Coworking Connection offers home businesses in Menifee a place to grow

A professional building that sat vacant for three years in the heart of Sun City is now a Coworking ...

A professional building that sat vacant for three years in the heart of Sun City is now a Coworking Connection that provides local home businesses with an office environment.

Farmers Insurance Agent Brian Walker recently opened a Coworking Connection for home
businesses in the city of Menifee.

The recently renovated space is equipped with desks and offices to rent for those professionals who work out of their homes, but need an alternative place to do paperwork or meet with clients.

“The majority of business in Menifee is home-based,” said owner Brian Walker, who opened Coworking last month. “This place gives those small businesses an opportunity to expand.”

Walker purchased the 4,536-square-foot building in August. It has seven offices, two conference rooms, one large meeting room, storage rooms, a kitchen, and a spacious front room that’s fitted with five desks.

Five desk stations at Menifee Coworking Connection provide ample space for doing paperwork or meeting a client.

“Our target is home businesses,” he said. “They can come here for a sense of community, and a professional look and feeling.” As a work place for all types of trades, Coworking is also a place to nurture ideas and network.

Now Walker is looking for a variety of home businesses to fill those rentals. There is currently a realtor, a computer repairer, and a dog trainer, but Walker would also like to have a payroll service, an attorney, or a graphic designer.

“I want this to be the place where people come when they need something,” he said. “I want them to think of this place first.”

Walker, who is also a Farmers Insurance Agent, has his office in the Coworking building. When he grew out of his workspace only three miles down the road, he felt it was the right time to expand.

“This was a big step, but everything fell into place,” he said.

Walker got the idea to establish a Coworking Connection after Dione Moser opened one on Madison in Murrieta. “I liked the idea so much, I wanted to open one in Menifee,” he said.

So far, five of the offices are currently being rented out, and the desks are first come first serve. The large meeting room is also available to rent for community events.