Menifee Skate Park Focus Group Meets For the First Time

The Menifee Skate Park Focus Group met last Saturday, tasked with studying ways to bring a skate park to Menifee . Mieke Tankink, a member ...

The Menifee Skate Park Focus Group met last Saturday, tasked with studying ways to bring a skate park to Menifee. Mieke Tankink, a member of the focus group, provided the following report...

The Menifee Skate Park focus group met early last Saturday to study the feasibility of building a Skate Park in the city of Menifee. Cynthia Nemelka, a local real estate agent, hosted the meeting of a dozen residents who had signed up last week and a few more who are willing to donate their time and resources to make this happen. We followed a loose agenda to get a feel for the kind of park that’s envisioned by the group, the benefits to the community and a long list of additional tasks and research that has to done.

Everyone put their talents on the table and we were quick to give everyone specific assignments that matched their interest and skill sets. The new jobs range from vision and design renderings, interviews with existing city parks and preliminary costs and land acquisition. We’re all very excited to "go big or go home", but we understand the value of community support and will welcome all suggestions and experience of others. We are also very interested in the experience of other public skate parks, their success or their demise.

Without getting out of focus, we also listed elements of a "Dream Park" to broaden the community support to other active sports and community uses and hope to launch an awareness campaign soon. We invite anyone interested in making this happen to attend.

The focus group will be meeting next Tuesday, September 27, at 7:00pm at Diamond Realty, 27070 Sun City Blvd.

For more information, contact Cynthia Nemelka at (951) 309-1000, or e-mail her at


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  1. Please include a reusable "art" wall for taggers to express themselves, to help reduce grafitti in the community

  2. Menifee needs more parks and tennis courts period, not just a skate park. They should also consider developing them in nicer areas and not in the slums. Parks make the area more inviting, encourages fitness and enhances family life. Skate park can/just invites wrong activity even if you have a wall for graffiti.... wake up congress people! need a furlough day to rest your mind and your hectic schedule?

  3. A skatepark In menifee, not only will this help people from driving to corona's 6th street, jurupa off the 60 and the pay for non residents mg bicker park off the 7491 all the way by the ortegas..... but it will help build the youth of our community. Every bike rider skater scooter is known to want to ride but no where to go, the ones that give up hope because they have no where to ride, and are not fortunate to have a family or parents with a schedule to fit the time of day to take there kids " from this messed up economic time" end up sitting @and home smoking weed. Its very unfortunate to go and see people in other community's and see the kids there riding, playing basketball, doing giants productive and healthy in life and you ask" how did you get here? And 99% reply I rode my bike/ skated here.....some having the park to take advantage of going in to comps to earn money or gold medals. I also suggest this park to be free not every family has money "in these times" and will discourage kids from even getting the chance to show up and have fun, making good desisons. I think as far as a graft wall goes this will only promote negative. Kids that go to a park don't need this in there enviorment leave the graphitti to those kids who do it in the local streets we really don't need them there getting the people of Menifee upset and discouraged, so they can bad mouth the park. Personally I have no problem with graphitti expression but there's some asshole out there that will ruin it for everyone. This goes out to not everyone just the ones who graphitti just under gang affiliations. Not art, I suggest bright lights so no one is to be harmed and very good location close to public so there is not much "from hanging out and drug use/ resale "from this park should be big soyou everyone canjust enjoy, with @and least a snack /I drink vending to make back to the community. If nit the ice cream man will make his trip there... well I hope this plan drops soon and some where off Newport. So I don't have to ride the schools get hassled by cops, I hate dealing with them when im only there to ride. Its depressing to ride a mile to the only spot I can ride my bike to be shut down by some nolife call b complain. Makes me want to go home and sit in my room listen music and smoke weed like everyone else. Sorry but its true.makes kids want to give up. And this message goes out to that individual group of people to lazy and ignorant to see that a group of skaters or bikers is the best group of kids in the city. And you calling in makes them/me just want to give up on riding.

  4. New park...... ill beloved it when im flying out of the very ir ice picking the rails



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