Sun City North Golf Course offers lessons for children, adults and seniors

Photo Caption: Pro golfer Jaime Sanchez instructs at North Golf Course in Sun City. Professional...

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Photo Caption: Pro golfer Jaime Sanchez instructs at North Golf Course in Sun City.

Professional golfer Jaime Sanchez proves that golf is much more than just a game. As the golf instructor at Sun City North Course, he emphasizes that learning the sport can come in handy throughout a person’s life.

“Believe it or not, a lot of doors are opened on the golf course,” Sanchez said during a recent interview after a day of lessons. While driving along the local 18-hole course in his cart, Sanchez explained everything the greens have to offer.

“The very first thing I ask my clients is why they want to learn how to play golf,” said Sanchez. In response, his clients have said everything from “I’m retiring,” to “My boss plays golf,” and “I’d like to bond with my girlfriend’s father.”

Something that is becoming more prevalent is the amount of families playing golf. “I’m starting to see more parents come with their kids, which is cool to see,” Sanchez said. “Golf is perfect, good quality time for a family affair.”

Sanchez, who has over 30 years of golfing experience, offers a variety of lessons for all types of golfers. He holds classes for beginners, juniors, seniors, and children. He is also available for private and group lessons.

The rules and etiquette of golf are good to know, and playing ability comes in time, Sanchez said. “A good three solid months of lessons – once a week, one hour sessions – will get you there,” he said.

Sanchez starts off by teaching students the basic fundamentals of golf in his beginners lessons. Using the acronym “GAPP,” Sanchez goes over grip, alignment, posture, and ball positioning. “If those four things aren’t in sync, it won’t work out and [the player] won’t enjoy themselves,” he said.

After getting the basics down pat, Sanchez places his clients into a clinic where they’ll learn “all the good stuff.”

Some of Sanchez’s most popular lessons are those for children. “Parents want to see their child do something physical, not stay inside the house and play videogames all day,” he said.

Sanchez holds a kid’s clinic every other Saturday and a summer camp program during the months of May, June and July. He even developed a training ground for children, which serves as a small-scale golf course complete with two stages of grass, a couple of flags and a bunker.

Between his jam-packed schedule of lessons, Sanchez still finds time to practice the sport every single day. “Once you come out and hear the club meet the ball, you’re hooked,” he said.

Sanchez came to North Golf Course six months ago after being asked to teach by general manager, Jim Spooner. “He had envisioned hiring a professional and developing golf programs for all ages,” said Sanchez, who is now a Menifee resident.

The most rewarding part about being a golf instructor is seeing his students’ progress. He said he is so passionate because he gets to disprove people’s beliefs of how difficult golf is.

“Golfing is easy to learn if you have the right instructor,” Sanchez said.

North Golf Course is located at 26660 McCall Blvd. For more information, or to sign up for a lesson, visit or call (951) 679-5111.