Fourth Annual Menifee Mayor's Ball Raises Money for Local Projects

Outside the Marion V. Ashley Community Center On the evening of Saturday, September 24th, the City o...

Outside the Marion V. Ashley Community
On the evening of Saturday, September 24th, the City of Menifee and the Rotary Club of Menifee dazzled the community with the 4th Annual Menifee Mayor’s Ball held at the Marion V. Ashley Community Center. The theme “preserving the past – framing the future” was exhibited to publicize the significance of preserving the City of Menifee’s history, while the community works together to frame a positive future. All proceeds made in this large annual fundraiser went in favor of The Rotary Club of Menifee. The Rotary Club of Menifee is known for being heavily involved in local projects that benefit the community such as sponsoring school district spelling bees, contributing to the Menifee Valley Community Cupboard and much more.

Silent Auction display for Mayor's Ball
With all dressed to impress in formal attire, guests entered into the Marion V. Ashley Community Center to find an elegant display of decorations while being formally greeted and checked into a reserved table. Each ticket purchased for the Mayor’s ball included participation in the Silent Auction of various gift baskets and prizes and participation in having a photo taken and printed by a professional photographer. Antendees were given the opportunity to mingle and network until all were called to be seated.

Rotary President Paul David greeted the Rotarians, City Chamber Members, and Guests with a warm welcome while Caesar Salads were served for all who were seated. After some words of inspiration spoken by Linda Denver and the National Anthem sung in falsetto by Rebekah Samarin, an introduction of Rotary Members was made by Menifee’s Mayor, Wallace Edgerton. He also expressed words of encouragement in getting involved with the community and how to make a difference.

Mayor Wallace Edgerton making Rotarian
As dinner was being served, guests were given the choice between a lobster tail cooked to a rich perfection or a heaping serving of tender, juicy steak. The steak and lobster dinner platters included a cheesy baked potato, crunchy, green vegetables, and French bread. For dessert, a delectable slice of raspberry cheesecake drizzled with raspberry puree was presented to every table.

The 4th Annual Mayor’s Ball manifested the idea of “Preserving the past” with a spiritual and uplifting Blanketing ceremony honoring the first settlers of Menifee, the Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians. The blanketing ceremony is a traditional event passed down for generations by the Luiseño Indians to commemorate the lives of significant people. In honor of the very first settlers of Menifee, three blankets were distributed to three of the first Menifee residents. After celebrating the recognition of some of the most important people in Menifee, all rose and lined up to honor each honoree one by one in a line that stretched across the entire room.

Dinner table display for Mayor's Ball
To conclude the evening, entertainer Larry Potter grasped the audience’s attention with lively tunes as guests accumulated to the dance floor.

Rotary Club of Menifee and City of Menifee thrive to keep the city advancing and progressing. The 4th Annual Menifee Mayor’s Ball displayed the concept of "Preserving the past - framing the future" to expose the idea of moving forward while holding the City's past in high regards. In supporting the Annual Mayor's Ball, participants supported various programs Rotary Club takes part in for the community to keep that idea alive.



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