Menifee Valley Athletic Club Launches "Trim It In 30" Work Out Program

Menifee Valley Athletic Club is launching a new program called TRIM IT in 30. Starting at 5:00am, yo...

Menifee Valley Athletic Club is launching a new program called TRIM IT in 30. Starting at 5:00am, you workout 4 days a week for 30 days.

The program starts with a welcome reception this Friday, September 23 at 7:30pm, with the first workout beginning Monday, September 26, at 5:00am.

Why 5:00AM?

Physiologically, it’s proven that the best time to exercise is around 4pm. Your body has been “warmed-up” in contrast to just rolling out of bed, and it’s been fed (breakfast, lunch, snacks), in contrast to exercising after an eight hour fast. Hence, giving you the needed strength and energy to push, pull, spin, zumba, whatever it is that you call a workout.

One problem, however. 4pm is when most people are still working or getting off work.

The 5AM Club is NOT, just for those that enjoy getting up before sunrise, or just for the “hard-core” athlete.

While Menifee Valley Athletic Club welcomes those two groups, the 5:00am Club is for...

  • Those that need to just get-it-over-with 1st thing in the morning, those that are sick and tired of not getting results,

  • Those that are tired of looking soft

  • Those that need an extra push to help them lose that stubborn 10lbs

  • Those that need a jumpstart towards losing 50lbs

  • Those that need a kick-in-the-pants to do something about their health

  • Those that want to fit into their “skinny jeans”

  • Those that appreciate accountability and support

  • Those that want to do all the above in a safe and encouraging environment

  • And yes, they welcome the early risers and the dedicated athlete.

And it's all under the guidance of a Professional Fitness Coach motivating and leading you.

Get educated about nutrition along the way and give yourself another chance of getting FIT.

One more detail: This program is FOUR days/week for THIRTY days. Why? Because it creates a habit that Menifee Valley Athletic Club hopes you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Added Bonus – Healthy Mondays at Chipotle. FREE EntrĂ©e for participants on Mondays.

Contact Kelly or Gonzalo at (951) 246-3530 or email at

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