Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato Offers A Yummy Way To Beat The Heat

With the outside temperature still soaring well above comfortable, I can think of no better place to cool off and grab a sweet frozen treat than Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato.

Located in Menifee Countryside Market Place conveniently situated between Breakfast Club of Menifee and NY Upper Crust Pizza, this place has all the requirements of a delightful afternoon (or evening) stop.

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Offering ten unique frozen yogurt flavors, with seasonal favorites rotating monthly, the combinations are virtually endless. The self-serve set up allows you to determine exactly how much of each flavor you want including an extensive array of fresh fruit, candy, nuts, and other toppings.

The frozen fate of each yogurt creation lies entirely at the hands of your own imagination. If you can think it, you can make it (and eat it).

Other equally delightful dessert options include a selection of tempting gelato flavors, sitting prettily behind their glass case, just waiting to satisfy your sweet seeking taste buds.

Perhaps gelato feels sinfully indulgent because of its high-class beginning in Florence, Italy. Commonly found in sidewalk cafes abroad, this classy counterpart to fro-yo is both scrumptious and sophisticated. But no matter where it originated, gelato is really simply the healthier answer to ice cream.

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Between the amazingly creamy texture and the decadent sweet flavor, one could only imagine the calorie content. Despite it’s deceivingly good taste, what qualifies it as gelato is the significantly lower sugar and fat content as compared to ice cream and sorbet.

With a confirmed fat content of only 4 to 8% butterfat, compared to 14% found in ice cream, Whimsical assures us it is a delicious dessert worth considering.

Whimsical’s owner says, “People only assume gelato is bad for you, but in reality it’s mostly fruit.” This particular gelato is made entirely from fresh, never frozen, fruit locally sourced from surrounding farms and delivered weekly to Whimsical’s confectionery kitchen.

All of the gelato is then made from scratch on-site and served to you in the most vibrantly decorated display of birthday ribbon, chocolate dipped strawberries, and other colorful creations.

Judging from the consistent stream of happy customers, including two very excited sticky fingered little boys, Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato might very well be the best place to beat the heat.

happy customers at Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato

Whimsical Frozen Yogurt and Gelato
30076 Haun Rd, Ste 210
Menifee, CA 92584
(951) 301-1977

Mon-Fri: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00am - 11:00pm


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