City Appoints Committee to Draw New District Boundaries

In what has already proven to have been the most controversial topic in Menifee politics over the city's short lifetime, the districting...

In what has already proven to have been the most controversial topic in Menifee politics over the city's short lifetime, the districting issue may heat up even more.

Last night, the city council took a step towards redrawing the district boundaries based on 2010 federal census data. Currently, the city is drawn up into four city council member districts, plus a mayor voted at large.

They voted to appoint a committee of five members, to be chaired by Ann Pica, who will create a series of three possible district maps. Those maps will be reviewed by National Demographics Corporation, a contractor with expertise in developing council member districts, for compliance with state and federal requirements. NDC will then present the city council with one or more maps, and the council will vote which map to adopt.

Appointed to the committee were...

  • Grant Yoders, a resident of Sun City, appointed by Tom Fuhrman

  • George Rackstraw, a resident of Romoland, appointed by Darcy Kuenzi

  • Joe Daugherty, a resident of rural Menifee, appointed by John Denver

  • Ann Pica, a resident of Sun City, appointed by Wallace Edgerton

Sue Kristjansson, who took her seat on the city council only two weeks ago, was originally informed she wasn't going to be allowed to appoint someone to the committee, and therefore didn't have anyone in mind. Edgerton had actually offered to appoint a second person of his own.

However, John Denver suggested that Kristjansson be given 48 hours to come up with an appointee, to which certain members of the audience groaned in disapproval. Tom Furhman stepped in and verified that the committee would not actually be able to meet until the beginning of September and therefore Kristjansson would have plenty of time to name an appointee. Edgerton therefore conceded and gave Kristjansson time to name someone.

Thus far, the four appointees gives Sun City a strong representation, with no representation at all coming from the developed areas of Menifee.

The committee will be able to determine city council district boundaries, which can have the effect of reshaping the political power base across the entire city.


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  1. The current board members each appointing their own hand-picked member to the committee??? What a sham!

    This is exactly what we didn't want... the special interest folks (Sun City and Rural) pulling all the strings and stacking the deck in their favor.

    90% of us don't live in Sun City or in the rural areas, yet no representation thus far. Coincidence?

    BTW... What's wrong with the current four districts?

  2. Most Menifee citizens, me included, agree 100% with comments of "Anonymous" on Aug 17.

    The sooner the next election rolls around, the better. Then we can get rid of this nonsense where Denver and Kuenzi agree to anything which is contrary to what Mayor Edgerton and Fuhrman want.

  3. @Anonymous 8:42 AM, the fact is that Denver, Kuenzi, Edgerton, and Fuhrman almost always vote unanimously on matters. Please explain why you think Denver and Kuenzi are always contrary to Edgerton and Furhman.

  4. I will vote for what you want.....if you vote for what I want.

    That's why they vote unanimously. And that's why the majority gets the shaft.