200 Jumpers Hope To Set New California State Record

From October twelfth through the sixteenth Perris Airport will host a little event known as the Cali...

From October twelfth through the sixteenth Perris Airport will host a little event known as the California State Record 200 Way Meet-up Invitational. What this means to those of us not so familiar with skydiving lingo is that two hundred experienced skydivers from all over the world will come together for five days at Perris Airport to break a California state record.

sky dive perris

skydive perris

Each of these highly qualified jumpers has been hand selected and invited to participate in this exclusive event. The ultimate goal is for all 200 participants to simultaneously jump from nine specially equipped air crafts in an effort to achieve a predetermined (and extensively orchestrated) formation. Should they succeed, they will hold the new state record for largest jump.

The current record belongs to a group of 181 females who achieved the record-breaking formation several years ago at Perris’s Jump For The Cause.

skydive perris

After they jump from the plane while in free fall, each contributor grasps the ankles of another in succession until all 200 partakers are interlinked in a spectacular circular configuration. Spectators of all ages flock to Perris for this five day spectacle, as the view of this formation from the ground will be nothing short of amazing.

While Perris Airport is outfitted with many skydive specific airplanes, due to the ambitious nature of this particular feat several additional planes will be joining the existing Perris fleet. Air craft flying in from Arizona, Colorado, and Washington will help accomplish the impressive task at hand.

perris airport plane

skydive perris

Perris’s jump facility is well known worldwide and attracts professional jumpers from all over the globe year round. In addition, the facility boasts a sky diving school which offers beginning jumper instruction as well as private lessons and training at all skill and experience levels.

Whether you’re thinking of jumping, or just coming for the show the airport offers a little something for everyone, including a pro shop, indoor skydiving, and an all-day restaurant.

The Skydive Perris grounds surrounding the airstrip offer a memorable experience to the thousands of spectators who show up to watch these skydiving events each year. With lush landscape and enough trees to shade a crowd, Perris Airport makes a perfect day destination.

The Bomb Shelter restaurant is open every day from 8 am until sunset and is situated overlooking the landing tarmac. Viewers can conveniently grab a bite and watch the free falling divers from the comfort (and safety) of their own table.

skydive perris facility

skydive perris pro shop

skydive perris

Event details
Location: SkyDive Perris
2091 Goetz Rd.
Perris, CA 92570
Date: October 12-16, 2011
Time: 8 am- 6 pm each day
Phone: 1 (800) SKYDIVE
Website: skydiveperris.com


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