New Local Publication Now Hiring Salesperson

There is a new publication in town, but it's not what you might think. A successful local entrep...

Denis NurmelaThere is a new publication in town, but it's not what you might think. A successful local entrepreneur, Denis Nurmela, has decided this world needs more community togetherness. So in an effort to provide such support he has taken on the mission of creating a local full-color monthly newsletter specific to each city. Beginning with the cities closest to his own heart, and home, he has started building a specialized team of local talent to cover our town.

Mr. Nurmela has lived in Menifee for over 25 years. As an accomplished author and writer, business professor, and entrepreneur he has campaigned for the school board and has always been connected with the community through various local organizations.

He says, "There is a recent movement in towns like ours around the country to buy from local businesses, eat from local establishments, and get to know our neighbors by serving one another." Focusing on what community means, and what in particular brings our Menifee together, this team will bring a newsletter style publication to you each month for your reading pleasure. Appropriately entitled MyMenifee, this publication seeks to speak to people on a personal level.

Despite the newsletter connotation, this publication will have nothing to do with news, per say, but everything to do with the community and what it means to be just that.

While the website is still in the works, will eventually act as an archive of past publications and continue longer articles from print when necessary.

My Menifee newsletter

Having many years experience building highly successful teams, Mr. Nurmela personally screened and selected the ideal editor and local writer to give this publication the competence and creativity it needs. He is still in the process of completing his carefully constructed power team, and is confident a local sales person will be in place any day now. For more information or to apply please see below*.

For more information about Mr. Nurmela please visit his website at

*Sales position available to experienced sales personnel living in or near Menifee. To learn more about the position, visit their online ad. Send your resume and cover letter to