August, city council appointed a citizen’s committee to work with National Demographic Corporation, a redistricting consultant company, to execute the job.

Although all three maps meet the legal requirements, Warren’s plan was the committee’s favorite because of its clean boundaries and low deviation.

City Council will discuss these maps during their next meeting Oct. 4 in City Hall at 7 p.m. They will later select which plan best suits Menifee on Oct. 18.


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