City's First Redistricting Committee Being Held Today

Today at 4pm at the Menifee City Hall, in the City Council Chambers, the Menifee Redistricting Committee will be holding their first public meeting. Residents are not only invited to attend, but encouraged.

During their August 15 regular city council meeting, the Menifee city council moved forward in redrawing the district boundaries based on 2010 federal census data by creating a Redistricting Committee made up of Menifee citizens.

The city council voted to appoint a committee of five members, to be chaired by Ann Pica, a resident of Sun City, who will create a series of three possible district maps. Grant Yoders, a resident of Sun City, was appointed by Tom Fuhrman, George Rackstraw, a resident of Romoland, was appointed by Darcy Kuenzi, and Joe Daugherty, a resident of rural Menifee, was appointed by John Denver.

Sue Kristjansson, newest member of the city council, appointed Chad Warren, resident of Menifee, at the September 7 city council meeting.

Redistricting has been the most contentious and bitterly debated issue in the City's short history. Possibly fueled by remaining animosity of many of the residents who were vocal for "No on Cityhood", the debate seemed to carry into the redistricting issue after Menifee became a city. The members of the city council have worked hard, across the board, to find resolution to this matter. Now, with a November 1, 2011 deadline to have the districts drawn up, everyone is feeling the pressure.

Prior to the appointment of Chad Warren, the three of the four initial appointees gave Sun City a strong representation, with no representation at all coming from the developed areas of Menifee.

The committee will be able to determine city council district boundaries, which can have the effect of reshaping the political power base across the entire city.


  1. "Residents are not only invited to attend, but encouraged."

    Is that why they have it in the middle of the afternoon?