Menifee Redistricting Committee reveals ten map drafts

The Menifee Redistricting Committee held their second meeting Friday afternoon, where each member presented maps that balanced population and maintained communities of interest.

A total of ten potential maps were shown, all of which aimed to keep communities together. Oasis, a senior community that’s currently divided between two districts, was kept intact in every map.

Committee chair Anne Pica and members Grant Yoders and George Rackstraw produced one map each, while member Chad Warren drew three, and member Joe Daugherty presented four.

Members reaffirmed that their goals for these maps are to balance the population and adjust boundary lines.

Menifee has a population of 77,519 people across four districts, and each district must contain about 19,380 people for it to be equal.

“I drew my map strictly by population,” said Pica, whose map had the lowest deviation.

Warren also had very low population deviations, and explained how the National Demographics Corporation put together a very user friendly participation kit in order to draw these maps.

Daugherty said his approach, “was to keep the maps as close to what the people voted on, and balance out the population.”

Grant Yoders used the same method and commented, “We’re not really redistricting, we’re only adjusting boundaries.”

Rackstraw designed his map using boundaries already in the city, specifically Murrieta Road and Interstate 215. “I think it’s necessary for people to know where the boundaries exist,” he said.

It was voted that each member may create more than one map, but they will only be able to select one of theirs for potential submission. After each member chooses which one they want, the committee will vote for the top three and submit those maps to National Demographics Corporation.

Committee members will review the maps presented, and during the next meeting on Monday they will vote. The public is encouraged to attend at 4 p.m. inside City Hall.


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